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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

My Most Popular Blogs (05/01/11)

Most popular

As I post every Sunday, here are the five most read blog entries of mine from the previous week. NOTE: some entries may have been posted prior to the past week.

1) Photos of the Week (04/24/11)

2) The recall process in Wisconsin needs dramatic change

3) What to expect at those Paul Ryan listening sessions

4) Paul Ryan gets warm reception in Franklin

5) Prosser--Recount Monitoring Tool

Photos of the Week (05/01/11)

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Recommended Reading (05/01/11)

Recommended reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

Obamaflation arrives

"President Obama will not be re-elected. Period.


Obamaflation has arrived, and this is what it looks like."

The best and worst states for taxes

"If you think you're paying too much in state and local taxes now, hang on."

50 reasons why it's stupid to continue doubting Obama's birth or education

"I am willing to join the side of the tin-foil hat crowd, but only after we are done bashing the president on the following real issues (in no particular order) which have a much more urgent priority:"

Even in California...

"A new L.A. Times/University of South California poll shows that even in blue California, voters want public employees to start living like them — instead of the privileged class their political patrons have made them."

Democrats' Hypocrisy on Race--- When Will People Wake Up?

"Democrats are in trouble. Most Americans reject their left-wing agenda: bigger government; the refusal to address the need for entitlement reform; high taxes; anti-business regulation; anti-choice in education; pro-amnesty/porous borders; appointment of social-agenda-driven liberal judges; job-killing 'climate change' hysteria; and the naïve and dangerous strength-through-peace approach to foreign policy.

What tool does the Democratic Party often resort to in order to win elections? The race card."

An alien in my own land

"You're telling me there are, what, 20,000 illegal Mexicans driving around this town with fake driver's licenses that they bought at the local swap meet, and no one ever arrests them when they show these bogus pieces of crap, but I can't renew an 18-year-old driver's license because for 30 years I've been going by 'Vin' instead of 'Vincent'?"

Sanity Continues Losing Ground in Social Culture Wars

"Public schools continue to be a battleground in the culture war, as the education establishment – composed primarily of leftists bent on political correctness – gains more ground.

This strain treats Christianity and its holidays as a pariah, while embracing Muslim holidays."

Football's future if the players win

"For six weeks, there has been a work stoppage in the National Football League as the league has sought to negotiate a new collective-bargaining agreement with the players. But Judge Nelson ordered the end of the stoppage and recognized the players' right to dissolve their union. By blessing this negotiating tactic, the decision may endanger one of the most popular and successful sports leagues in history."

INSPIRATIONAL UPDATE: Week-ends (04/30/11)


Tom Willis was one of my HEROES this weekend.

Here's the update.

Culinary no-no #219

Culinary no-no's

“Belgium's most audacious chocolate maker, a self-styled ‘Shock-o-latier’.”

“…the world's wackiest chocolate maker since Willy Wonka.”

That’s how the Wall Street Journal describes Dominique Persoone.

Persoone makes really, really good chocolate. I seriously want to visit his shop and I want to buy some of his confections. Some, however, I wouldn’t touch, no matter Persoone’s immense skills.

Creativity is Persoone’s calling card, refusing to be content with the selections you’d find here.

Persoone runs the Chocolate Line in Bruges, his Belgian hometown.

The shop is where Persoone has elevated chocolate-making to an art form.

“He collaborates with scientists to uncover new flavor combinations and uses only top quality natural ingredients, matching chocolate varieties sourced from around Latin America to complement his strange fillings,” writes the Journal.

One of those varieties sounds too amazing to pass up.

The chocolate line | Bruges - Antwerp Atlanta

That’s the Atlanta. 

“It's a chocolate ganache with the flavor of cola. That's the first layer and the second layer is an almond praliné with sugar explosives so it's like when you drink Coca-Cola, you have the flavor and you have the fizz,” says Persoone.

Gotta have a box full of 'em.

Then there’s...

The chocolate line | Bruges - Antwerp Tequila


choc-tail: tasting the Mexican way
1) lick the salt off the side
2) squeeze the tequila into your mouth
3) eat the chocolate (plain chocolate ganache with lime)

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The latest from Pro-Life Wisconsin

The Monday update for May 2, 2011.

I read the news today, oh boy...

A man reads a newspaper near the site of the World Trade Center in New York May 2, 2011. Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight with U.S. forces in Pakistan on Sunday, ending a nearly 10-year worldwide hunt for the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.

A man reads a newspaper near the site of the World Trade Center in New York May 2, 2011. Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight with U.S. forces in Pakistan on Sunday, ending a nearly 10-year worldwide hunt for the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks. Photo: Reuters

Look who Mayor Barrett was hanging out with Sunday...

10 Thoughts About Osama Bin Laden's Death

Read more

Americans celebrate the death of the bastard


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Russell Stamper...


The many reasons why Franklin's tax and spenders won't change

At a recent meeting I attended, a list was handed out about the many reasons (excuses) a company, group, or organization couldn’t or wouldn’t change. It's a list that can easily be found on the Internet.

The list to me was eye-opening. Upon further review and scrutiny, I said to myself, many of these whiny responses could be attributed to Franklin’s mayor, members of the Franklin Common Council and Franklin School Board when it comes to why they can’t (won’t) cut taxes and spending. I have bolded the ones that apply to our tax and spend elected officials.

50 Reasons Why We Cannot Change

1.       We've never done it before.

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Special elections TODAY

Three districts in Wisconsin will have a special election on Tuesday, May 3rd.  In order to continue our drive to make Wisconsin perform to its potential as a state friendly to employers and families, is imperative every Republican and conservative in these districts vote.  Following are the candidates who will work hard with their fellow Republicans to bring Wisconsin back to the great state it has been to work and raise a family.

