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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

My Most Popular Blogs (07/01/13)

Most popular

My most popular blogs from last week,  Sunday - Saturday:

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YIKES! Health insurance rates to skyrocket, thanks to ObamaCare

The details.

Catholic League commends Dolan as media hunts for scapegoats

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League comments on the deposition by Cardinal Timothy Dolan that was released today regarding his tenure as Archbishop of Milwaukee; the deposition was taken in February.


Here’s coverage from the daily paper.

The latest pro-life news (07/01/13)

Pro-Life news

From Pro-Life Wisconsin (contains latest Live Action undercover video) and Wisconsin Right To Life.


Pro-Abortion Activists Tied to Planned Parenthood Being Paid to Protest

What did Wendy Davis really stand for?

If only Kermit Gosnell had worn pink sneakers like Wendy Davis

Winning the pro-life generation one meme at a time

Life or death in 30 seconds

Remember to check in here during the Independence Day weekend

For many, a four-day weekend approaches. You’ll be busy with plenty to do.

We’ll continue posting at This Just In…with all of our regular weekend features. I hope you’ll find a little time to check in.

Thanks, and have a great Independence Day weekend.

Journal Sentinel bias makes for national commentary

The Catholic League writes:

“Bill Donohue comments on the reaction by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to the public disclosure of Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s deposition regarding his tenure as the Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel features the pictures of 45 priests who at one time or another had substantiated allegations made against them. This is pure hype: it was Archbishop Dolan who posted the names of these priests 9 years ago. Where are the pictures of alleged sex offenders in non-Catholic communities? Where is the same level of scrutiny?"

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FLASHBACK, This Just in...April 15, 2008

Is there a priest scandal or not?

Franklin, there is NO reason for a big school property tax increase this year

In Franklin, we have a school administration and several school board members who adore the notion of raising taxes. They wouldn’t think twice about it, searching for ways and reasons to stick it to local taxpayers.

One of their perennial favorites is to anxiously await word from the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI) about how much state aid the local school district will receive this coming school year. If there’s a decrease, administrators and school board members put on their game faces. They proclaim that even though they’d rather not raise taxes, the reduction in state aid leaves them no choice. Blame is squarely placed on evil Scott Walker and his diabolical cohorts, legislative Republicans while secretly smiling inside.

Kiss that argument goodbye.

DPI has released state aid figures for every school district in Wisconsin. Franklin is one of 193 districts that will see an increase in state aid.

In 2012-13, Franklin received $13,938,751 in state aid. For 2013-14, Franklin will receive $14,491,441, an increase of $552,690 from the previous year or 3.97%.

The folks that run the schools in Franklin probably had to work hard to hide their tears in the hallways. They cannot justify a huge property tax increase by playing the poverty game and portraying the state as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Could they turn around and still propose and approve a big tax increase? Could they maintain a nearly 4% increase in state aid still isn’t enough? You better believe it.

Such action, beyond what was foolishly approved in referenda last November, would be inappropriate and unnecessary.

UPDATE: Franklin, there is NO reason for a big school property tax increase this year

Previously on This Just In...

The update:

The update is just a reminder that the Franklin Public Schools administration can’t resort to
the playbook used last year.

Recommended Reading- July 4, 2013 edition

Recommended Reading

Please take a few minutes to read these articles. It’s all good. Trust me. You’ll be talking about some of this during your 4th cookout.

Family matters in America

What's great about America

July 4th by the numbers

100 great things about America (Congrats...many of you reading made the list!)

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of typos

133942 600 First US Flag Tattoo cartoons

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The Official July 4, 2013 Franklin Fireworks Guidelines

Today, July 4th, and over the next few days of the Independence Day weekend, you’re bound to hear fireworks exploding from back yards in your neighborhood (The blasts officially started during the daytime yesterday, July 3rd). The sources are folks who only wish to partake in a centuries old tradition of celebrating the birthday of the greatest country on Earth. Without getting into the provocative topic of how America’s liberties are being eroded slowly and surely, there is a faction that even wants to steal away any joy we have of commemorating our nation’s leap into freedom. That’s why there is a critical need to clarify what we can and should do to party on July 4 and days thereafter, especially given the conflicting and rather misleading information floating around. Thank goodness there’s me and This Just In as a primary source of specific, clear guidelines to follow this important holiday. Though geared at Franklin residents, I encourage readers from other locales to follow along because they apply to you as well. Let’s begin.

1) Here’s the deal. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that when it comes to fireworks, and I quote, “Wisconsinites can look to state law for guidance on personal fireworks and how to avoid stiff fines. They'll also want to check with local officials because those rules can be even stricter.”

You’d think that a newspaper that brags about how many Pulitzer Prizes they’ve racked up could explain directly and pointedly what goes when it comes to fireworks. They can’t.

In their defense, it’s really complicated in Wisconsin. No, complicated isn’t the word. It’s goofy, crazy, almost impossible to understand in Wisconsin.  So what is a true-blue, red-blooded America-loving Franklinite to do? That’s why I’m here.

2) OK. Here’s the deal…again. Wisconsin is the only state in America where ignorance of the law is allowed, only when it comes to fireworks. Let’s simplify.

Not far from Franklin, in the Town of Raymond, known for…in the Town of Raymond, if you send off fireworks from your property on the 4th of July or any 3 days preceding or after the 4th, odds are at least 50 townsfolk will immediately descend upon your acreage, screaming and hollering hoots of support and joy, bringing preserves, jarred pickles, and possibly cases of beer to thank you for the entertaining salute to America. In Franklin, similar outbursts are punishable by the surrender of whatever limb is the most useless to the offender or a fine of 297.23. The penalty is doubled if the offender was in the process of shooting at a coyote at the time the fireworks were lit and fired.

May I repeat? That’s why I’m here.

3) Remember everything you’re about to read here should also take into consideration that here are fuddy-duddies that are killjoys. In franklin, that means they turn up the sidewalks, if they have sidewalks, at about 4 or 5:00. You know the crowd. On Trick or Treat, their shades are drawn and lights turned off. That’s only for a few hours. Imagine how they detest the Independence Day multi-day celebration.

4) What about sparklers?

The so-called “experts” say these are “dangerous,” causing severe damage because they can reach temperatures of 1,500 degrees. Well, of course they get hot and of course they can send people to the ER, only if the morons using them touch the part on fire. Therefore, use as many sparklers as you wish. Just don’t touch the part that’s sparkling. Do not throw it in the air. And wave it in circles, but only in your private space. Trust me, no one will get hurt, despite what the alarmists yell and scream. I grew up on sparklers. None of my friends ever earned the nickname, “Lefty.”

5) Fireworks will cause fires and homes to go up in flames.

Really? When was the last time that happened in Franklin? BOMBS AWAY!

5) Should we have buckets of water handy if we send off fireworks? 

What is this? Some training film? Keep ice water handy for keeping guests hydrated, not for houses going up in flames.

6) Should I tell my neighbors I’m shooting bottle rockets?

Absolutely not.  Let them be excited and surprised. If they’re not weird fuddy duddies, they’ll be better neighbors for it and will probably invite you to their next outdoor barbecue, if you’re willing to bring the sauce.

7) I plan to shoot off fireworks, no matter what. Any other advice you can give me?

Yes, of course. Have a tape of the Boston Pops playing in your boom box in the background, or a DVD of John Wayne. Either one should work, though the visual of Wayne might be more convincing, just in case the authorities do show up.

8) I don’t have a Boston Pops CD or John Wayne DVD.

Simple. Arm every kid in your backyard with a flag, RWB T-shirt, and pacifier.

9) When should I shoot off my fireworks?

While I'm still awake.

10) But I don’t like homemade fireworks. My neighbor’s a jerk. He does this every year, lighting up the subdivision and making all kinds of racket. I want to call the police. Why shouldn’t I?

A couple of things.

Get a hold of yourself.


Enjoy life.

It’s the 4th of July, by God!

The password is “temporary.”

This will pass.

Remember that during the time our patriots fought for independence so that you could enjoy being the nitwit you are today, they endured loud fireworks-type noise…and then some.

11) Not good enough. I’m calling the cops.

Fine. What’s your beef? You can’t hear Channel 10? Put another Mantovani album on the turntable and turn up the volume.

