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Culinary no-no #121

Culinary no-no's

Unquestionably, we all have our favorite foods. Collectively, as a nation, designating those favorites isn’t a tough assignment. You’ve got our pizza and tacos and hot dogs and burgers, right? surveyed readers on this very topic:

“Fast food -- a little bit is great and a lot is even better (at least before it sets in your stomach). One could consider eating our true national pastime, and if the feedback we received is any indication, then move over baseball, because we only have one true passion, and food is it.'s faithful readers were asked about their favorite fast food in terms of quality, price and speed of service.”

Uhh, wait a minute, Kev.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiitttt a minute!

This is a no-no blog.

You’re the guy accused of being so bombastic and vitriolic all the time (Yes, I’m just an old meanie and a half), and now you come at us with a list of popular stuff. What gives?

Culinary no-no aficionados, relax.

You know that often there’s a buildup before the big bang (In more things than just one of my blogs).

We’re gettin’ to it.

We’re gettin’  to it!!

Now where was I?

Oh, yes.


You know, you just don’t get stuff half this good over on

Here are, according to, America’s Top Ten favorite Fast Foods:

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Favre as a Viking


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asked readers to submit their own photos under the theme, "Favre as a Viking." Just a few....


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The Brewers at the break

The Brewers enter the All-Star break with a record of 45-43. Last year after 88 games, their record was 49 -39. At the All-Star break in 2008, the Brewers were 54-43.

It doesn’t appear a CC-like deal is in the cards this season to propel the Brew Crew. If the Cubs keep surging, even wild card hopes might be out of the question.

All-Star break observation: Ken Macha is Ned Yost. Same questionable moves. Same lack of fire. Same deer in headlights look when a ballgame is falling apart.

The most outrageous column of the year, so far

The claim made by the author, the daughter of Robert Kennedy, is beyond absurd and ludicrous.


UPDATE: An e-mail from a frequent reader:

"This is almost too infuriating to read. I'm afraid there are too many Catholics, in places of influence, who believe this rot. The Kennedys have a lot to answer for, and not just Chappaquidick and a half dozen other egregious uglies. Sadly, there does not seem to be a brain among the whole clan."

Beyond the assasinations, it's difficult to sympathize with this dysfunctional famly.

Photos of the Week (07/12/09)

Photos of the Week

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