·         AD-60. Republican Duey Stroebel of Saukville is running to succeed Republican Mark Gottlieb, who resigned to become Governor Walker’s secretary of the Dept. of Transportation.  Click on this map to see if you are part of the 60th Assembly District or if you know someone who lives there.  Please forward this e-mail to anyone else you know who can vote for Duey Stroebel.

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Congratulations, Senator Lazich!

You beat the ridiculous and unwarranted recall attempt.

More importantly, the vast majority of your constituents have demonstrated their strong faith and confidence in you.

Keep up the good work I know first hand you have consistently provided for the residents of state Senate District 28.

There is no voter fraud - Part One

May 10, 2005

WISN-TV’s website reported:

"A task force that was investigating possible voter fraud in Milwaukee released its findings. 
U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic said investigators found more than 4,500 ballots were cast in Milwaukee than registered voters in the Nov. 2 election. 

But he said they have not found any pattern of conspiracy to commit fraud."

Yeh, right.

Love WISN’s sub-headline:

Mayor Vows To Fix Flawed System

That would be the mayor of Milwaukee.

That would be Tom Barrett.

Yeh, right.

In November 2008, the Wall Street Journal wrote about a Milwaukee Police Department unit that issued “
a 67-page report on what it called an ‘illegal organized attempt to influence the outcome of (the 2004) election in the state of Wisconsin’ -- a swing state whose last two presidential races were decided by less than 12,000 votes.

The report found that between 4,600 and 5,300 more votes were counted in Milwaukee than the number of voters recorded as having cast ballots. Absentee ballots were cast by people living elsewhere; ineligible felons not only voted but worked at the polls; transient college students cast improper votes; and homeless voters possibly voted more than once.

Much of the problem resulted from Wisconsin's same-day voter law, which allows anyone to show up at the polls, register and then cast a ballot. ID requirements are minimal. If someone lacks any ID, he can vote so long as someone who lives in the same city vouches for him. The report found that in 2004 a total of 1,305 'same day' voters gave information that was declared ‘un-enterable’ or invalid by election officials.”

More votes counted than votes cast?

More ballots cast than registered voters?

Had to be a fluke, an isolated incident, right?


Remember, there is no voter fraud.

The latest from Rehorst



The Monthly Newsletter of Wisconsin's First & Finest Craft Distillery
In This Issue
Order Online
Full Time Whiskey
Bottle Reuse
Spirit Paired Dinner

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The Big Green Government Agenda

The Great Green Gaffe

The liberal green movement has no idea how to actually handle energy and environment issues. Conservatives know that Big Government cannot save the economy or the environment -- private solutions are the answer to both.


While stumping for Rep. Timothy Bishop, D-N.Y., Vice President Joe Biden told a crowd that "every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive." These "great" government ideas include abysmal programs such as Social Security, the Post Office and public schools where only 35 percent of students are proficient in reading. Biden's misguided comments demonstrate the disturbing trend of turning to tax dollars and federal agencies to address problems that are best handled privately. Nowhere is this truer than with the Obama administration's plan to "win the future" through clean energy initiatives.

The president is leading the progressive charge in forcing environmental conscientiousness upon the masses. He has made it his presidential mission to implement "green energy" and "clean jobs" into the American economy, market signals be damned. Obama believes that the accomplishment of such a wildly noble, unquestioningly beneficial goal must be solely the duty of the federal government, but if he were to examine past governmental efforts to intervene in environmental affairs, he might notice that those experiments did far more harm than good.

In a special report in the May issue of Townhall Magazine full of inconvenient facts that are sure to annoy and frustrate the enviro-Left, Helen Whalen-Cohen and Erika Johnsen explain exactly why bigger government will not save the economy or the environment but private solutions will.

"The Great Green Gaffe" exposes much of the nonsense that comes from the liberal environmentalist movement. Their plans serve only to hurt both the environment and the economy -- but there is hope. You can bet the Left won't hearing this, but it must be told. Order today to get the full report.

Here are a few excerpts from this important feature:

We take you now to the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh

Gas Price Hypocrisy

MJS ad highlights Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin's $18 million taxpayer price tag, rising abortions

Read more

"I Wish I Could Have Seen the Look on Bin Laden's Face"

There is no voter fraud - Part Two

The majority of Wisconsinites, and that includes many Democrats, supports a photo ID requirement for voting. Why? Because they correctly consider a vote to be sacred that should not be stolen.

For the longest time, proving how out of touch they are on many issues, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Editorial Board has pontificated that the concept of photo ID is a dastardly plot dreamed up by conservatives to prevent octogenarians with walkers, every minority imaginable, and all college students from voting.

God, they are so smart…NOT!

They also scoff at voter fraud. To them, it happens about as often as the Cubs win the World Series.

If I might paraphrase liberals, I thought they’d lovingly embrace photo ID because great God Almighty, if we can save just one vote!

The latest lecture from the MJS ivory tower on photo ID is entitled:

Messing with success

It opens, “Don't fix what isn't broken.”

In other words, you cretins, our election system is void of problems and runs just fine. The editorial continues:

Voter fraud is largely a fiction manufactured to persuade voters they should be afraid enough to allow suppression.”


Something invented, imagined, made up. A fable. A fantasy.
The very same newspaper reported the following in May of 2005. Check out their headline:

Inquiry finds evidence of fraud in election

“Investigators said they found clear evidence of fraud in the Nov. 2 (2004) election in Milwaukee, including more than 200 cases of felons voting illegally and more than 100 people who voted twice, used fake names or false addresses or voted in the name of a dead person.”