12) C’mon, seriously. I’m calling the cops.

My goodness, you are serious. Please, don’t do it. The Franklin police are far too busy than to deal with local fireworks ordinances. I would insert donut jokes here but it’s true. Please don’t bother and distract them with stupid and frivolous complaints like some rotating pinwheel in Uncle Bob’s backyard. They're working on your day off. For Pete's sake, leave 'em alone.

13) Good Lord, Fischer, the law is the law.

On the night of July 3, that would be just yesterday, neighbors in my sub-division shot off fireworks in total violation of Franklin ordinances. My lovely daughter, Kyla and I watched from our windows in sheer delight. Our local alderman, Johnny-on-the spot Kristen Wilhelm, was nowhere on the scene to take in possible law-breaking leading me to believe my neighbor’s hijinks were not only deemed not dangerous but fit for viewing pleasure by my 4-year old.

14) So I shoot off some fireworks and the cops pull up. Then what?

Mention this blog. Mention this author has a good relationship with Franklin Police Chief Richard Oliva and FPD.

If that doesn’t work, offer the officers a non-alcoholic drink.

If that doesn’t work, pull out a rosary.

If that doesn’t work, pull out your checkbook

15) So, are you saying shoot off whatever you want?

I’m saying given what I know and the (appropriate) reluctance of Franklin police to respond to a call about sparklers or any other such harmless fireworks, I’m saying yes, shoot off whatever you want.

I think our terrific police department would understand.

There you have it. It’s America’s birthday. Knock yourself out!

Governor Walker Signs Sonya's Law

Pro-Life news


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Goodnight everyone, and have an unpredictable weekend!

Ask my mama for fifty cents
To see the elephant jump the fence
It jumped so high it hit the sky
Never got back 'til the fourth of July
Walkin' the dog
Walkin' the dog
Lord, if you don't know how to do it
I'll show you how to walk the dog

"Walkin' the Dog" by Johnny Rivers


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The best cartoons of the week (07/06/13)

Best Cartoons of the Week

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert


Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail


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The Barking Lot-America's Finest Dog Blog (07/06/13)

The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then it’s DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  Sunny to mostly sunny with high humidity levels dropping from early morning throughout the day. High of 81.  "A"

SUNDAY:  Partly cloudy and muggy with a chance of isolated thunderstorms late in the afternoon. High of 82. "B"

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog:

As we continue to celebrate Independence Day throughout this weekend, there are many reasons to be grateful we live in the greatest country in the world.  Our freedoms abound – there is nothing holding us back but ourselves.  Determination and hard work can most certainly lead to prosperity and achievement:  this is especially true for small business owners.  Without small businesses, America’s economy would not be what it is:  more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.

My admiration for entrepreneurs and my passion for dogs combine beautifully in one success story.  Imagine five generations caring about dogs so much that they continue to create nutritious foods to fuel your best friend.  (Incidentally they also produce cat food.  When someone starts to write a feline equivalent of The Barking Lot, they can feel free to mention more about this.)  Yes, that’s fantastic.  What is even more fantastic is that they are a Wisconsin company!

The Fromm family began its dedication to dogs over 100 years ago.  Obviously that was l-o-n-g before it was “cool” to be a pet parent…  it was decades before most owners thought about the specific nutritional needs of their dog.  Yet the Fromms continued their quest to feed your dog the best way possible:  For more than four generations, the Fromm family has brought together veterinarians, biochemists, research specialists and food production engineers to formulate [their] pet foods.

Recently, all this commitment to quality pet food led to a prestigious award from the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Tom Nieman from Fromm Family Foods was recognized as Wisconsin’s 2013 State Small Business Person of the Year.  I can only imagine how proud the family & company was to accept such an honor.

The company that wants to bring high-quality food to your four-legged friend has seen such success that they needed to expand their facilities.  Last year they unveiled a warehouse expansion, and there is no end in sight to their accomplishments.

I’m sure that the combination of daily hard work and the realization that they are powering your pup ensures that the owners of Fromm Family Foods sleep very well at night.

P.S.  Why not take a moment to “like” them on Facebook as well?
---Jennifer Fischer

Thanks, Jennifer!

Time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week.

It’s the dog story of the week. Video gone viral apparently shows police fatally shooting dog in California.

"Here's the way it is, America: annoy a cop, even doing something perfectly legal, and he might cuff you. And if your dog sees it and gets upset, he might kill your dog."

Man says dog killed by police 'died for me.'  LA Times suggests better training for officers. The newspaper also suggests sympathy for the officer involved.  Meanwhile the police are receiving threats.

Major change coming to Denver's airport and others. More later.

Champion dog neutered, kidnapped.

"I only asked them to give him a wash."

Cary couldn't yell, so...

Dog rescued from car engine.

snuffs out nuts.

Dog suits up for a
day in the hives.

Naughty dog!

The top dog-friendly cars.




Buddy the Dachshund and his owner Nick Dhein, of Slinger, wait for the start of the annual Germantown 4th of July Parade Thursday, July 4, 2013, in Germantown, Wis. The two were matching in the parade. Photo: Peter Zuzga

And we close as we always do with our closing video.

CBS News senior correspondent John Miller, a former FBI assistant director, discusses the dogs now being used by the Transportation Security Administration and what they can do, as well as the record number of passengers showing up to the airport with a gun in their carry-on bags.


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Week-ends (07/06/13)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Michael Campbell

7 aircrew members

Grocery store clerk

Jason Everman



Nursing home workers in WI

Oklahoma City judge

Missouri water park


“This budget is a sharp contrast from where we were two years ago. Our structural reforms, coupled with tough, but prudent, decisions, have led to a great investment in the people of Wisconsin. This budget benefits hardworking Wisconsin families by providing them with nearly $1 billion in tax relief, $322 million more for our public schools, and $100 million for workforce development. We focused on making life better for the residents of our state, and this budget builds upon a solid foundation for the future. We’re heading in the right direction and moving Wisconsin forward.”
WI Governor Scott Walker as he signed the 2013-15 state budget into law last Sunday. The budget provides nearly $1 billion in tax relief for Wisconsin families, $322 million in additional state aid for public schools, and a $100 million investment in workforce development.

“The assessment doesn’t account for the extraordinary growth that I think we will have because of the tax relief we put in particularly for small business. “We’ve hunkered down on jobs with taxes, money for venture capital, and incentives to hire veterans… We’ve laid the groundwork to change the business climate throughout the state.”
WI Governor Scott Walker during a stop at Appleton Post-Crescent Media. Walker said a structural deficit assessment from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau assumes zero growth and that even modest estimates put Wisconsin on track to pump millions in a surplus.

“This (state of WI) budget grows government spending $2 billion. It includes DNA collection at arrest — a policy item that shouldn’t even be in the budget. It exempts a balanced budget requirement, which Republicans implemented two years ago. It adds government employees. If you could explain to me how it’s a conservative budget, I’d be all ears."
Todd Welch, state coordinator for the political action committee Campaign for Liberty and a member of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, criticizing the Republican-crafted state budget.

"The Obama Administration announced on Tuesday, July 2 that implementation of the highly contentious employer mandate provision of ObamaCare will be delayed until 2015. You can bet that the timing of this announcement is not at all coincidental - while Congress is out of town for the 4th of July holiday and it is a particularly slow news week. The delay undoubtedly is a political decision, as most everything out of the Obama White House is. With the 2014 elections already in clear sight, the last thing the Democrats are looking forward to is defending their vote for the massive piece of legislation that growing numbers of voters hate."
Bob Beauprez, a former Member of Congress and currently the editor-in-chief of A Line of Sight, an online policy resource.

"As a political matter, this is not good. It sort of contributes to the feeling that the Affordable Care Act is a jalopy they’re trying to roll out of the driveway here at barely operational for the president. So that’s not good. The White House made the decision, though, take the pain now before the July 4th weekend rather than have all of these stories over the next year of companies that were laying off workers or having such a hard time implementing this. … The problem for Democrats running is that they’re already weighed down by the feelings people have about this, about this bill and about the opposition from small business and from businesses of all kinds. And though this delay, again, takes this story from being a chronic ailment as it gets implemented, it doesn’t really reduce the fact that in a lot of these states where Democrats are running, red states, this law is unpopular."
CBS' John Dickerson on the decision to delay the implementation of ObamaCare.

