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The Twelve Cookies of Christmas 2013 - Beverage Pairings

12 Cookies of Christmas 2013

In an effort to even further streamline my 2013 edition of the Twelve Cookies of Christmas I am offering one beverage-pairing guide at the beginning of the series.  I will link back to this blog at the end of every cookie recipe.  You can reference what “flavor group” the cookie belongs to, and choose accordingly.  I hope this helps!  Enjoy!


Nut flavors (Almond, Pistachio, Pecan, etc.)

Caramel Pecan Scone coffee

Nutcracker Sweet Tea or Vanilla Nut Crème Tea

Pecan Pie Syrup by Monin or Butter Pecan Syrup by Torani

Brown Butter Pecan Coffee Creamer

At the end of the day, a Pecan Pie Martini

Pistachio coffee

Almond coffee

Amaretto syrup by Monin  or Torani

Amaretto Coffee Creamer

And finally, a very simple ‘tini with my favorite brand of amaretto, the DISARONNOtini


Peppermint flavors

Candy Cane Coffee

Candy Cane Lane tea or White Christmas tea

Peppermint syrup by Monin or Torani

Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer

And finally for the after 5:00 pm finale, the Peppermint Martini  (Personally I would use VANILLA vodka but that is entirely your choice.)


Eggnog flavors

Eggnog Coffee

It’s not as easy to find egg nog tea, but this blend should complement your cookies nicely.

Egg nog syrup from DaVinci Gourmet Syrups.

Eggnog Latte coffee creamer

To toast your guests, the Crystal Cocktail from Sandra Lee.


Chocolate flavors

Chocolate (red velvet) coffee

Chocolate syrup by Monin or Torani

Chocolate tea

Chocolate creamer

Work Day Is Done!  Chocolate Martini


Gingerbread flavors

Gingerbread Coffee

Gingerbread syrup from Monin or Torani

Gingerbread Spice tea.  Stash Tea doesn’t have a specific gingerbread tea but I think their Cinnamon Vanilla would complement many cookies nicely.

After-hours indulgence – Gingerbread cocktail


Spice flavors

“Spicy” Coffee

Chai-style Tea

Spiced Latte Creamer

Spiced Brown Sugar syrup

It’s a big-batch drink, but it just can’t get more traditional than Wassail!


Coffee/Mocha/Cappuccino flavors

Vanilla Cappuccino coffee

Cinnamon Vanilla tea

French Vanilla Creamer

Vanilla Syrup by Torani  or Monin

That’s Amore!  Cappuccino Martini  


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