But here is where photo ID opponents try to discredit those findings. The paper also wrote:

“Nonetheless, it is likely that many - perhaps most - of those who committed fraud won't face prosecution because city records are so sloppy that it will be difficult to establish cases that will stand up in court.”

Voter fraud is difficult to prove once that unscrupulous ballot is cast. Thus, prosecutions are difficult. So, even though voter fraud can occur at alarming rates, liberal opponents say the small number of prosecutions is akin to nothing wrong ever happening. It’s the goofiest of arguments.

Again, from the Journal Sentinel in May of 2005:

"More than 200 felons voted illegally, while still on probation or parole. Although the cases will be hard to prosecute, investigators are now looking at
Milwaukee suburbs for similar problems.

Read more

OK, city of what?

Tight economic times mean the days of the gravy train pulling out of Madison and stopping at every city, town, village and county in Wisconsin are over. State aid to municipalities can’t and won’t be the same because the state is broke.

The non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau has complied a report of how much aid each municipality will lose during 2010-2011 as a result of the governor’s proposed budget. The city of Franklin stands to see a cut of $580,644 or 2.5%.

How, prey tell, do our fiscal wizards at City Hall plan to handle this cut in aid?

Maybe the aldermanic members of our Common Council's Finance Committee can and will supply the answers.

Maybe Steve Taylor will offer solutions on his very active blog.

Maybe Kristen Wilhelm will write her ideas in her next constituent newsletter.


Is the Franklin School Board planning to abdicate its responsibility?

The following is from a very astute and concerned This Just In reader:

Have you ever heard of “Policy Governance?”


Read more

Steps to bring conceal-carry to Wisconsin have begun

Finally. It’s about time.

A bill is being circulated throughout the state Legislature with the author, state Senator Pam Galloway (R-Wausau) seeking signatures to co-sponsor legislation to allow conceal-carry in Wisconsin.

Here is an analysis of the bill by the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau:

In general, under current Wisconsin law, no person may go armed with a concealed and dangerous weapon. The “going armed with” language includes cases in which a person is carrying a concealed weapon but has not gone and is not going anywhere with it and cases in which a weapon is readily accessible to a person in a car. A person who violates the prohibition may be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned for not more than nine months or both. This prohibition has many exceptions. First, Wisconsin Statutes expressly exempt law enforcement officers. In addition, under State v. Hamdan, 2003 WI 113, 264 Wis. 2d 433, this prohibition is unconstitutional if applied to a person carrying a concealed weapon at his or her own business when: 1) the person’s interest in carrying a concealed weapon substantially outweighs the state’s interest in enforcing the concealed weapons law; 2) the person has no other reasonable means to keep and handle the weapon; and 3) the person is not motivated by an unlawful purpose in concealing it. In Hamdan, the court also indicated that the constitutional right to keep and bear arms for security allows a person to carry a concealed weapon under certain circumstances in his or her own home. Finally, under federal law, qualified law enforcement officers and qualified retired law enforcement officers may carry concealed firearms that have been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce, regardless of any state prohibition. This bill eliminates the prohibition against going armed with a concealed and dangerous weapon.

Current law also prohibits, with certain exceptions, going armed with or possessing a firearm in a public building, tavern, state park, or wildlife refuge or within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school. This bill eliminates the prohibitions against going armed with or possessing a firearm in a public building or tavern but this bill adds general prohibitions against carrying weapons into a police station, sheriff ’s office, or state patrol station; a prison, jail, house of correction, or secured correctional facility; a courthouse; a place beyond a security checkpoint in an airport; and a building owned or leased by the state or any political subdivision of the state if the building provides electronic screening for weapons at all public entrances to the building and provides locked storage for weapons on the premises while the person carrying the weapon is in the building. This bill applies the prohibition against going armed with or possessing a firearm in a state park or a wildlife refuge only to firearms that are not handguns. This bill also limits the prohibition against going armed with or possessing a firearm within 1,000 feet of the grounds of a school only to the grounds of a school. Any federal prohibitions against guns in school zones, however, still apply.

In addition, current law prohibits, with certain exceptions, carrying a firearm, bow, or crossbow in most vehicles unless the firearm is unloaded and encased or the bow or crossbow is unstrung and encased. This bill generally eliminates the requirements that the firearm be unloaded and encased and that the bow or crossbow be unstrung and encased in order to be carried in a vehicle. The bill retains the requirement that a firearm be unloaded and encased in order to be carried on a commercial aircraft.

Read more

Obama: "No doubt" Osama Bin Laden is dead

Preview of "60 Minutes"

There is no voter fraud - Part Three

This is worth repeating.

From a blog last summer. For this entry's purpose, focus on story #2:

"NOT the 'whiteman's bitch' " and "Election fraud is alive"

By Kevin Fischer

Read more

Wisconsin Right To Life Commends U.S. House Action

Life - Wisconsin Right To Life - News Release

Wisconsin Right to Life Commends

U.S. House for Passing the No

Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It was, by far, the president's finest moment in office

The world’s finest military fighting machines was unleashed with direct orders from the Commander-in- Chief to kill. The president in this instance actually approached the war on terror as a bona fide War.

The basis for the shoot to kill order was right-on intelligence, the type that was derived from interrogation methods used on detainees captured during George W. Bush’s tenure in the White House.

Gutsy? Of course. Political? Naturally.  Every move made by a president is political to some degree.

Incredibly, somehow the planned exercise was kept a secret, leak-free.  It worked flawlessly.

The most evil man on the planet was blown away. Someday, we’ll know who fired the real shot heard round the world.

In a split second, America’s Most wanted was dead, an overwhelming unifying moment and victory for America.