"Their purpose is to frighten, not me, but those who would come after me. In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake. We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised — and it should be.”
NSA leaker Edward Snowden from a statement posted on WikiLeaks, his first public comments since leaving Hong Kong for Moscow.

Wives of presidents "have probably the best job in the world, because while our husbands ... have to react and respond to crises on a minute-to-minute basis, we got to work on what we're passionate about. ... I have just found it a very freeing and liberating opportunity ... There are prison-like elements, but it's a really nice prison. You can't complain. There are confining elements ... While people are sorting through our shoes and our hair ... whether we cut it or not ... We take our bangs and we stand in front of important things the world needs to see. And eventually people stop looking at the bangs, and start looking at the things we're standing in front of. That's the power of our role."
Michelle Obama speaking in Tanzania.

"Democrats openly describe their surprise at seeing such consensus around a candidate so early. The hope of retaining the White House in an open-seat election is very real — and the letdown that will set in among Democratic activists and operatives will be very deep if (Hillary) Clinton takes a pass on a campaign, as she may well do. She has said she has yet to make up her mind, but few in the party believe that. The Clintons’ ambition and the chance to make history as the first female president, they figure, will overpower any reticence about another grueling campaign or spending her golden years carrying the burdens of the world’s weightiest job. But if they’re wrong, there is no obvious replacement. And the party would be looking at a mad scramble to fill the Clinton void."
Maggie Haberman, Politico

Democrats “believe in illegal immigration” and this is why they “don’t really believe in border enforcement.”
MSNBC's Chris Matthews

"In or out of power, Republicans seem always to be on the defensive, effectively apologizing for a) their insistence on securing the nation's borders -- assuring everyone they're not racist -- b) their opposition to Obamacare, pleading with people not to believe they don't care about those falling through the cracks, c) the so-called pro-life extremists instead of properly asserting the moral high ground as defenders of the innocent unborn, and d) those in the party who refuse to cower to liberals who deify junk science about man-made global warming instead of taking it to Obama for trampling conventional energy sources and the economy in allegiance to their superstitions.

"Democrats are the ones who should be on the defensive today, having destroyed the economy, bankrupted the nation, undermined our national defenses, made an incoherent mess of our foreign policy, sabotaged our health care system, polarized the nation and assaulted our religious liberty, the Constitution and the rule of law. But you never see them even considering apologizing for who they are and what they stand for."
David Limbaugh

“I hope you’re raped...I hope your daughter’s raped. Lots of language — You’re an effin’ blank, You are a traitor to women — those kind of things. I wouldn’t say anything’s necessarily a direct threat, but they’re the kind of e-mails that make you a little nervous, especially when you start talking about family members: I hope your family members are raped.”
Jon Oliver, spokesman for Texas state senator Donna Campbell, who issued the third point of order against Wendy Davis’s filibuster (which ended it), says Campbell has been the target of extensive verbal abuse from pro-choice protesters.

“…the reason that the debate over abortion tends to be so frustratingly polarized: the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. These decisions imposed a regime of extreme permissiveness, making compromise unnecessary for abortion advocates and impossible for opponents.”
James Taranto, the Wall Street Journal

“Don't give in if your man, boyfriend, husband, toyboy is not voting for your best interests, your reproductive health -- do not sleep with that man! I don't care how cute or charming he is! I don't care if he is your husband of many years. Resist! Go swimming! Meditate!”
Vivian Norris of the Huffington Post suggesting a sex strike in Texas to pressure male voters. Upset that Texas might pass a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks, Norris urged Texas women to force men to vote for pro-choice agendas in the future by refusing to have intercourse with them this summer.

"Never ceases to amaze me how liberals, having elevated the killing of unborn children to the realm of sacrament, go out of their way to avoid actually saying the word 'abortion'."
Jack Coleman of NewsBusters.

"After testimony in the George Zimmerman trial by star witness Rachel Jeantel some of my white devil, honky, gringo, pasty skin, mackerel snatchin’, Caucasian buddies got all up in arms about Rachel Jeantel stating that 'creepy ass cracker' is not a racial slur. Rachel, and I hate to break it to you, sister -- and I use that word 'sister' in the strictest biblical sense of the word -- but 'creepy ass cracker' does, historically, denote derision towards the pigmentally challenged of this world.  By pointing this out to you, I do not mean to demean or berate you. It’s just a friendly FYI I’m putting out there for you to consider, for future reference, because it does offend some of my tribe’s more genteel members."
Conservative columnist Doug Giles

"Can there be any doubt that the grandparents and great grandparents of the five Supreme Court Justices who just voted to delegitimize the sanctity of traditional marriage in America would be appalled by the decisions of their offspring?

"Can there be any doubt that if the ancestors of these same Supreme Court justices had the values that their offspring are selling today that that these judges would most likely not be who they are and sitting where they sit?

"America is a free country. You can do what you want in private.

"But when values of meaninglessness become sanctioned as part of our public and official culture we should know that this is the ‘pride’ that ‘goes before destruction.’

"Let there be no doubt that same-sex marriage is about much more than marriage. It is a deliberate and conscious assault on religion and all traditional values.

"We have only two options. Turn back to where we belong or watch the continuing collapse of our country."

Star Parker, founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a 501c3 think tank which explores and promotes market based public policy to fight poverty, as well as author of the newly revised Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What We Can do About It.

"By the reaction of the gay political activists, one would have thought that gay Americans weren't allowed in schools, restaurants, or voting booths until the Supreme Court decision (on DOMA). Strangely, I don't feel like the world changed and I certainly don't feel more or less of an American after the ruling.

"So what is next after this arduous fight over the word 'marriage' for the gay progressives? Morally, the next step for the gay political movement should be to recognize the threat to unborn gays and lesbians from abortion resulting from the advancement in genetic testing. Or maybe demand that America stop giving aid to or loaning money to Islamic-led governments that hang gays in public on street lamps as official punishment.

"But that won't happen. The gay political movement is bound and gagged to the progressive left. So instead, we will see demands for public accommodations for gays and infringement upon the religious liberty of many faiths. I am confident that this attorney general, or the next one, and the Obama IRS, will put pressure on churches and synagogues to marry gay and lesbians. After all, there is a track record of such behavior over the past four years.

"So for those of my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters who needed the federal government's emotional approval of their relationship: Congratulations. I just hope all gay and lesbian Americans take a moment to stop and thank Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush for nominating Justices Kennedy and Roberts so the Clinton era of discrimination could come to an end."

Bruce Carroll is the blogger-in-chief at GayPatriot.

"NPR just built a luxurious new headquarters that includes a cafe with chefs, a gym with a trainer, a staffed wellness center, plug-ins for electric cars and other perks. Does an organization that well-heeled still need taxpayer money?

"NPR says it needed the new headquarters because it ran out of room in its old building. That’s because it is
growing. It is a vibrant enterprise that can afford to do without taxpayer largesse. How much better for NPR’s independence as a news organization if it refused the King’s shilling. The construct that the organization has two piles of money, one to buy its dream home and another with federal dollars that fund operations, is so twisted it would get a small-business owner in big trouble with the IRS.

"At a time when newspapers and other news organizations are practicing austerity, and all federal agencies are pinching pennies because of sequestration, it is fair to question the support our competitor, NPR, gets from the federal government."
Jim Farley, vice president of news and programming at WTOP.

"We’re living in an age where we black folk are just being pushed to the back of the bus in terms of our visibility in terms of our suffering in terms of the intensity of our exclusion, especially our poor black youth, especially with the new Jim Crow and so on. And we have to be honest about that. Again this has something to do of course with what history books will say. The irony of the age of Obama in which black folks found themselves pushed to the back our gay brothers and lesbian sisters more and more pushed to the center."
Liberal professor Cornel West

"When teenage thugs are called 'troubled youth' by people on the political left, that tells us more about the mindset of the left than about these young hoodlums. Seldom is there a speck of evidence that the thugs are troubled, and often there is ample evidence that they are in fact enjoying themselves, as they create trouble and dangers for others.

"Why has evil been such a hard concept for many on the left to accept?"

