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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

Political cartoon of the year? Could be, it's that good


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Friday night means InterCHANGE

Here are the topics the panel discusses on InterCHANGE Friday night at 6:30 on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10 with a repeat on Sunday morning at 11:00:

1 -- Obama & Health-Care Reform

Did the president do himself any good with Wednesday night’s press conference? Or with his many other appearances on the topic over the past couple of weeks? Will he get what he wants before Congress’s August recess?  Is the reform effort in trouble? If so, is it the Republicans who’ve stalled it, or members of the president’s own party? Should Obama be taking a more active role -- even dictating the details he wants to see -- or is he smart to let Congress hash it all out first? 

2 -- “Blowing Up” County Government?

Lee Holloway calls for eliminating the position of Milwaukee County Executive and replacing it with an “Administrator.” Scott Walker, meanwhile, says Holloway’s proposal doesn’t go far enough: Walker wants the County Board eliminated, too! Is this a serious effort at reform, or simply political tit-for-tat? Is there a reason Milwaukee needs a County Executive? A County Board? Do their responsibilities overlap? Should everybody just tone it down until the Public Policy Forum study comes out later this year?

3 – School Voucher Standards

Two interesting aspects to this week’s Journal Sentinel article on school vouchers. First, the number voucher programs approved falls dramatically, as tougher standards are applied. Two, the moving force for those higher standards is Howard Fuller, who used to be a strong advocate for much more limited standards.

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Is there a media double standard?

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Franklin School Board to taxpaying families....


As I've been blogging, they will spend almost a million dollars on fiber optics, but will cry the blues about a reduction in state aid and the economy to justify a cut of $90,000 for private school busing.

I’m told the School Board last night discussed how to spend stimulus money the district is getting. I'm guessing it won’t be on transportation safety for children.

One of the attendees at last night’s meeting e-mailed me the following:

“Perhaps more entertaining was the 15 minute discussion on whether or not the Board should meet with taxpayers prior to their regularly scheduled Board meetings to get input from those citizens who may not feel comfortable speaking in a large group during the open meeting.  The Board sought legal counsel on the issue.  This being hilarious in light of the fact one of the areas mentioned for cuts in the new budget is legal expenses!”

Fifteen minutes before a meeting, 15 minutes into a meeting, 15 minutes after a meeting, what’s the difference? This school board, despite all the talk about being your voice and listening, etc, etc, simply doesn’t care.

That's just "My Board's Eye View."

Our FranklinNOW blogging School Board member, I'm confident, would have gladly informed us on her blog about last night's school board meeting, but she ("I am your voice") was apparently too busy earlier this morning writing on her OTHER blog about Michael Jackson.

Priorities, folks. Priorities.

Government health care unraveling

Karl Rove lays out the case that President Obama’s dream of having Canadian-European style government health care is in jeopardy.

The highlights from his Wall Street Journal op-ed piece:

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