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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

Photos of the Week (3/8/09)

Photos of the Week

 APTOPIX Economy Jobless

Anthony Bellantoni joins a line of hundreds of people at a job fair sponsored by on Thursday, March 5, 2009 in New York. Bellantoni, of Stamford, Conn., is looking for work in administrative support. The number of new jobless claims and the total number of people receiving unemployment benefits both dropped more than expected last week, though they remain at elevated levels and are unlikely to fall substantially in the coming months. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

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The 11th Commandment

Some related incidents in the news had me thinking about what recently happened to the wife of a friend of mine and the troubling reaction it received.

Andy’s at the busy intersection of 51st and Rawson in Franklin has been robbed twice in less than a week.

Ellen Basinski was one of my HEROES OF THE WEEK in my Saturday “Week-ends” blog because the 70-year old would not give in to robbers who broke into her home, attacking one of them with an Emeril’s frying pan.

Keep those in mind as I relate the following story. My friend’s wife is employed at what I will call a local Catholic workplace. One day on the job not too long ago, she noticed that the locker area where she and others keep their valuables had been broken into. Her purse and its contents, including cash, had been stolen.

Local police were summoned and questioned those on the scene, including my friend’s wife who was quite distressed. At some point, a Catholic priest emerged, and if his purpose was to provide a calming influence, he was about as successful as Goliath against David.

The man with the Roman collar nonchalantly said to the robbery victim, “You know, times are tough all over.”

The woman couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She had just been violated, a victim of crime, and she was now being given the “turn the other cheek” speech from a man of the cloth who sounded more sympathetic to the robber. The priest’s comment was, though not intended to be, lacking in compassion and tact.

A devout Catholic, I still have been known to blast my religion here on my blog, on radio and TV when warranted. Is it any wonder the pews are empty when the people of faith we look to for strength, wisdom, counsel and leadership totally disappoint us?

“Times are tough all over.”

Is that what this priest would have told the owner of Andy’s? Would he have chastised Ellen Basinski for swinging her frying pan in defense because the break-in robbers were probably just hungry and destitute?

Undoubtedly, the current recession will mean even more crime committed by thugs and punks. Hoepfully none of the investigating offciers will be ex-priests.

The good Lord, I submit, presented this particular priest with an opportunity to console. Instead, he inflamed an emotional setting.

If there was such a declaration as an 11th Commandment, this priest was clearly in violation:

Thou shalt not make excuses for breaking any of the previous 10.

Conservatism may not be dead

There were some fascinating quotes that came out of the just-completed  Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington as reported by Salena Zito of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, including the following:

"Conservatives certainly have more a lot more energy, creativity and ideas this year opposing the Obama agenda than they did supporting the Bush administration.”

"The biggest thing that Republicans should avoid is to become the party of no.”

"With the exception of Sarah Palin, McCain and Bush are now part of our past.”

"We now have more than enough evidence of what this administration thinks of the American people. Let me say to Attorney General Holder: I welcome the opportunity to have a dialogue with you about cowardice, anywhere, anytime."

"Thanks to the stimulus package, Republicans have this great moment to distinguish ourselves from the Democratic Party. “

"When we (conservatives) look at a group of people, we see Americans -- we don't see groups of people, we don't see victims, we see potentials."

To find out who said the above and in what context, read this.

Are the Fighting Irish rising like the Phoenix?

It is now officially the month of madness. Nothing, I mean absolutely, positively nothing is more important this month than basketball. Let me clarify that.  As much as I love high school ball, I'm talkin' college hoops.

Marquette's Dominic James fractures a bone in his foot and Wisconsin, though not as impressive as they've been in the past still plods along. Both teams make it into the NCAA Tournament according to the latest bracket forecast from Fox Sports.

Memphis, Elvis' team and one I keep my eye on is safely in and extremely dangerous. They've won 20 in a row.

And my Fighting Irish who lost 7 in a row earlier and have had trouble playing defense and don't look anything like the team they should be...... still have a shot?

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Victoria's Secret- The Sexy List 2009

Before you scoff and dismiss the blog title as a lead-in to a tawdry, cheap attempt to draw in readers (that would only be about 5% of the intent of this entry), I challenge you to look at the "sexy" crowd in the photo gallery and see if you agree with me that in many cases, the VS people nailed it (And I ain't talkin' Kelly Ripa).

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