Thomas Sowell

"My mission is to break the ice between hostile countries. Why it's been left to me to smooth things over, I don't know. Dennis Rodman, of all people. Keeping us safe is really not my job; it's the black guy's [that would be President Obama] job. But I'll tell you this: If I don't finish in the top three for the next Nobel Peace Prize, something's seriously wrong."
Former NBA star Dennis Rodman


"Hail Satan!"

Paperwork for veterans.


Threats made against pro-life Texas state Senator.

More spending does not make for better students.


Wendy Davis' pink sneakers.


Found in a hot car...

She was banned from the school football team.

That's it for Week-ends.

We close with the latest from NewsBusted.

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Recommended Reading (07/06/13)

Recommended Reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

Paula Deen and the Food Network’s hypocrisy

“But there’s more to this story than meets the eye. The Food Network, Target, Walmart and Random House all have one giant-sized double-standard when it comes to the use of the ’N-word’.”

Paula Deen: A modern-day lynching

“Today, the celebrity chef that Forbes said earned $18 million in 2012 is being hung out to dry financially. To add insult to injury, the woman behind the lawsuit, Lisa T. Jackson, admitted that she never heard Deen make a racist remark. Or, do anything discriminatory. But when you’ve threatened to inflict ‘permanent’ harm on someone, facts don’t matter. It’s about whipping a mob into a frenzy.”

I don't stand with Wendy Davis

“It’s amazing what is considered heroism these days. A Texas legislator and her pink sneakers have been lionized for an eleventh-hour filibuster against a bill that would have made it illegal for mothers to abort babies past 20 weeks of pregnancy, except in the case of severe fetal abnormalities or to protect the life or health of the mother. People actually cheered this.”

A nation of dummies

I’ve seen the future of America — and it’s going to be dumber.

Read more

Photos of the Week (07/07/13)

Photos of the Week

Read more

Culinary no-no #336

Culinary no-no's

You ever notice something about restaurants and their websites?

I chose a restaurant at random, one I’ve never been to, one I’ve never heard of.

Canlis is not only considered the best restaurant in all of Seattle, it’s also regarded as one of the best restaurants in America.

Read more


This is only a test.

My Most Popular Blogs (07/08/13)

Most popular

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Journal Sentinel bias makes for national commentary

2) The Official July 4, 2013 Franklin Fireworks Guidelines

3) Franklin, there is NO reason for a big school property tax increase this year

4) UPDATE: Franklin, there is NO reason for a big school property tax increase this year

5) Governor Walker Signs Sonya's Law 

6) Culinary no­-no #335 

7) The Barking Lot­-America's Finest Dog Blog (07/06/13) 

8) FLASHBACK:  This Just in...April 15, 2008

9) The latest pro­-life news (07/01/13)

10) Catholic League commends Dolan as media hunts for scapegoats

The latest from Rehorst - July 2013



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The problem with Socialism...

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The latest pro-life news (07/08/13)

Pro-Life news

From Pro-Life Wisconsin
and Wisconsin Right To Life.


Planned Parenthood closing Appleton clinic

I have no arms, but I raised my hand for babies at the Texas Legislature

Wendy Davis shouldn't be sainted for her filibuster

20 questions for Wendy Davis

The abortion sign for the "deaf"

A letter to my aborted half-sibling

Gosnell trial vs. Zimmerman trial

Major newspapers turn down pro-life ad

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New E-book by Cardinal Dolan



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            Research Center. America's Media Watchdog

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I guess they shouldn't have voted so soon

Almost 1 out of 3 voters cast their ballots in 2012 prior to the November Election Day.

It was convenient and added insurance your vote counted. Right?

NOT SO FAST! is examining data about the 2012 elections. Remember the mantra that you had to vote early because of all those roadblocks and obstacles the GOP was throwing up at the polls to disenfranchise folks. Get this.

“A survey, conducted by Charles Stewart III, Kenan Sahin distinguished professor of political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in partnership with The Pew Charitable Trusts, asked 10,200 registered voters nationwide about their experiences in the 2012 presidential election.

“Early voters were more likely than Election Day voters to wait in line for more than half an hour. Of those who voted at early polling stations, 18 percent reported waiting more than 30 minutes, compared with 11 percent of those who voted on Election Day.”

Let's play...FINAL JEOPARDY!

Final Jeopardy

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, yes it's that time.....time once again for another This Just In edition of:


Are you ready?

Well then, let’s play!

Today’s Final Jeopardy category is:


Now, you know how this works.

In a moment, I’ll give you the Final Jeopardy clue.

You will have 30 seconds (if you play fair, that will be when the music runs out) to come up with an answer and remember, players……… your answer must be in the form of a question.


Here’s your clue.


Good luck.

Alright players, time's up.

Again, today’s Final Jeopardy category is:


The Final Jeopardy answer was:


The correct question is:

What is the network most Americans get their TV news from?

Reaction from the left...

And Illinois makes 50

It's about time.

Take that, Wendy Davis!

I'll see your pink sneakers.


Are you ready for The Rock?

It's going to be one of the most exciting events in the history of Franklin - the Grand Opening of the Rock Complex, July 19-21.

UPDATE: Collusion

Previously on This Just In...

The update.

UPDATE: Culinary no-no #326

Culinary no-no's

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Coming to This Just In ... Friday

A very special Goodnight

A letter that needs to be read in every urban high school in America

I read, a lot, including small papers from around Milwaukee and the entire state. I happened across a rather provocative, compelling piece written by a young teenager who graduated from high school in the spring. His message is one that truly needs to be conveyed to a very large, appropriate, intended audience…such as every urban high school student in the country.

I contacted the writer who resides in the Deep South and he sent me his article:

Dear African American adolescents,

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UPDATE: Culinary no-no #291

Culinary no-no's

Previously on This Just In…

I wrote about the Obama-mandated school lunch changes:

“By the way, if schools don’t comply with all these new warm and fuzzy government rules and regulations, they will lose government funding or be fined. Yes, you could call it blackmail.”

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Goodnight everyone, and have an Out There weekend!


"I used to think that anyone doing anything weird was weird. I suddenly realized that anyone weird wasn't weird at all and that it was the people saying they were weird that were weird.
Paul McCartney

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The best cartoons of the week (07/13/13)

Best Cartoons of the Week

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel


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The Barking Lot-America's Finest Dog Blog (07/13/13)

The Barking Lot

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Week-ends (07/13/13)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Lee Yoon-hye

Rachael Simmons

David Starling

Ronald Reagan

Bryce Harper


This crowd

This crowd

Barack Obama's DOJ

Barack Obama's IRS

WI union


The TSA again

Sarah Silverman


"I don't see any runway, I just see water. I realized the [pilot] was a bit too low, too fast, and somehow he was not going to hit the runway on time."
Asiana Airways Flight 214 passenger Benjamin Levy recalled how seconds before landing he looked out from his window and could see the water of the San Francisco Bay about 10 feet below.

"My son told me 'The plane will fall down, it's too close to the sea.' I told him 'No, baby, it's OK, we'll be fine.' And then the plane just fell down."
Fei Xiong was also on board the flight with her eight-year-old son who realized something was not right as they came in to land.

"I had no time to be scared."
Wen Zhang, another passenger. Medics found the bodies of two Chinese schoolgirls on the runway. The airline identified the girls as students Wang Linjia and Ye Mengyuan, both 16, who were on a class trip. Miraculously, 305 other passenger on the plane survived the crash, with 123 walking away completely physically unscathed.

“We see people. They need attention. They are alive and walking around.”
Moments after the fiery crash of an Asiana Airlines jetliner on a San Francisco runway, a pilot from United Airlines announced welcome news to the airport control tower: There were survivors.

“We’ve learned a lot over the past 50 or 60 years of aviation. We've had unfortunate decades of hundreds of people dying in airplane accidents. We are down to where unfortunately two people died [in last Saturday’s crash in San Francisco], but that’s an accident that occurred with 307 people on board — this could have been a lot worse.”
Mark Rosenker, a former National Transportation Safety Board chairman

“Domestically, our good fortune continues. But I don’t attribute it to just happenstance. We’re probably overdue for a major domestic incident.”
Rep. John Mica (R-Fla.), a former chairman of the House Transportation Committee,  noting the thousands of possibilities for human error or mechanical failure on every flight. Since the year 2000, 387 people have died in commercial airline crashes in the United States, according to a POLITICO tally. By comparison, 910 people died in just the four deadliest incidents of the 1990s. Deaths from general aviation crashes and accidents have also declined.

