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Blue Collar Blogger

Dad, husband, baseball coach, writer, community activist and crappy guitar player...I tend to stand a little to the left on most issues. I don't get my news from Fox "News" - and neither should you.

I Have Met The Enemy, And His Name Is "ALEC"

ALEC, american+legislative+exchange+council, Jeff+stone, Scott+walker

ALEC, of the American Legislative Exchange Council was recently exposed as the big business, Koch brothers funded, anti-middle class worker, far-right law-writing machine that it is. And they were outed by a current member who was sick over they way they do business.

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Hey Fox News Fans, Are You Thoroughly Disgusted Yet?

fox+news, News+corp, Rupert+murdoch, Wall+street+journal

If you have no idea why I'm asking you that question, it just goes to prove the point that Fox News is not as their slogan suggests, "Fair and Balanced". Read on and you will learn about a huge story that Fox News is NOT covering:

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The Public Overwhelmingly Disapproves of WI Republicans

scott+walker, opinion+polls, ron+johnson, mike+tate, tea-baggers,

In a recent University of Wisconsin Badger poll, 55% of registered WI voters disapprove of the way Scott Walker is handling his job as Governor. Only 37% approved of his job handling.

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More Fiscal Irresponsibility From GOP

fake+democrats, recall+primaries, fiscall+responsibility, afghanistan

The Republicans were crying "fiscal irresponsibility" and "waste of tax payer money" to hold recall elections based on voting issues, yet the GOP forced Democratic primaries by endorsing and encouraging fake Democrats - costing Wisconsin tax payers up to $100,000 per county for the primaries! Again, what hypocrisy!

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. . . A Little More About The Tea Party

greendale+tea+party, tea+party+hypocrisy, dwight+eisenhower, tax+rates, capital+gains+tax

A lot of the comments on my last blog about the Greendale Tea Party were in defense of the group using the Greendale Public Library for their meeting, which I found hypocritical, since the group wants funds cut to libraries in WI and does not believe that tax payer money should be wasted social services like Medicare and social security (and public libraries) because the government should not intervene in such services.

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