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Dad, husband, baseball coach, writer, community activist and crappy guitar player...I tend to stand a little to the left on most issues. I don't get my news from Fox "News" - and neither should you.

Labor Union Wins Big - (and America is thrilled!)

NFL, labor+agreement, labor+union, NFL+players+association, scott+walker

A union that represents more than 1,900 current and 2,000 retired laborers has agreed to terms with their counterparts in a new 10 year labor agreement. Some of the details are:

  • All members receive lifetime medical coverage
  • Retirees see benefits increase 60%
  • Off-season activity days are reduced from 14-10
  • No more grueling two-a-day full-pad practices
  • Shorter training camps
  • The schedule will remain at 16 games instead of the proposed 18 games by the owners.

Yes, I am talking about the NFL Players' Association. And in exchange for a safer work environment and better life-long benefits program the players gave up montary compensation, agreeing to a salary cap, lower rookie salaries and a reduction in the NFL shared revenue from 50% to 48%.

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Two GOP Stooges Make The News

scott+walker+recall, Robin+Vos, Mitt+Romney, corporations+are+people

Scott Walker's lap dog from Racine, Republican Representative Robin Vos wants to make a constitutional Amendment that would make recalls of elected officials only possible if they are actually charged with breaking a law -

Here is the problem with that - WI was the first state to allow a recall process so that the people can remove an elected official if he or she is not performing as promised or is going against the will of the people. To recall an official because he committed a crime like drunk driving or illegal gambling, but leaving him in office after he votes to negatively effect the lives of millions of citizens so that he can give tax breaks to large corporations so that he can in exchange get large campaign donations is absurd.

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Iowa Pulls The Shortest Straw

iowa+straw+poll, michele+bachman, rick+perry

In the Iowa straw poll of Republican nominees, Minnesota Congresswoman and Tea Party activist Michele Bachman came out on top (I had no idea Iowa loved their nuts so much down there). While Bachman is by far the nuttiest of the bunch, each of the major candidates comes with a fair amount of baggage to overcome if they ever plan on looking somewhat appealing, if not normal, to the average American voter who is not an over-the-top, in-your-face, uber-religious wing nut.

Here are some facts you should now about the front runners for the Republican nominee for President in 2012: (I hope you like lots of salt on your nuts)

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Read Warren Buffett's Lips - "Stop Coddling The Rich"

warren+buffett, tax+burden, US+tax+code, patriotic+millionaires, wisconsin+recalls

In the Sunday OP-ED of the New York Times, uber-billionaire Warren Buffett penned a scathing editorial encouraging congress to raise the taxes of the wealthiest in the US.

"While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks. Some of us are investment managers who earn billions from our daily labors but are allowed to classify our income as “carried interest,” thereby getting a bargain 15 percent tax rate," said Buffett.

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We Should Be Proud of Our Public Educational System In WI

ACT+scores, wisconsin+legislative+audit+bureau, greendale+public+schools, milwaukee+private+voucher+schools

2011 ACT test results are in and WI did great!

  • WI had it's highest participation rate ever: 47,693 (71 percent)
  • WI students had an average composite score of 22.2, third place among ACT-taking states.
  • Greendale HS students average 23.5 with 80.3% of eligible students taking the exam.

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The WI GOP Prepares For An Assualt on Womens' Rights

womens+rights, abortion, mary+lazich, jb+van+hollen, michelle+litjens

State Rep. Michelle Litjens, R-Oshkosh and state Sen. Mary Lazich, R-New Berlin, are co-sponsoring a bill that would require any woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound before having the procedure and tighten regulations for clinics that perform abortions. "This is about protecting women," she said. "This is not about abortion." ~

Now call me niave, but when Government steps in and tries to tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body, isn't that considered BIG GOVERNMENT? In fact, mandating certain medical procedures upon a woman is BIG FAT GOVERNMET at an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETT at a right-wing fast food restaurant that has just failed their last health inspection - and Senator Lazich is wearing a bib and has loosened her belt.
Now I understand that Senator Lazich is a Christian and prefers to call herself "pro-life", but the fact is that she and Rep. Litjens are pushing their religious beliefs upon the rest of the 5 million residents of WI, making them more "anti-womans' rights" than "pro-life". To me, someone who is "pro-life" is against war, votes for protecting the rights of the elderly, the poor and the sick. And since Senator Lazich has voted to take reduce Medicaid for the poor and reduce Medicare benefits for the elderly, she certainly is NOT "pro-life".
Like Senator Lazich, I too was raised a Christian. In fact, I went to Catholic school for 9 years and am a seasoned veteran of the religious rhetoric about abortion and ect. The difference between Senator Lazich and myself (besides the fact that her public sector job offers her health insurance and benefits while my private sector job does not) is that while we were both raised Christians, I don't beleive in pushing my religious beliefs upon everyone else. After all, this is america right - home of the free.
If Senator Lazich wants to force women to have an ultrasound (at whose cost?) before obtaining a legal abortion affored to women by the laws that govern our great country and the Supreme Court well, then -
  • The Senator should have to live 6 months confined to a wheelchair as an elderly citizen in a nursing home, who has let her drivers license expire, and who has to rely on the kindness of family or strangers to get to the DMV to obtain a new ID before she votes on the new VOTER ID LAW.
  • The Senator should have to empty her savings account and take a low-paying job where she is not offered health insurance before she is allowed to vote on reducing benefits for BadgerCare, or Medicaid.
  • The Senator should have to live as a 79 year old woman whose entire monthly income is her social security check, and see half of that income disappear with prescription drug costs before she votes to change the state Medicare program over to Medicare Part D for seniors, which will cost seniors an average of at least an extra $500 per year in prescriptions.
  • The Senator should have to work as a kindergarten teacher in a low-income school for a few weeks before she votes to cut $840 from public education and dramatically increases class sizes and shrinks teachers' rights and work place conditions.

I would also like to add the fact that Senator Lazich is pushing Wisconsin Attornery General JB Van Hollen to fight the new federal health care bill that would, among other things, ensure that no citizen is denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. ~

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Do Me a Favor and "Google" Something For Me . . .

rick+perry, apostolic+reformation+church, rachel+tabachnick

rick perry + apostolic reformation church + C. Peter Wagner

Besides the wikipedia definition of apostolic reformation church, this is the 2nd hit that I got when I googled those terms together:

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Some Kind of Monster

david+prosser, joe+sanfelippo, ann+walsh+bradley, patricia+barrett

Sauk County District Attorney Patricia Barrett, a Republican, will not be pressing charges against David Prosser, the conservative WI Supreme Court Justic who was accused of choking fellow Justic Ann Walsh Bradley.

The police report and investigation conculded that Bradley felt no real pressure around her neck, but that yes, Prosser did put his hands around her neck "as a reaction to being told to leave her office."

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