“All employers have a duty and responsibility to take every step necessary to protect the safety and security of their employees in the workplace, no matter where that workplace is. After watching the graphic video footage of the raid on the G-tac drilling site by eco-terrorists, it is obvious that the hiring of specially trained armed guards to protect G-tac employees operating in a very remote location is both prudent and appropriate. WMC calls on the legislature to act to restrict access to the test drilling sites before someone gets hurt.”
Statement by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Vice President of Government Relations Scott Manley on video footage showing eco-terrorists harassing G-tac employees at the remote drilling site in the Penokee Hills.

"I do not see how a jury, as a legal matter, convicts of either second-degree murder or manslaughter. Now, that does not mean that George Zimmerman was justified, it doesn't mean that George Zimmerman was right. It means that when the prosecution has the burden to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt, meaning they have the responsibility to disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt, it is hard to imagine that of all the witnesses we've seen, that there is not reasonable doubt as to that, up to this point. This is just the prosecution's case, and even amongst those prosecution witnesses, we have seen testimony which it's hard to imagine would not be perceived as reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury."
ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams after the prosecution rested its case in the George Zimmerman trial.

"My client will never be safe because there are a percentage of the population who are angry, they're upset and they may well take it out on him. So he'll never be safe."
Mark O'Mara, an attorney for George Zimmerman, on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

"Eliot Spitzer broke state and federal laws in his use of prostitutes and paid no penalty; I broke the law and paid my debt to society. There cannot be two standards of justice, one for the average citizen and another for the political and social elite. Eliot Spitzer financed his two campaigns for Attorney General with illegal loans from his father, misused state resources to spy on his political opponents in Troopergate, pressured companies to hire his cronies as a conditions of settling charges with the Attorney General's Office and violated Federal money laundering laws when he sought to hide his use of call-girls. This is our next City Comptroller?”
Former Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis, the current Libertarian candidate for New York City comptroller, firing at former Democratic New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who announced his comptroller candidacy against her. Spitzer was a patron of prostitutes who worked for Davis, who was convicted and served time.

"I would like to take a moment to pause and personally thank our Satan-hailing friends for their brutally wicked honesty. What may have seemed, at the time, a glib bid to mock the peaceful Christians in attendance has, instead, demonstrated to the world exactly from whom (or what) derives the revolting inhumanity that is all things 'pro-choice.'

"Understandably, many leftist now complain that this frank display of 'pro-choice' allegiance to the prince of darkness has hurt the multi-billion dollar baby-killing biz. They’re right. It has. It’s blown away the smokescreen of euphemistic 'pro-choice' rhetoric and propaganda to expose, naked beneath, that which lies at abortion’s inglorious core: Death, death and more death."

Matt Barber is an attorney concentrating in constitutional law. He is Vice President of Liberty Counsel Action and serves as Associate Dean and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law at Liberty University School of law. Barber was reacting to chants of “Hail Satan” by pro-abortion protesters in Texas.

"For conservatives, nothing prepared us for the horror and sadness of watching President Obama begin to dismantle the Republic in his first term. Out of control spending and business-killing regulations, culminating in the monstrosity of ObamaCare, polarized the nation. But less than a year into his second term, Obama has become the 'Great Uniter' Chris Matthews predicted. Now it's not just conservatives who think he's a disaster."
Radio talk show host Tony Katz

"Here's the problem. In addition to the fact that Obamacare is hideously complicated, Rube Goldberg contraption, beyond that, it puts in place perverse incentives. The employer mandate says if you have 50 or more full-time employees and until Congress changes this, which it will, it defines full-time employees as 30 hours a week, you have to pay a substantial sum for each of their health care. Now, the employers not being dummies have said, well let's have fewer employers and make many of the employees we have part-time employees.

"What Obamacare requires for it to work - mass irrationality, both on the part of employers to ignore that incentive and on the part of young people who are supposed to pay 3, 4, 5 times more for health insurance than it would cost them to just pay the fine and ignore it."

Conservative George Will

“If Secretary Clinton runs, she’ll be the nominee — the first female nominee of either party. That breaks through the ‘old’ tagline that the Republican geniuses are cooking up because, if handled correctly, women of all ages will absolutely be inspired by that. I don’t recommend that be the totality of her message or platform, but there’s no way to hide that fact and it certainly shouldn’t be discounted.”
Stephanie Cutter, a former top adviser to the Obama White House and campaign.

"Well, I blame the media. And not just the old news media but the new media as well. The social media, etc., have empowered ordinary people, dog gone it, to be able to have more of a say. It's made members of Congress more independent of their traditional leadership because they can just go right to the web with an inflammatory sound bite or something and they’ve got money flowing in on clicks immediately."
Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune on America's political polarization.

"It was the rarest of road trips…A meeting of the presidents club thousands of miles from home. A commander in chief reunion, in Africa. President Obama and former President Bush traveled separately across the continent this week, but they met in Tanzania at a memorial for victims of the 1998 embassy bombing. It was an extraordinary moment to watch two U.S. presidents, especially you two, together here in Africa. What did you talk about when the cameras weren't rolling?"
ABC's Jonathan Karl posing a question to George W. Bush

"What a big pain the press is."                
Bush's response to Karl, followed by laughter.


Airplane crash passengers go first, not for their children, but their... luggage.

Barack Obama wants federal workers to spy on one another.


Obama's pay-to-play.


The George Zimmerman media circus.


Franklin party gets out of hand.

Spitzer vs. his madam.

Kids with phones can be dangerous.

Halloween in July?

And this could be the strangest story of the year.

That's it for Week-ends.

We close with the latest from NewsBusted.

Summer events at Bartolotta and your new rewards card



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Recommended Reading (07/13/13)

Recommended Reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

Zimmerman Trial: How to make it easy for people to say, 'You're an innocent child' when in reality...

"If you’re in your late teens and you get shot after assaulting a neighborhood-watch supervisor, and you want someone else to get blamed for your behavior, here are thirteen tips to make you look like an 'innocent child' that loves Skittles, doing math and riding horses versus a gangbanger-in-waiting..."

The sorry truth about race and the Zimmerman trial

"The media is clearly guilty of playing on the most primitive racial divisions in our society to fuel racial animosity and boost ratings."

Who is racist?

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Photos of the Week (07/14/13)

Photos of the Week

1) George Zimmerman (R) is congratulated by his defense team including Mark O'Mara (L), Don West (C) and Lorna Truett (2R) after being found not guilty, on the 25th day of his trial at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center July 13, 2013 in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin. (Photo by Joe Burbank-Pool/Getty Images)

2) Protesters yell "Nationwide protests!" outside of the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center in Sanford, Florida, after the not guilty verdict was read in the case of George Zimmermanon Saturday, July 13, 2013. Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen, in 2012. (Jacob Langston/Orlando Sentinel/MCT)

3) A demonstrator wears a shirt with a picture of George Zimmerman as a target during a protest in front of the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center where the jury deliberated in Zimmerman's trial on July 13, 2013 in Sanford, Florida. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

4) Patrick Woodburn, left, and William Memola hold signs supporting George Zimmerman in front of the Seminole County Courthouse, Saturday, July 13, 2013, in Sanford, Fla.  (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

5) This photo provided by the National Transportation Safety Board, on Tuesday, July 9, 2013, shows Investigator in Charge Bill English, foreground, and Chairman Deborah Hersman discussing the progress of the investigation into the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 in San Francisco. The Asiana flight crashed upon landing Saturday, July 6, at San Francisco International Airport, and two of the 307 passengers aboard were killed. (AP Photo/National Transportation Safety Board)

6) Pro-choice supporters Jessica Nenow, left, and Art Stretton, center, debate abortion rights with Brian McAuliffe, who is against abortions, while waiting in line to enter the Senate gallery at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas, Friday, July 12, 2013. Texas Senate leader, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst scheduled a vote for Friday on the same restrictions on when, where and how women may obtain abortions in Texas that failed to become law after a Democratic filibuster and raucous protesters were able to run out the clock on an earlier special session. This time, the restrictions were approved. (AP Photo/Tamir Kalifa)

