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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

Planned Parenthood and racism

Planned Parenthood, another huge supporter and donor to the Democrat Party is about as disgusting and despicable as they come.

Check this out.

All you lefties that worship and/or give $$$ to PP, are you proud of yourselves?

Lawmakers want special session on minimum markup law

In an interview last week with the Appleton Post-Crescent, Governor Jim Doyle was given this direct question:

Is there anything the state can do to ease the (price of gas) burden?”

ere was part of Doyle’s answer:

“I wanted to change our minimum markup law that still requires gas to be marked up at various levels. I've always thought that gas should be treated like other products and not pay the required markup.”

The Governor has claimed he’s against the minimum markup law dating back to his days as Attorney General. Just how sincere is he? We’ll find out very soon.

Today, two of the better members of the state Assembly, state Representatives Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) and Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) asked Governor Doyle to call the Legislature into special session for a vote on repealing Wisconsin’s outmoded minimum markup law.

In a joint press release, Kramer and Vukmir write, “The minimum markup law, passed in 1939, mandates that retailers include a minimum price increase on gasoline, and also prohibits the sale of goods below cost. Last summer, and then again in November of last
year, news reports indicated that Wisconsin law prohibits residents from taking advantage of cost savings.”

ramer and Vukmir suggest repealing the minimum markup law would provide some relief at the pump. I submit a better plan would be to temporarily suspend the gas tax if you want real relief, but that’s not going to happen. Neither will a special session on minimum markup.

Let’s go back to the Governor’s Q and A where he said he favors repeal. He couched his support in his next sentence where he expressed his true sentiments. 

“I'm not suggesting that would make things right because what's really at issue are these oil companies that are making the biggest profits in the history of the world.”

He’d much rather have a tax on oil companies and would only call the Legislature back if that was on the table.

Kramer and Vukmir have put forth a good effort, but it’s DOA with this Governor who often doesn’t mean what he says.

UPDATE 7/24:

A new report looks at harmful effect of minimum markup law. Here's the report by WPRI.

This report finds the following:

Wisconsin's minimum markup law adds $990 million to the annual price paid by consumers, between $267 and $278 million of which is beyond what a normal profit margin would yield. 

Wisconsin motorists currently pay 30.2 cents per gallon as a result of the minimum markup law. As a result, minimum markup has almost eclipsed the state's 32.9-cent auot fuel tax, which is currently 9th highest in the nation.

As the wholesale price of gas grows, so does the amount per gallon motorists have to pay as a result of minimum  markup . In January of 1998, when the wholesale price of gas was 64 cents per gallon, the minimum markup stood at 56.9 cents per gallon, In July of 2008, the wholesale price stands at $3.29 per gallon, with the per-gallon minimum markup amount at 30.2 cents- an increase of 400% in ten years.

In the past year, the amount the minimum markup law adds to a gallon of gas has increased 44%- from 21 cnets per gallon in July of 2007 to 30.2 cents per gallon in June of 2008. 

Mr. “Nobody cares more about than Franklin than I do” slings mud, AGAIN!

I will say this about former FranklinNOW blogger Greg Kowalski. He’s consistent.

A few weeks ago, just before the opening of the Sendik’s at the Shoppes of Wyndham Village, I blogged about Kowalski’s fault-finding mission with the development, even as Franklin was joyously celebrating the opening of a quality retailer.

Today, as the long-awaited Target opens at the Shoppes of Wyndham Village, guess what? Kowalski is back with another inane, clueless whine about Target. He starts out taking potshots at young FranklinNOW intern Alisha Fischer’s fine video report previewing the new Target.

C’mon, Greg. She’s just a kid. You're familiar with that pout and cry routine. You used it every day when you were blogging over here.

Kowalski says he was “astonished” (Oh my!!) that FranklinNOW “openly embraces shopping at Target for food items!”

Well, yes, Target does sell food items. Ms. Fischer correctly emphasized some of the unique offerings at this particular Target. That’s called news, Greg. What was Ms. Fischer supposed to do, Greg? Target doesn’t sell cars, or trucks, or widgets.

Kowalski then mentions Target’s selection of fine wines and in a tone that has some truth to its desperate sound asks, “can someone please tell me why I'm shopping at Sendik's Fine Foods?” The title of his blog also insinuated that the FranklinNOW video basically gave people reason not to shop at Sendik’s. It did no such thing. The video gave viewers a brief, informative inside look at Target before its opening.

Kowalski, the biz whiz that he is, seriously thinks that because Target sells food and fine wine that it will force next-door Sendik’s out of business.  Is he for real? Sadly, he is. He really thinks that.

Sorry, Greg. You referred to me in your blog, even though you didn’t mention me by name. (By the way, I’m a Senate aide, not a Senatorial aide. Might want to make note of that for your next cheap shot). So as they say on “Law and Order,” you opened the door, counselor, so I’m responding to your second attack in as many weeks on a new store opening.

Competition is good for everyone. The more shopping options for Franklin residents, the better. To suggest that people won’t shop at Sendik’s because Target now has Merlot is, well, pretty dumb.

Besides, the food offerings aren’t the same at Sendik’s and Target, as was pointed out in a blog I did last year.

In his blog today, just hours before the Target ribbon-cutting, Kowalski does what he does best: engage in conjecture and wild speculation.

“If Sendik's closes that strip mall could be solely anchored by a Super Target, which is very scary to Franklin residents who have fought long and hard against massive big boxes in the community.” He then ripped the developer.

And he’s studying business at MATC? Gee, there’s tuition money well spent. 

The main point is that Kowalski likes to prop himself up as the best thing that ever happened to Franklin. I did this and I did that. And yet, in the past two weeks, when Franklin has rightly celebrated the opening of long-awaited community developments, Kowalski didn’t cheer.  He reached for the mud bucket.

Funny how he and others can rip a development that is actually up and running, but when I question one that’s been stuck in neutral for ages, I’m such a bad boy. But that’s another issue for another day.

Congratulations, Mark Carstensen for seeing another dream become reality. Keep in mind that you’ll never win with some folks who will constantly moan and groan and cry that there aren’t enough flowers and there aren’t enough bike stands and there aren’t enough places for them to park their butts to sit by a fountain and have coffee and a bagel and there aren’t enough walkways for the droves of people who want to walk to Target (that’s my favorite). 

You done good, Mark. (By the way, was that your car parked at Wal-Mart? Oh my God, the apocalypse is at hand!).

Congratulations, Franklin. You’ve waited a long time for these developments to take shape and they’re finally here. I have every confidence you’ll be loyal in your support.

Shame on Greg Kowalski who continues his attacks on everyone from the Mayor on down, even an intern, a young intern. He totally mischaracterizes her report but he’s done that his entire blogging career, twisting and distorting, and rarely having facts to back up his wacky assertions.

Oh, and Dave Hintzman, if you’re reading, if and when Fountains of Franklin ever opens, and I certainly hope it does, I’d be real leery of your hand-picked press agent, Mr. Kowalski because he just might bad-mouth your place, too.

Blatant media bias at the NY Times

There’s no other way to call it.

In a classic example of media bais, the NY Times accepts an op-ed piece written by Barack Obama, then refuses a piece from John McCain.

The op-ed editor offers a condescending, arrogant defense, and even suggests how McCain should write a revision.

Read more

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