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Ms. Elaine Kneeous

Jennifer is a one in a million stay-at-home mom. (More like one OF a million stay at home moms!) She graduated from a liberal arts college but there is nothing liberal OR artsy about her. She is married to Kevin Fischer of This Just In, and together they have a beautiful young daughter Kyla Audrey. In no particular order she loves dogs, wine, a good bargain, her family, pizza, and entertaining. Follow her blog of all things miscellaneous including but not limited to cooking and baking, entertaining and party planning, being a mommy, and homekeeping.

NewsBusted - 9/23/14

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My husband is amazing, awesome, wonderful, etc. (Until this day every year.)

90% of the time, my beloved and I are sympatico.  We share many common interests, have the same set of values, and are generally easy-going.  That other 10% of the time?  You can allot most of it towards our polar opposite opinions of Autumn.

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Culinary yes-yes #94

Since a young age, I’ve not been a fan of candy.  By “candy” I mean non-chocolate confections.  Chocolate is a food group in my estimation, elevated above every other sweet in many ways and for many reasons.  If the Easter Bunny or St. Nick were foolish enough to leave anything in my basket or stocking respectively, I would politely put it in a large bowl far apart from the chocolate.  Then I’d “casually” leave it out for when my friends came for play dates.  They’d dive in to the Peeps, Life Savers, candy canes, etc.  At Easter, a particular dislike of mine was jelly beans.  I avoided the black ones like the Plague, and the rest got a chance to harden under the plastic grass until they were simply tossed out.  (Eventually the Bunny caught on.)

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UPDATE: What did Scott Walker do this week? (09/20/14)

What did Scott Walker do this week?

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NewsBusted - 9/19/14

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