7) Catholics descend a stairway carrying the World Youth Day cross as they leave the Christ Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, July 12, 2013. Pope Francis will travel to Brazil and participate in World Youth Day events from July 22-28. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

8) Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer is surrounded by media as he tries to collect signatures for his run for New York City Comptroller in New York, Monday, July 8, 2013. Spitzer, who stepped down in 2008 amid a prostitution scandal, says he is planning a political comeback with a run for New York City comptroller. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

9) Visitors lie on the grass beneath the newly lit Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., July 8. The National Park Service and the Trust for the National Mall unveiled the new lighting Monday as repair work for 2011 earthquake damage continues on the scaffolding-covered stone obelisk built in two phases, between 1848 and 1884, to honor the first U.S. president.  Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

10) In this handout image supplied by Asda Llangefni on July 11, 2013, a man dressed as a member of the queen's  guard  poses beside a parking space reserved for a prospective prince or princess, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare for the birth of their first child. The supermarket, on the island of Anglesey is situated near to the home that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share. (Photo by Richard Birch/Asda via Getty Images

11) A member of the Dutch Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit places a bomb on the beach in Wannenaar, The Netherlands, July 13. The unexploded English 500 pound bomb from World War II was discovered during excavation work by the Dutch natural gas infrastructure and transportation company, Gasunie, between Gouda and Zoetermeer.  The Dutch Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit explodes the bomb. Photos: Robin Utrecht / EPA

12) A visitor looks at a photo of a separation wall in Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq. The photo is included in the 'Wall on Wall' exhibition at the East Side Gallery section of the former Berlin Wall on July 10, in Berlin, Germany.  Photo: Adam Berry / Getty Images

13) Revelers stare at an Alcurrucen's ranch fighting bull during the running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, on July 7. People from around the world arrive in Pamplona every year to take part in some of the eight days of the festival, which was glorified in Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel, "The Sun Also Rises." Photo: Daniel Ochoa De Olza / AP

14) The bulls may get most of the publicity, but there are, indeed, cows at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona.  A cow jumps over revelers lying down on the bull ring at the end of the fifth run of the famed San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain, on July 11. Photo: Alvaro Barrientos / AP

15) This 2013 photo provided by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources via The Bay City Times shows a Canada goose that was first spotted in April 2013 with an arrow protruding from its breast. Wildlife officials have removed an arrow from a Canada goose more than two months after the injured bird was spotted in Bay City. (AP Photo/Michigan Department of Natural Resources via The Bay City Times)

16) This June 26, 2013 photo provided by Gunnar Boettcher shows a rabbit that Boettcher dubbed "Frankenstein" with what looks like a series of horns growing out of its head outside his home in Mankato, Minn. Boettcher and his brother put together a video entitled "The World's Scariest Rabbit," which has attracted thousands of Internet viewers. Boettcher thinks the rabbit might have a papilloma virus that's a form of cancer. A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources spokesperson says he suspects that is what it is, as it's not an uncommon ailment in rabbits, but he's not seen it on the top of the head. (AP Photo/Courtesy Gunnar Boettcher)

17) On July 9, Chicago's Shedd Aquarium announced the June birth of a healthy Rockhopper penguin chick and released this photo of the baby's first photo op. Photo: Brenna Hernandez, Shedd Aquarium

18) Ostrich chicks drink water from a pool in their enclosure at the zoo in Berlin, Germany on July 9. Photo: Matthias Balk - Getty Images

19) A mother barn owl protects her babies at the Amneville Zoo in France on July 8. Photo: Jean-christophe Verhaegen / AFP - Getty Images

20) A zookeeper holds 9-day-old lioness cubs at Himeji Central Park in Japan on July 9. Photo: Buddhika Weerasinghe / AFP - Getty Images

21) Filipino students practice during a lesson by the Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy in a private swimming pool in Makati, Manila, Philippines. The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA) was created in 2012 in Boracay by Normeth Preglo of The Philippines and US swimming instructor Djuna Rocha. The swimming lessons were brought to Manila in April 2013. The price for a two-hour class is 37 US dollars. Photo: Dennis M. Sabangan / EPA

22) Allissa Sudak, 12, of Monroe plays in the mud during the 26th annual Mud Day at Nankin Mills recreation complex in Westland, Mich., on July 9. The mud pit contains 200 tons of dirt mixed with 20,000 gallons of water.  Hundreds of kids enjoyed the annual Mud Day event in the 7-by-150-foot mud pit. Photos: Paul Sancya / AP

23) Children throw snow balls during the annual Christmas in July event at the Union Rescue Mission in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, Wednesday, July 10, 2013. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

24) Avery Bowman, 11, of Houston, Texas, catches a bubble on her tongue from the Georgia "Bubble Man" during a summer fun family outing over the 4th of July weekend at Stone Mountain Park on Sunday, July 7, 2013, in Stone Mountain, Ga. (AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Curtis Compton)

25) A girl jumps over a campfire while celebrating Ivan Kupala Night, a traditional Slavic holiday, not far from Kiev, Ukraine, on July 6. During the celebration, which originated in pagan times, people plait wreaths, jump over fires and swim naked.  Photo: Sergei Supinsky / AFP - Getty Images

Culinary no-no #337

Culinary no-no's

” Herman….”

"Is that you, Ethel? Are you calling me?”

“Yes, Herman, it’s me. It’s time.”

“Time? Time? Oh, yeh. Time  for another beer. I was ready 10 minutes ago. What’s wrong with you, Ethel?”

“I’ll get you another beer, but…”

“But what, Ethel. This better be good. You know I hate being interrupted on a Sunday night during Family Guy!”

“Kevin Fischer just posted Culinary."

“Oh he did, huh? What’s he ripping this time? Apple pie?”

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My Most Popular Blogs (07/15/13)

Most popular

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday-Saturday:

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Time to play, "Who said it?"

The following statements were made within the last few days:

“The ACA (Affordable Care Act) will …
destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.

“Numerous employers have begun to cut workers’ hours…”

“The law as it stands will hurt millions of Americans…”

Who said it?

1) John Boehner

2) Sarah Palin

3) Paul Ryan

4) A Wall Street Journal editorial

5) Rush Limbaugh

6) None of the above

Here’s the correct answer.

The latest pro-life news (07/15/13)

Pro-Life news

From Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Right To Life.


My mother regretted her abortion.

Consider the source: The NY Times.

"No Rape Babies": Abortion activist's sign draws pro-life outrage.

From February of this year: 78% of women that saw an ultrasound...

Graphic jumbotron displayed in Cincinnati.  For the record, I oppose this tactic.

I don't have tickets for tonight

ELVIS, Nostalgia

Journal Sentinel photo: Rick Wood

So I find small ways to entertain.

For example, May 26, 2013: Paul McCartney is in Memphis preparing for a Mid-South concert.


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When OJ was found rather quickly of being not guilty of the murder of two white people...

For the life of me, I don't remember this reaction:

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Jogging for Dummies

I've seen it about a dozen times over the past week in Franklin, Greendale, Greenfield, Milwaukee...

People like him, out for a run or brisk walk.

People like him, sans water.

I've called out on occasion, "Where's your water?" I get no response because the person is listening to his earphones.

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On days and nights like these, who could possibly condemn air conditioning?

A) A liberal

B) A liberal

C) A liberal


D) A liberal

With lots of new readers to my blog (Thank you!) this one’s worth repeating.

Does it get any better than this?


The media owe Zimmerman an apology

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Here at This Just In...we support a great family business like Palermo's

Palermo's Branded


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The latest from Franklin alderman/Milwaukee County supervisor Steve Taylor: July 2013

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WOW! My city of Franklin property taxes are going down!

Got my reassessment notice in the mail recently from all my friends at Franklin City Hall.

My assessment went down a whopping 13.5%

Since I’m not planning to put a FOR SALE sign on the front lawn anytime soon, I should be thrilled from a property tax perspective, especially residing in Tax Hell, WI, USA, right?

Not so fast.

My assessment is not an isolated incident. Lots and lots of fellow Franklinites got the same love note from City Hall. The average homeowner can’t begin to fathom the process considered or what goes through the wacky mind of an assessor, especially when nothing, NOT A THING has changed his property, good or bad. Homeowners are simply not equipped with the same government-ese as the pencil-pushing City Hall bureaucrats. So they quickly assume that if assessment goes down, so will property taxes. It’s just the opposite, even more so in a tax and spend atrocity like Franklin.