Bravo Mr. President. Truly this was your shining moment.

However, there has to be a “however.”

The president couldn’t even announce this phenomenal accomplishment without fumbling, stumbling, bumbling. His egotistical list of mentions of “I” and “me” took away from what could have been a Humphrey Bogart-Claude Reins romanticized movie ending.

One local talk show host called it one FUBAR after another. Oh, if only for America’s sake it wasn’t true. Even in his greatest moment to date, this flawed president couldn’t get it right.

Obama refused to distribute credit where credit was due, and unlike the aggressiveness he demonstrated in gunning down Osama Bin Laden, he went into wimp mode by refusing to release photos of the assassinated Bin laden for fear someone may not like it. Harry Truman, he’s not.

Let's bring in Charles Krauthammer...

And Ann Coulter...


The misguided recall effort against state Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) flopped. It was apparent weeks ago the colossal waste of time would come up empty when the big mouths behind the recall stopped talking and bragging.

There’s no need to analyze why the recall fizzled. It’s simple. The vast majority of Senator Lazich’s constituents support her and the job she’s doing.

Yours truly has often introduced her at public events by stating that no one, other than her husband, knows first hand how hard the senator works for her district.  I chuckle when I read anonymous comments on blogs that she doesn’t respond. Senator Lazich is, and I say this with the utmost respect, obsessed with, and I emphasize thoughtful and thorough constituent communications. With a tight schedule and all her duties in Madison, it’s not always easy, especially these days, to get to constituent inquiry #50,000 in a day or two. 

After being harassed and threatened (and the threats continue even this week), Senator Lazich did not cowardly abdicate her constitutional responsibilities of representation by high-tailing it to another state.

She’s a conservative in a conservative district and always votes the right way.

Friday night, the senator holds a two-hour town hall meeting in New Berlin. Unruly lefties plan to disrupt the meeting and turn it into an ugly affair to vent their hate and anger.

The vast majority of residents in the district simply do not lower themselves to the boorish behavior of the Lazich detractors in the minority.  They quietly go about their business, work hard, pay their exorbitant taxes, and then cast their ballots for conservatives. They do not show up at the Capitol to engage in violence and destruction or make despicable threats of murder and rape.

And so I ask supporters of Senator Lazich to take the next step for a public servant who has tirelessly been there for you year after year.

Please plan to attend the town hall meeting Friday night to register your support. You do not have to speak, but if you choose, make a brief statement thanking Senator Lazich for what she has done for so long. A simple thank you would mean a lot. Consider it your flagrant act of democracy against those who have made a mockery of the system since the beginning of the year.

Common sense and decency and respect should always be victorious. Please consider making a stand for those values Friday night at:

New Berlin City Hall

6:30 – 8:30 pm

The City Hall is located at 3805 South Casper Drive, New Berlin, Wisconsin. You can get directions here.

There is no voter fraud - Part Four

The Milwaukee Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit issued a report in 2008 about the irregularities founding the November 2, 2004 general election in the city of Milwaukee.

Badger Blogger reported at the time:

“The bottom line seems to be that more ballots were cast in the election than there were voters registered in the election. The task force cites same day voter registration as a primary reason that, according to the report, they were able to substantiate numerous examples of double-voting, voting by felons, and absentee ballots which were never counted, among other examples of fraud contained in the report.”

You can read 67 pages of reported irregularities, i.e., voter fraud right here.

But remember, if you will take the time to read, there is no voter fraud.

There is no voter fraud - Part Three

There is no voter fraud - Part Two

There is no voter fraud - Part One

Goodnight everyone, and have a "Be good to Mom" weekend

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The weekend has finally arrived.

The sun has set.

The evening sky has erupted. 

Let's put controversy and provocative blogs aside for the rest of this work week and smooth our way into Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight, music about moms.

It seems that all the great Mother's Day songs are country tunes. Let's begin with a classic by Loretta Lynn performed, appropriately in this case, on the Muppets Show.

If you missed, by any chance, the lyrics to that heart-wrenching tune with all our fuzzy Muppets friends providing accompaniment, here they are:

They say to have her hair done, Liz flies all the way to France,
And Jackie's seen in a discothèque, doin' a brand new dance.
And the White House social season, should be glitterin' 'n gay.

But here in Topeka, the rain is a fallin',
The faucet is a drippin' and the kids are a bawlin'.
One of 'em a-toddlin' and one is a crawlin',
And one's on the way.

I'm glad Raquel Welch just signed a million dollar pact,
And Debbie's out in Vegas workin' up a brand new act.
While the TV's showin' Newlyweds, a real fun game to play.

But here in Topeka, the screen door's a bangin',
The coffee's boilin' over and the wash needs a hangin'.
One wants a cookie and one wants a changin',
And one's on the way.

Now, what was I doin', Jimmy get away from there,
Darn, there goes the phone.
Hello honey, what's that you say?

You're bringin' a few ole buddies home? You're callin' from a barn?
Get away from there! No, not you honey, I was talkin' to the baby.
Wait a minute, honey, the door bell,
Honey, could you stop at the market and...Hello?
Hello? Well I'll be.

The girls in New York City, they all march for women's lib,
And Better Homes and Garden shows, the modern way to live.
And the pill may change the world tomorrow, but meanwhile, today.

Here in Topeka, the flies are a buzzin',
The dog is a barkin' and the floor needs a scrubbin'.
One needs a spankin' and one needs a huggin',
Lord, one's on the way..

Oh gee, I hope it ain't twins again!

Speaking of twins, AHEM, here's a great Mother's Day classic from Dolly Parton.. From the Porter Wagoner Show in 1974:


Two years ago, Parton received a wonderful honor.

