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Dad, husband, baseball coach, writer, community activist and crappy guitar player...I tend to stand a little to the left on most issues. I don't get my news from Fox "News" - and neither should you.

Lazich Promotes Racial Stereotyping In Schools

racial-stereotyping, mary-lazich, act-250, john-boatman, wisconsin-politics

Senator Mary Lazich has introduced legislation that extends the compliance deadline for schools currently subject to a DPI mandate to change their school mascot. The DPI has ordered Mukwonago, Kewaunee, and Osseo-Fairchild school districts to change their mascots under 2009 Act 250. This legislation was enacted with mostly Democratic support because native Americans in the state overwhelmingly felt that using tribal slangs or nicknames as school mascots was offensive and promoted stereotypes.

Lazich said, "The legislation I am circulating relieves a burden from school districts facing a costly rebranding process. This gives school districts more time to comply with a government mandate without breaking the bank."

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The League of Women Voters Claims Voter Suppression in Voter ID Bill

league-of-women-voters, voter-id, senator-lazich, cream-puff, voter-suppression

On May 25th Governor Scott Walker signed into law the controversial Voter ID Bill that Republicans claim is needed to combat the overwhelming amount of voter fraud in Wisconsin.

Democrats have been saying all along that the Voter ID Law signed by Governor Walker is designed not to fight voter fraud, but rather to disenfranchise likely progressive and liberal voters. Republicans say only the far-left wing of the Democratic party is charging "Voter-Supression" and that the bill is fair.

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Three Reasons To Question The Integrity of the WI GOP (as if you needed any more)

chris-kapenga, republicans-bought-out, labor-unions, fake-democrats, spoiler-candidates, family-care, scott walker

  • Republican state Rep. Chris Kapenga claims in an email that several fellow Republicans were “bought out” by police and fire unions to stop them from being included in a bill eliminating collective bargaining powers. Gov. Scott Walker excluded them, saying there was no contingency plan for public safety if there was a mass walk-off by police officers and firefighters. What do you call bringing in thousands of National Guard Troops???
  • Republicans will be running "Fake" democrats in the Democratic recall elections in order to create a mandatory primary and delay the inevitable general election one whole month. And because Wisconsin's open primary system allows anybody to campaign in a party primary, it would force the Democrats to spend time, money and resources campaigning for their own nominations. The strategy is being coordinated by Republican leaders and endorsed by state Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald.
  • In a budget-crunching measure, Scott Walker proposes to freeze enrollment in Family-Care and other programs aimed at helping the elderly and disabled. Parents who are protesting the move say waiting lists would grow – and their kids would not be able to make proper transitions from high school to work. Some called the proposed limits immoral. We can give $140 million in tax breaks to wealthy businesses, but cut funding for the disabled and elderly to pay for it?

Hardball Questions, Softball Answers at the Lazich Town Hall Meetings

mary-lazich, town-hall-meeting, concealed-carry, voter-id, school-choice

About 30 people showed at the Franklin Library for the Lazich town hall meeting this past Saturday. As always, her detractors greatly outnumbered her supporters, 5-1. And as usual, Lazich did her best Fred Astaire impersonation as she danced around the issues, doing her best to not actually answer any of the hardest, most-controversial questions.

See our Senator skirt the issues here:

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Meet The Man Who Will Leave Paul Ryan Unemployed in 2012

rob-zerban, paul-ryan, medicare, medicaid, voucher

This weekend I met with Rob Zerban, a Kenosha Democrat who is vying for Paul Ryan's seat in Wisconsin's first congressional district.

Zerban's ideals match those of the majority-working class. Zerban was raised by a single mother, paid his own way through culinary school and built two successful companies from scratch, and offered his employees affordable health insurance plans and paid sick days (the horror!)

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Paul Ryan is Nothing More Than a Good-Looking, 21st Century Robber Baron

paul+ryan, medicare, medicaid, social+security, rob-zerban, robber-baron

House Budget Committee Chairman, and Wisconsin Senator Paul Ryan will lose his reelection bid in 2012 for a number of reasons:

  • He is a Republican in Wisonsin (and thanks to Scott Walker, that will be a bad pairing for the next decade, at least).
  • He wants to dismantle Medicare while giving $45 Billion in energy tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies that he and his wife, Janna own stakes in from land leases in Texas and Oklahoma. Daniel Little, Ryan's father-in-law, who runs the companies, told Newsweek that the family companies are currently leasing the land to energy giants such as Chesapeake Energy, Devon, and XTO Energy, a recently acquired subsidiary of ExxonMobil. “Sure, senior citizens should have to pay more for health care, but landholders like [Ryan] who lease property to big oil companies, well, their government subsidies must be protected at all costs,” says Melanie Sloan, the director of the nonpartisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “It smacks of hypocrisy.”
  • According to a recent Bloomberg Poll, 57% of Americans believe they would be worse off under Ryan's financial plan. see poll here
  • The same poll also found that Paul Ryan is the 3rd most disliked Republican behind Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin (boy, he keeps good company doesn't he?)
  • Only 34% of the American people want to replace the traditional Medicare plan.
  • Republican Senators like Jane Corwin in NY are losing seats long-held by Republicans due to nothing more than their backing of Paul Ryan's "kill medicare" plan. (she lost to Democrat Kathy Hochul 48%-42% who ran on a promise of trying to keep Medicare as we know it in tact).
  • Kenosha's Rob Zerban, also a good-looking, ex-business man, but with a bigger heart and a streak of empathy for the poor will run Ryan through the ringer when it comes to Wisconsin's middle class voters.

The WI Republican Party Should Rename Themsevles The WI Masogynist Party

david-prosser, misogyny, wisconsin-supreme-court, justice-ann-walsh-bradley, rush-limbaugh

In February, 2010 David Prosser exploded at Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson behind closed doors, calling her a "bitch" and threatening to "destroy" her.

Now Prosser is accused of assaulting another Chief Justice - Justice Ann Walsh Bradley told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “The facts are that I was demanding that he get out of my office and he put his hands around my neck in anger in a choke hold.”

But can you really expect the extreme right to respect women in auhtority after they listen to the masogynist rantings of blowhards like Rush Limbaugh as he makes fun of "fiminazis" all day in his hate-filled radio show, which of course, is syndicated on two of Milwaukee's most-popular "news" stations.
Any of you conservatives out there who voted for this pig even a little embarrassed right now? Come on, I was embarrassed by the whole Anthony Weiner thing and agreed that he should resign.
My prediction - Prosser is too damn pig-headed to resign. Does anyone know if he can be censured while this is investigated?

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