How can that possibly be? You’re telling me the city deems my land and my house aren’t as valuable as they used to be, but I will still owe them more?


For a very simple explanation that I do not guarantee will be satisfying, I turn to a notice sent out by the WI Department of Revenue in July of 2009:

Wouldn't my property taxes go down if the assessor lowered home values in our community?

Not necessarily. To illustrate how the levy affects your assessment we'll look at Badgertown; a community of two. Each resident owns a house valued at $100,000. Badgertown's tax levy is $2,000; the amount needed to cover its expenses. Since each resident owns 50% of the total property, they each pay 50% of the levy giving them each a tax bill of $1,000.

If property values in Badgertown go up 10%, then each property is assessed at $110,000. The amount they pay in taxes, however, remains the same. Each resident still owns 50% of the total property in Badgertown and must pay 50% of the $2,000 tax levy or $1,000. And what if values start dropping? Residents' property might drop to $80,000 each but because they each still own 50% of the property, and Badgertown still needs to collect $2,000, they will continue to see a $1,000 property tax bill.

Please take note of the key word in that Q. and A.: levy.

The levy is the amount of spending by a municipality.
So if the levy stays the same or goes up, the municipality has to find ways to cover costs, and when assessments go down, the likely alternative is to make up the difference by increasing taxes.

Mayor Tom Taylor his budget team, and Franklin alderman like to focus on the tax rate, even comparing ours to those in other surrounding suburbs. God, how I wish they wouldn’t do that. The tax rate is completely meaningless, a point I’ve blogged about repeatedly. It’s the levy that’s critical.

City of Franklin officials either don’t get it about the levy, or they do get it and refuse to acknowledge hoping and assuming you won’t notice.

Given past history and the current make-up of those in City Hall with taxing authority, does anyone seriously believe they will cut spending to avoid property tax increases? I challenge each of them to prove me wrong. I'm pretty confident what your tax bill will look like come December.

Hate to burst any bubbles, but forget the champagne cork popping. The property tax fleecing (screwing) is coming.

NOTE: Stay tuned. I’ll have an update on the fiscally reckless Franklin Public School administration and school board soon.


Goodnight everyone, and have a cooler weekend!

“Summer nearly does me in every year. It's too hot and the light is unforgiving and the days go on way too long.”
American novelist Anne Lamott

“Oh, it's too hot (too hot)
“Too hot, lady
“Gotta run for shelter
“Gotta run for shade”
Kool & the Gang

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The best cartoons of the week (07/20/13)

Best Cartoons of the Week

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell


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The Barking Lot-America's Finest Dog Blog (07/20/13)

The Barking Lot

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Week-ends (07/20/13)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...

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The Rock opens in Franklin

Great photo gallery

OK JR, I'll take your challenge!

In Friday night’s WIAA Summer Baseball Tournament…

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The daily paper never ceases to disappoint

Observation seen on Facebook:

Has anyone else noticed that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's weekend calendar has gone from listing events as "Irish" to "Celtic" and now "Acoustic." Oh, the sadness of being passé.

Recommended Reading (07/20/13)

Recommended Reading

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Photos of the Week (07/21/13)

Photos of the Week

1) U.S. President Barack Obama speaks on the Trayvon Martin case during remarks in the White House briefing room July 19, 2013 in Washington, DC. Obama said, "Trayvon Martin could've been me, 35 years ago." (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

2) On Thursday, Boston Magazine published photographs of the surviving marathon bombing suspect emerging from his hiding place on April 19, when he was captured by police. The photographs, taken by Sgt. Sean Murphy, a Massachusetts State Police tactical photographer, show Dzhokhar Tsarnaev getting out of a boat with a sniper’s laser trained on his forehead. Photo: Courtesy of Boston Magazine

3) The father of 13-year old Yahya Sweed talks with his son to try and cheer him up on July 16, 2013, a day after he was released from hospital. One of the boy's legs was amputated following shelling by government forces on the Syrian town of Kfar Nubul. Photo: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP - Getty Images

4) Bobby Woyjeck, brother of deceased firefighter Kevin Woyjeck, right, holds an axe with his brother's name engraved on it during funeral services at Christ Cathedral on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, in Garden Grove, Calif. Kevin Woyjeck was among 19 firefighters who were killed while battling an Arizona wildfire on June 30. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

5) Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush sits in a wheelchair as U.S. President Barack Obama (R) escorts him into the East Room during an event at the White House, July 15, 2013 in Washington, DC. Bush joined President Obama in hosting the event to honor the 5,000th Daily Point of Light Award winner. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

6) NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy, Expedition 36 flight engineer, uses a digital still camera during a spacewalk outside the International Space Station on Tuesday. A little more than one hour into the spacewalk, European Space Agency astronaut Luca Parmitano (out of frame) reported water floating behind his head inside his helmet. The water was not an immediate health hazard for Parmitano, but Mission Control decided to end the spacewalk early.

7) The first plane to be designated as Air Force One now sits in a southern Arizona field that's part of Marana Regional Airport. The aircraft that once spirited President Dwight D. Eisenhower on cross-country voyages is nearly forgotten on a 10-acre parcel, decaying under the relentless glare of the sun. Efforts to sell the aircraft at auction were unsuccessful and it was parked at the Marana airport in 2005 in a lease agreement. The aircraft has no hangar to shelter it from the sun's rays, which are gradually breaking down the aircraft. The Arizona Daily Star says a New Mexico man now owns the plane. A contractor who serves as the aircraft's caretaker is looking for a museum willing to take it and restore it. Photo: Getty

8) A journalist holds a board with betting odds from Ladbrokes, indicating the odds for boys and girls names placed outside St. Mary's in London July 17, 2013. Journalists were waiiting for the birth of Prince William and his wife Catherine's baby. NBC's Natalie Morales knits baby booties in the media pen opposite the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital. Photos: Bogdan Maran / EPA and Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

9) A girl from a Betting Company wears a board highlighting the latest odds on babies names outside the Lindo wing of St Mary's Hospital as the UK prepares for the birth of the first child of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on July 16, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

10) A bookmaker agency employee poses for the photographers with a board of odds regarding the royal baby's name, as part of a publicity stunt, across St. Mary's Hospital exclusive Lindo Wing in London, Wednesday, July 17, 2013. Media are preparing for royal-mania as Britain's Duchess of Cambridge plans to give birth to the new third-in-line to the throne in mid-July, at the Lindo Wing. Cameras from all over the world are set to be jostling outside for an exclusive first glimpse of Britain's Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's first child.(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

11) A flock of 150 geese cross a street in Duisburg, Germany, in the early morning hours of July 17, 2013. The geese enjoy an outdoor enclosure during the day to feed on fresh grass and move back to their night accommodation in the evening. The young geese, hatched out in May, will be slaughtered for the traditional Christmas dinner. Photo: Frank Augstein / AP

12) Hudson, a polar bear, cools down by playing with a block of ice during a swim in his enclosure at Brookfield Zoo on July 18, 2013 in Brookfield, Illinois. A heat wave continued to grip much of the country Thursday with temperatures expected to top 90 degrees in forty-seven states. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

13) Visitors to Random International’s "Rain Room" at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) pace through an environment of falling water, Friday, July 19, 2013, in New York. The field of rain-like water, pauses wherever a human body is detected, allowing visitors "the experience of controlling the rain." (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

14) Double amputee Chris Moon of the U.K. runs in the AdventurCORPS Badwater 135 ultra-marathon race on July 15, 2013 in Death Valley National Park, Calif. A competitor passes the unofficial thermometer at Furnace Creek Visitor Center during the AdventurCORPS Badwater 135 ultra-marathon race on July 15, 2013 in Death Valley National Park, Calif. Photos: David McNew / Getty Images

15) Doris Merrill, 89, celebrates finishing the 25-yard freestyle at the Long Center in Clearwater, Fla., on Monday, July 15, 2013, during the 33rd National Wheelchair Games. Merrill is a World War II veteran and the oldest athlete competing in the games. She served in naval intelligence during the war and was stationed in Cape May, N.J. (AP Photo/The Tampa Bay Times, Edmund D. Fountain)