The next song has "Daddy" in the title.

But follow along. It's more about Mommy.

This one is another classic, featuring the Man in Black, and his devoted, talented wife, June, and the legendary Statler Brothers:

Read more

The best political cartoons of the week

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

Political Cartoons by Brian Farrington

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by Eric Allie

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler


The Barking Lot (05/07/11)


The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of this just inWritten by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then its DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  A few showers. A high of just 54. The normal is over 60. Sorry, dog walkers.  "D"

SUNDAY:  Partly cloudy. High of 59    "C"

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog.


Before we get to my wife, it is the worst kept secret that my wife wants a dog. Some think she wants a dog more than she wants me.

I kid you not. Wherever I go, people ask me about Joel McNally on our TV program, InterCHANGE. They also ask me, when are you getting your wife a dog..

Here’s the answer, everybody!

The answer is...


Ladies and gentlemen....

Boys and girls...

The truth is….I want a dog.


But I just can’t do it.

Why not?

Because I am so much in love with my wife, Jennifer.

I am serious!

My wife suffers from allergies. I wouldn’t, couldn’t dare buy my wife a canine for a pet.

So you see. As much as I, yes me, would love a dog,  it’s just not possible because I can’t subject my wife to such discomfort.

Now that we've finally settled that, here’s Jennifer with this week's blog:

I have suffered with seasonal (and some animal-related) allergies for most of my life.  I have taken prescription medications but have not needed to resort to regular shots to control the sneezing, itchy watery eyes, etc.  While it is something I have learned to live with from May until the first frost, it’s not always pleasant.  Kevin has never known what it is like to deal with this, and I sincerely hope little Kyla never learns either.

Read more

Week-ends (05/07/11)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


The team...MORE

James Martin and his comrades

Ray Starks

Fast-food workers

Richard St. Denis

Amy McDonaugh

Oscar Meyer

Wilma Osterhoff



Russell Stamper

Mike Malloy

Stephen Richards

JoAnne Kloppenberg

State of WI overtime pay


“Tonight I can report to the American people and the world that the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden. Justice has been done.  After a fire fight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. Tonight, let us think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11. I know that it has, at times, frayed. Yet today’s achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country and the determination of the American people.”
President Obama

“I congratulated him (President Obama) and the men and women of our military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to this mission. They have our everlasting gratitude. The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done.”
President Bush

Osama bin Laden's death is "a profoundly important moment not just for the families of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and in al-Qaida’s other attacks but for people all over the world who want to build a common future of peace, freedom, and cooperation for our children.”
President Bill Clinton

“The man who once called the United States ‘a paper tiger’ and issued a fatwa to “kill all Americans” believed that our nation would not strike back if provoked. Today that man, responsible for the deaths of 3,000 Americans on September 11th, Osama bin Laden, is dead. It is an achievement of which our country can be proud.”
Donald Rumsfeld

“I am sorry, but if you believe the newest death of OBL, you’re stupid. Just think to yourself–they paraded Saddam’s dead sons around to prove they were dead–why do you suppose they hastily buried this version of OBL at sea? This lying, murderous Empire can only exist with your brainwashed consent–just put your flags away and THINK!”
Cindy Sheehan

“Obama the law professor can assassinate bin Laden in Pakistan, dump his body in the ocean, and with first-person emphasis boast of our brilliant mission in a way Bush the Texan could not get away with—in the same manner that killing the son of Qaddafi, and the effort to kill Qaddafi himself, are not really forbidden targeted assassinations under Obama, and in the manner that Guantánamo, tribunals, renditions, preventive detentions, Predators, wiretaps, and intercepts that so bothered Senator Obama and others are now deemed essential.”
Victor Davis Hanson

“You know, a bigger man would humbly thank President Bush, Vice President Cheney, SecDef Rumsfeld, and all of our brave military and intelligence personnel for capping Bin Laden. But then a bigger man wouldn't be a Narcissistic, Marxist ideologue with a penchant for parties, endless campaigning and golf.”
Doug Ross

“Donald Trump is here tonight. Now, I know that he’s taken some flak lately but no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the Donald. And that’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like, ‘Did we fake the moon landing?’ ‘What really happened on Roswell?’ And ‘Where are Biggie and Tupac?”
Barack Obama

“The good news: Osama bin Laden is dead. The bad news: there is no bad news.

Osama bin Laden was apparently shot twice in the face. It looks like Dick Cheney may have been involved.”

Jay Leno

“Did everyone enjoy the Osama bin Laden season finale?

There’s already been some trouble for Osama bin Laden in the afterlife. There was a mix up and he was greeted by 72 vegans.”

David Letterman

“Apparently, members of al-Qaida are online slamming the U.S. I don’t understand why they’re so upset. Everyone in al-Qaida just got a promotion.”
Craig Ferguson

“I would like us to kill bin Laden every Sunday night. It makes for a much brighter start to the week.

After all the talk about caves, bin Laden was hiding in a million-dollar mansion in Pakistan. The CIA became suspicious when they learned there was a million-dollar mansion in Pakistan.”

Jimmy Kimmel

“Feeling guilty about a dead Osama?


The fact that as Americans we are even questioning whether it is ‘okay’ to celebrate a victory made possible by U.S. Navy SEALS and the United States of America over Osama bin Laden, a man who has haunted us for many many years, is appalling.”

