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Blue Collar Blogger

Dad, husband, baseball coach, writer, community activist and crappy guitar player...I tend to stand a little to the left on most issues. I don't get my news from Fox "News" - and neither should you.

Hey Fox News Fans, Are You Thoroughly Disgusted Yet?

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If you have no idea why I'm asking you that question, it just goes to prove the point that Fox News is not as their slogan suggests, "Fair and Balanced". Read on and you will learn about a huge story that Fox News is NOT covering:

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The Public Overwhelmingly Disapproves of WI Republicans

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In a recent University of Wisconsin Badger poll, 55% of registered WI voters disapprove of the way Scott Walker is handling his job as Governor. Only 37% approved of his job handling.

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More Fiscal Irresponsibility From GOP

fake+democrats, recall+primaries, fiscall+responsibility, afghanistan

The Republicans were crying "fiscal irresponsibility" and "waste of tax payer money" to hold recall elections based on voting issues, yet the GOP forced Democratic primaries by endorsing and encouraging fake Democrats - costing Wisconsin tax payers up to $100,000 per county for the primaries! Again, what hypocrisy!

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. . . A Little More About The Tea Party

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A lot of the comments on my last blog about the Greendale Tea Party were in defense of the group using the Greendale Public Library for their meeting, which I found hypocritical, since the group wants funds cut to libraries in WI and does not believe that tax payer money should be wasted social services like Medicare and social security (and public libraries) because the government should not intervene in such services.

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. . . So I Went To A Tea Party Meeting The Other Day (really)

greendale-tea-party, paul-ryan, greendale-wi, greendale-public-library

. . . and the entire meeting itself was the definition of hypocrisy.

  • First of all, it was held in the Greendale Public Library. The Tea Party is in agreement with Governor Walker slashing funding to public libraries by almost $19 Million in 2012, yet they are willing to spend tax payer money to pay for thier usage of the building for their meetings.
  • Second, their meeting was held in Greendale, which was created by and ran by the government for the purpose of providing affordable housing to the working poor in the Milwaukee area (sounds like a socialist ideal to me). In fact, Milwaukee was chosen as one of the Greenbelt communities by the Roosevelt administration because of our strong socialist background. And I thought the Tea Party was ant-socialist???
  • Thirdly, the woman who runs the meetings - I will call her "Joan" is a born-again Christian and made sure that I was made aware of that fact. She, along with the other tea baggers just love and idolize Paul Ryan. Problem is Paul Ryan loves and idolizes the author Ayn Rand, who was an atheist. Yup, sorry to break your Paul Ryan bubble "Joan", but your idol's idol was a heathen. No offense to any of my atheist friends out there.
  • Fourthly, only 9 people (including myself) were present for their meeting, and at least two of them were postal workers and "Joan" is pushing for the group to ask Senator Ron Johnson to get behind a bill greatly cutting funding to the USPS by drastically slashing benefits and reworking retirement packages to USPS employees. As far as I know the postal guys have not given their thoughts on the matter yet - maybe because they would like to retire with full benefits and decent health care (what a tragic waste of tax payer money).
  • And lastly, I learned that the Tea Party is nothing more than the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party. I thought the Tea Party formed out of frustration of both political parties, but I was proven wrong. This rag tag group of mostly 55+ white suburbanites loves Paul Ryan (Republican), Scott Walker (Republican) and David Prosser (Republican), and thinks that the Republican Party can do no wrong.
  • Where is the Tea Party candidate in the area? Is the Tea Party going to nominate someone other than Paul Ryan to run for congress in 2012? Of course not, because the Tea Party is nothing more than the most-aggressive, hypocritcal, frustrated, bunch of confused biggots I have ever come across. Well, okay not everyone in the Tea Party is a biggot, but I have never met a biggot who does not like the Tea Party, so . . .
  • The good news is that the "Greendale Tea Party" seems to be up to almst nothing. I dare all local Tea Partiers to run their own candidtes in elections on the local, state and national levels. They won't do it though because they are NOT a new political party, but rather the lunatic fringe of the right who like to complain about politicians, but yet continue to vote for the same ole' Republicans.

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