16) The pack climbs towards Glandon pass during the Tour de France's nineteenth stage, which covered 127.8 miles and gained over 16,000 feet elevation, starting in Bourg-d'Oisans and finishing in Le Grand-Bornand, France, on Friday July 19. Photo: Laurent Cipriani / AP

17) China's Chen Roulin, right, and Liu Huixia perform during a synchronized 10-meter platform diving training session ahead of the FINA Swimming World Championships in Barcelona, Spain, Friday, July 19, 2013. In the background is the Sagrada Familia church. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

18) A team goes over an obstacle as they compete in the Red Bull Soapbox race in London on July 14. The race returned to London after nine years and encourages competitors to build and race their own homemade soapboxes down a 460-yard hill through obstacles.  Photo: Justin Tallis / AFP - Getty Images

19) Venerable Dixieland jazz musician Lionel Ferbos performs at his 102nd birthday party at the Palm Court Jazz Cafe in New Orleans, Wednesday, July 17, 2013. Ferbos, who bought his first cornet at a Rampart Street pawn shop when he was 15, is believed to be the oldest actively working musician in the city. His body isn’t without signs of age. He’s been in and out of the hospital in recent years and had a pacemaker implanted last year. He sometimes uses a wheelchair to get around, but he remains determined to sing and blow. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

20) A couple relaxes in the hot sunny weather as deer pass in Richmond Park in southwest London on July 13, 2013. Photo: Luke MacGregor / Reuters

21) Ricky Otazu, of Lodi, N.J. walks past a giant screen outside the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center announcing the week's weather forecast, Tuesday, July 16, 2013, in New York. Temperatures in the New York metropolitan area are expected to stay in the 90s through Saturday. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

22) Beating the heat THEN: A 19-year-old usherette Margaret Lewis caused a stir in Piccadilly when she decided to beat the heat wave and travel to work clad only in bikini and high heels in 1952.  Photo: Reg Speller / Fox Photos via Getty Images

23) Beating the heat NOW: The 'Naked Cowboy' performs in the midday heat in Times Square on July 16, 2013 in New York City. Photo: Mario Tama / Getty Images


Paul McCartney brought his Out There tour to Milwaukee's Miller Park Tuesday, July 16. He played 38 songs before a sold out crowd. Here are pictures from a jsonline gallery.

Culinary no-no #338

Culinary no-no's


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My Most Popular Blogs (07/22/13)

Most popular

Here are my most popular blogs read last week, Sunday-Saturday. Good stuff in case you missed some of them:

1) Photos of the Week (07/14/13) 

2) WOW! My city of Franklin property taxes are going down! 

3) Jogging for Dummies

4) Culinary no­-no #337

5) On days and nights like these, who could possibly condemn air conditioning?

6) Recommended Reading (07/13/13)

7) Goodnight everyone, and have an Out There weekend!

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9) The Barking Lot­-America's Finest Dog Blog (07/13/13)

10) I don't have tickets for tonight

"It's time to move on. It's time to heal. It's time to come together as 'One Nation Under God'."

The MSM is fawning over President Obama's recent comments about Trayvon Martin that once again fanned the flames of racism.

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It's not just priests

From the Catholic League:

"Yesterday, the New York Post ran a story titled, 'Brooklyn DA Releases Names of 46 Convicted Child Sex-Abusers Who Terrorized the Orthodox Jewish Community From Within'; this covered a four-year period. This alarming story was not reported either yesterday or today in the New York Times. Take note: there haven’t been 46 credible accusations made against 40,000 priests in the United States in the last four years."

The latest pro-life news (07/22/13)

Pro-Life news

From Pro-Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Right To Life.


OPINION: America joins in on the Great Kate Wait even as it protects abortion.

MSNBC host wears tampon earrings to prove a point...or something.

Pro-life groups pick up couple's legal bills.

Abortion Clinic Worker Downplays Woman Bleeding From Botched Abortion:


Another reason ELVIS was the best


In June of 1972, Elvis performed a few days of concerts at a sold-out Madison Square Garden in New York.

Upon arriving in NY, Elvis held a press conference. Here’s a brief clip. Listen to his remarks when questioned about the Vietnam War.


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FLASHBACK: Daddy, can we talk about Ryan Braun?

From my blog, February 29, 2012.

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The latest from the Bartolottas: New Happy Hour & Our Best Event Lineup Yet!



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Talk about your war on women

Anthony Weiner (C), a candidate for New York City mayor, stands with his wife Huma Abedin on July 23, 2013 (Getty Images/AFP, John Moore)

I will never understand.


I read the news today, and it's bad for newspapers


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The $1.1 million concession stand or, how the Franklin Public School district spends your money

There’s a certain group of people who absolutely go into orbit, hysterics, a full-blown tirade when I refer to apple pie, mom-like Franklin as a Tax Hell.

You know who those folks are?

It’s not you, the hard-working bloke going to the job every day and performing his butt off just to make ends meet and pay the obscene Franklin taxes. You’re the unsung hero taken for granted by the powers that be.

No, the ones apoplectic whenever I dare question the incredibly ridiculous amount of tax and spending in Franklin are the ones with taxing and spending authority. Translation: The elected crowd. That would include City Hall, the School Board, but I would also toss in the un-elected arrogant crowd: bureaucrats at both City Hall and FPS.

For this installment, we focus on the always low-hanging fruit, the fiscally irresponsible bunch in charge of our public schools. They are the Energizer bunny that keeps taxing and spending and taxing and spending and taxing and spending.

At the June 26, 2013 Franklin School Board meeting, discussion ensued about a concession stand in the school district. This wouldn’t be just any concession stand. Not at all. This concession stand comes with a price tag of, are you ready? Are you sitting down?

$1.1 million

New school board member
Alan Aleksandrowicz was the first to express concern.

“A concession stand… I’m still struggling with that…I never saw any plans that we did.  But I’m thinking…$1.1 million. I made the connection that if I was building a home for $1.1.million, I would build just one hell of a house. And this is supposed to be a concession stand and restrooms. I can’t make the connection with how that’s going to cost $1.1 million.”


A rare moment of absolute brilliance on the part of the Franklin School Board.

Where, oh where was FranklinNOW?

Oh, yeh.


Let’s return to that riveting meeting.

Superintendent Steve Patz was not in attendance. He was on vacation.

That left any inquiries at the meeting to go to Business Manager and top school district thief, Jim Milzer who answered in his usual useless, Sominex delivery.

The superintendent will send out information when he gets back from vacation Milzer told the board and the one citizen in attendance.

School Board President Janet Evans said regarding the concession stand, “I want to emphasize, we didn’t have a presentation. We were e-mailed the plans back in March.”

School Board member Linda Witkowski added, “And the plans were just renderings. Three-dimensional renderings. There were no floor plans or cost.”

Cue Milzer: The superintendent will have more when he gets back from vacation.

Two questions were posed, is the funding for the concession stand in the current budget?

Milzer: You’d have to ask Superintendent Patz when he gets back.

No further outrage or disgust. End of discussion. Your tax dollars at work.

You know darn well the concession stand will be built and it will cost more than $1.1 million.

Can’t wait to see this baby.

Goodnight everyone, and have a great weekend, you and your arrow!


“When RCA had asked if there was anything special he wanted as a signing premium, Nilsson asked for his own office at RCA, being used to working out of one. In the weeks after the Apple press conference, Nilsson's office phone began ringing constantly, with offers and requests for interviews and inquiries about his performing schedule. Nilsson usually answered the calls himself, surprising the callers, and answered questions candidly. (He recalled years later the flow of a typical conversation: ‘When did you play last?’ ‘I didn't’ ‘Where have you played before?’ ‘I haven't.’ ‘When will you be playing next?’ ‘I don't.’)”
Various websites referencing Harry Nilsson.

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The evening sky has erupted.

We smooth our way musically into Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight, the music and songs of the great Harry Nilsson.

Harry Hilsson sang “Everybody’s Talkin” from “Midnight Cowboy.”

The song won a Grammy.

The film won an Oscar for Best Picture.

Another Nilsson song was rejected from "Midnight Cowboy." From the "Forgotton Oldie" file, you just might remember.

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The best cartoons of the week (07/27/13)