Katie Pavlich

“Storms Kill Over 250 Americans In States Represented By Climate Pollution Deniers”
ThinkProgress headline

“The only disturbance created on that Saturday evening was by a mass of uniformed Madison police officers and squads arriving to investigate law-abiding citizens having dinner.”
Christopher Van Wagner, a defense attorney hired by Wisconsin Carry, Inc. to defend five gun rights activists who openly wore guns at a Madison Culver's restaurant last fall. Prosecutors dismissed charges of disorderly conduct against the men

"We are challenging people to really think about what 'meat' is. When you eat flesh, you're eating the corpse of an abused animal who did not want to die. We're encouraging kind consumers to try going vegan."
PETA Campaigns Manager Lindsay Rajt. PETA held a protest outside a Milwaukee meat plant Friday with naked people, their private parts concealed, covered in fake blood, lying on trays and wrapped in plastic sheets. City Attorney Grant Langley advised the city issue a permit to PETA to allow the demonstration.

"To me, it's ridiculous that the city attorney has caved in to the PETA over this, and as the alderman for the area, I . . . threats of legal action believe my opposition should have been more solidly supported. If my position doesn't hold sway, why even have the permit cross my desk? Why waste my time?"
Milwaukee alderman Bob Donovan who objected to the PETA protest.

"Somebody needs to introduce the alderman to the First Amendment."
PETA attorney Jeff Kerr

"PETA needs to be introduced to common sense. Further, while they are familiarizing themselves with common sense, I strongly suggest they do it while enjoying a nice steak sandwich."
Alderman Donovan


Arrogant encounter with Obama


Just how much is the Kloppenberg recount costing taxpayers?


Osama is of the rare times the hype is warranted.


He did it to attract chicks.

This is not the way to propose.

is out...

And we close with the latest from NewsBusted!

It's Over

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Here are the details.

My Most Popular Blogs (05/08/11)

Most popular

As I post every Sunday, here are the five most read blog entries of mine from the previous week. NOTE: some entries may have been posted prior to the past week.

1) Photos of the Week (05/01/11)

2) OK, city of what?


4) Russell Stamper...

5) There is no voter fraud -  Part One

Photos of the Week (05/08/11)

Photos of the Week

1) President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are shown looking intently at what might be an update from the operation to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. MSNBC

2) President Barack Obama announces that Osama bin Laden has been killed during a televised address on Sunday, May 1, 2011.NBC News

3) Crowds celebrate on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House in Washington, early Monday, May 2, 2011, after President Barack Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed. Charles Dharapak / AP

4) President Barack Obama carries a wreath with police and firefighters during a wreath laying ceremony at Ground Zero after Osama bin Laden was killed on May 5, 2011 in New York City. Obama also visited a New York Fire Department firehouse and met with families of victims of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 during his visit to New York. Mario Tama / Getty Images

5) This picture provided by Time magazine shows the cover of a special issue of the magazine on the death of Osama bin Laden, to hit newsstands on Thursday, May 5, 2011. The cover image features a red “X” over bin Laden’s face, and the magazine says it is the fourth cover in Time’s history to feature the red “X.” Other covers showed Adolf Hitler on May 7, 1945, Saddam Hussein on April 21, 2003, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi on June 19, 2006. and AP

6) Two water spouts can be seen about a mile off shore south of downtown Honolulu Monday, May 2, 2011. Unstable weather conditions over the island of Oahu lead to the formation of thunderstorms over Oahu. Eugene Tanner / AP

7) A combo of photos obtained on May 6, 2011 shows a horse leaping over a fence and plunging into the crowd at a popular carnival, injuring seven people who were taken to hospital, in Warrnambool on May 5, 2011. AFP-Getty Images

8) A group of goslings gathers around a parent as a sibling snoozes under the wing next to a body of water on Western Avenue in Sioux Falls, S.D., Monday, May 2, 2011. Chuck Schlueter, communications manager in the Division of Wildlife with Game, Fish & Parks, said this time of year is the early end of the hatching season in South Dakota and even though some young may look abandoned, the public is urged to leave wildlife where it is. (AP Photo/Argus Leader, Devin Wagner)

9) A three-month-old bear cub who was born at the zoo in Stavropol looks at ostriches on Thursday, May 5.

10) Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy pretends to leap into the Grand Canyon from Guano Point on the Hualapai Indian Reservation Friday, May 6. Rossy canceled first US flight in a custom built jet suit due to safety concerns. The Federal Aviation Administration earlier Friday had approved plans for the 51-year-old adventurer to use the Grand Canyon as a backdrop for his first U.S. flight in a jet-propelled wing suit. Rossy calls himself the JetMan. Matt York / AP

11) In this Tuesday May 3, 2011 picture, Kim Thompson exhales vapor from her e-cigarette outside her new business called "The Vaporium" in Lakewood, Wash. Thompson, a 20-year smoker, opened the business selling electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers as an alternative to traditional cigarettes in January and says the business is doing well. The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is considering a ban on battery-powered electronic cigarettes that deliver nicotine without smoking. The News Tribune reports that regulations proposed Wednesday, May 4, 2011 would ban e-smoking — or "vaping" — in the same public places where the use of real cigarettes and cigars are prohibited by state law. King County adopted such a ban in January. Dean J. Koepfler / The News Tribune via AP 

The world's longest cigar that stretched 268 feet 4 inches, or most of the length of a football field, is seen in Havana May 3. Resting on tables, it sprawled through El Morro, an old Spanish fort overlooking Havana Bay, where Cuba is holding its annual International Tourism Fair. The cigar, once it is officially accepted by Guinness World Records in London, will eclipse the previous record cigar of 148 feet 9 inches, both rolled by Jose Castelar Cairo, better known as "Cueto". Desmond Boylan / Reuters

13) People stand together as they create the biggest human smiley in the world on the Zagreb main square May 6, 2011.Nikola Solic / Reuters

14) Activists with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protested outside Cargill Beef Solutions in Milwaukee Friday afternoon. They aim to demonstrate that all animals, including humans, are made of flesh, blood and bone. Some of the PETA activists were wrapped in what was supposed to look like meat packaging including clear plastic wrap. Their signs read, "Meat is murder."  Photo: Fox 6 News Milwaukee

15) My answer to PETA.  Photo: jsonline from this restaurant.

16)  A fan wears a cheesehead hat in the paddock area during the 137th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.  Photo: jsonline.

Recommended Reading (05/08/11)

Recommended reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

Osama Bin laden’s death proving liberals really don’t mean their rhetoric

hen liberals talk about mercy and giving peace a chance and evolving and using words instead of actions…it’s all crap.”

The hut next door

Why was I fantasizing about killing Osama bin Laden in Iraq, when I should have been focused on other things?”

Why Christians should rejoice that UBL is dead and in Hell

"Bill O’Reilly had a Catholic priest, Father Beck, on his show this past week who not only said we should dial down on our biblical joy that this evil SOB was shot but that we should’ve 'loved him,' 'forgiven him,' and 'not judged him' because 'we don’t know what was in Usama’s wittle heart that caused him to kill tens of thousands of people worldwide.'

To hear this cat talk, it sounds like all UBL simply needed was some Xanax, a new coloring book and a little face time with Dr. Drew because his daddy didn’t love him enough or something."

Read more


Happy Mother’s Day!

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Culinary no-no #220

On this Mother’s Day, a buffet of Culinary no-no’s:

If supermarkets were like public schools.

Why US school kids are flunking lunch.

Unwanted new item on the menu.

10 things your co-workers won't tell you: Check out #2.

Michelle Obama's former Congressional district dead last in 'healthy behavior.'

Earliest American dogs might have been dinner.

The latest from Pro-Life Wisconsin

The Monday, May 9, 2011 update.


The Latest News You Can Use From WRTL

Wisconsin Right To Life News You Can Use Contribute

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I, I, me, me, my, my...Ay, yi, yi!

Ace of Spades compares President Obama's egotistical speech following the death of Osama bin Laden to George W. Bush's remarks after the capture of Saddam Hussein.

What a contrast.

There is no voter fraud - Part Five

doesn’t have voter fraud.

Therefore, there is no need for photo ID.

Besides, if you have photo ID, barriers will prevent people from showing up at the polls and they will be disenfranchised.

A week ago Sunday at weekly Mass, one of my fellow parishioners told me he has a friend from Puerto Rico who showed him his photo ID that must be displayed in order to vote. He does so gladly.


I had to check this out.

In the state of Texas, like Wisconsin, there is legislative action to create a photo ID requirement for voting. Pushing the bill is state Representative John Garza (R-San Antonio) and other members of the Hispanic Republican Conference of the Texas Legislature.

Keep in mind, crybaby opponents of photo ID submit that a whole bunch of people won’t go to the polls if you enforce this oh-so burdensome requirement.

In a press release, Representative Garza writes;

“The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico also requires photo id to vote (Articulo 2.009 del Ley Electoral de Puerto Rico). Puerto Rico averages between 75% and 85% voter turnout each election. (See”

Remember, there is no voter fraud and no need for photo ID that would just prevent poor people of color from voting.

There is no voter fraud - Part Four

There is no voter fraud - Part Three

There is no voter fraud - Part Two

There is no voter fraud - Part One

Where's the Obama-drooling press on this one?

Yet another in a long string of failed, broken promises by the Obamessiah. The Business and Media Institute reported three months ago:

Before the stimulus passed, Americans were told that $787 billion was the shocking price that had to be paid in order to save the economy from another Great Depression (and high unemployment). The New York Times referred to the initial promise on Oct. 22, 2009 saying, ‘The Obama administration's forecast at the start of the year, which predicted that unemployment would not climb much above 8 percent’."

“Unemployment would not climb much above 8 percent.”

Right, Mr. President.

Conceal carry sell out?


Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty

The NRA and certain elected officials are selling out Wisconsin’s gun owners and all 2nd Amendment advocates.  That is the only way to describe it when a popular movement is being thwarted and elected officials present two nearly identical bills to confuse and divide the population.

In two Journal Sentinel polls, over 16,000 people responded to questions about Concealed Carry.  In the first poll, 81% of 8,400 respondents supported “a Concealed Carry law.”  In the second poll, 64% of 8,200 respondents supported “Constitutional Carry.”  This clearly shows a public mandate for Constitutional Carry.

However, the NRA is promoting the Permitted Carry bill as opposed to the Constitutional Carry bill.  This could be because Constitutional Carry means they won’t be getting any new members to follow their news for updates when the government mandates training they currently claim not to support.  The NRA and others have a vested interest in Permitted Carry and do not want you to exercise the full extent of your Constitutional Rights without paying additional taxes and fees into a massive governmental bureaucracy.  

In a recent NRA-ILA email, they link to their own Summary of the bills and their own “Comprehensive Q&A file.  They are not telling us everything.  The NRA says Constitutional Carry does nothing to change those onerous Gun Free School Zone (GFSZ) exclusions.  That is incorrect as it specifically eliminates the word “zone” and replaces it with “property.”  This clearly means the exclusion zone is gone and you can only be limited on school property (but this would just apply in Wisconsin – no reciprocity on this as there are Federal GFSZ law that are active in other states).  With either bill, the Federal 1000 foot GFSZ is going to be a problem.

If you want unabridged freedom to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights, then you need to call your legislator to show support for Constitutional Carry.  

Right now, if you are age 18, you can earn a license to drive a vehicle, buy a vehicle and do both without any special training.

Right now, if you are age 21 and can pass a background check, you can own a gun with no special training.

Right now, if you can own a gun, you can Open Carry without a permit or any special training. 

Right now, criminals and thugs illegally carry concealed weapons without a permit or any special training.

Right now, is the time to show Wisconsin can be Progressive and implement Constitutional Carry.

Your Constitutional Rights should not change when you put on a coat.  It is imperative that we do not accept a water-down and politically expedient bill that limits our rights and increases the size and scope of big government.  

If you cannot attend one of these public hearings; you need to contact your legislators and request they support the Constitutional Carry bill.  The legislature is pitting us against each other to see which bill gets more support.  Make sure your voice is heard by calling or emailing your legislator and supporting Constitutional Carry.  

Here are the Public Hearings, attend one and promote Constitutional Carry!


Read more

Big Day in Court on ObamaCare


I'm writing to you from Richmond, Virginia where today Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's lawsuit to overturn ObamaCare was heard before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Americans for Prosperity hosted a rally outside the court house supporting Attorney General Cuccinelli's crucial effort.

A year ago, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi infamously responded to a questioner who asked her about the constitutionality of the health care legislation by flippantly saying "Are you serious?" Well today, AFP grassroots activists and Attorney General Cuccinelli made it clear that we are indeed serious about protecting the Constitution.

AFP-VA State Director Trixie Averill speaks to fired-up activists in front of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals today while AFP President Tim Phillips looks on.

Click here for more photos from the rally.

Attorney General Cuccinelli first filed this case against ObamaCare the day President Obama signed it into law. Cuccinelli's health care challenge was upheld in December 2010 when Judge Henry Hudson of Virginia's Eastern District Court ruled that the individual health care mandate was unconstitutional. While today's arguments were paramount to overturning this gross infringement on our health care rights, whichever side loses will undoubtedly appeal the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. The U.S. Supreme Court will likely decide on the constitutionality of ObamaCare next year.

But no matter what happens on the legal side, as grassroots activists we must continue educating our fellow Americans on just how dangerous and disastrous this legislation is.

These are just a few of the countless harmful effects of ObamaCare:

  • Costs trillions of dollars, burdening our government with inescapable debt
  • Adds 16,000 new IRS agents who will be administering ObamaCare at the cost of billions
  • Constitutionally flawed, forcing individuals to buy health care or be fined
  • Over 1,000 unions and big corporations have been given exemptions by Obama's HHS Department while no small businesses or individual Americans are exempted

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Saw this posted after a jsonline article today about school choice:

Editor's Note: You may comment on this story using your Facebook log-in. We are testing this new commenting system on selected articles in an effort to hold people more accountable for their comments. You may still comment on most other stories using your JSOnline user account. E-mail us at with your thoughts on this type of commenting."


They should use the same system on the NOW sites.

There is no voter fraud - Part Six

“It is not because of voter ‘fraud.’ There isn't any of note and proponents can't cite any.”

Common Cause of Wisconsin

Nope. No voter fraud whatsoever.

So we don’t need no stinkin’ photo ID law.

“Republican legislators, who have signed onto Gov. Scott Walker's unpopular agenda, think that by making it harder for young people, the poor, the elderly and the disabled to vote, they can preserve their electoral viability…they would indeed make voting more difficult for citizens.”
The Capital Times

This bill impacts the very people for whom it is most difficult to take the time off work and get transportation to the DMV to obtain an ID – the elderly, young people, people of color, rural voters and low income individuals.”
The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin

We're accustomed to showing ID for all sorts of things; why shouldn't we have to prove our identity at the polls? That's intuitive provided that you are one of the majority of people whose lives are stable enough to allow for an ID. For the very young and very old, for the transient, the homeless, the poor, the picture looks significantly different. It's a failure of empathy to assume that everyone in the state has easy access to an ID just because you do.”
The Wausau Daily Herald

“I think it is a pretty low threshold to have someone show a photo ID to vote."

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau)

"I still worry about the disabled, the poor and the homeless…”
Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, Indiana University law professor and voting rights expert

The poor.

The young.

The elderly.

The disabled.


The homeless.

Too tough to get a photo ID...

June 26, 2010

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

James Causey's column:

"I went homeless for 72 hours to experience a world few of us can imagine.

I slept on a park bench. I slept on church steps. I slept in my car and at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission. I ate at free meal sites. I panhandled for nearly three hours, collecting just enough change to buy a flatbread sandwich from Dunkin' Donuts...

My most eye-opening experience was my stay at the
Rescue Mission's men's shelter.

You need a state ID to get a bed."

There is no voter fraud - Part Five

There is no voter fraud - Part Four

There is no voter fraud - Part Three

There is no voter fraud - Part Two

There is no voter fraud - Part One

UPDATE: Conceal carry sell out?

The Franklin-based Grandsons of Liberty supports a Constitutional Carry form of conceal carry legislation and not Permitted Carry. The local Tea Party group writes:

“The NRA is promoting the Permitted Carry bill as opposed to the Constitutional Carry bill.  This could be because Constitutional Carry means they won’t be getting any new members to follow their news for updates when the government mandates training they currently claim not to support.  The NRA and others have a vested interest in Permitted Carry and do not want you to exercise the full extent of your Constitutional Rights without paying additional taxes and fees into a massive governmental bureaucracy.”

I’m not buying that suddenly the NRA has transformed into a liberal organization that embraces big government. Grandsons of Liberty also writes:

“If you want unabridged freedom to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights, then you need to call your legislator to show support for Constitutional Carry.  

Right now, if you are age 18, you can earn a license to drive a vehicle, buy a vehicle and do both without any special training.

Right now, if you are age 21 and can pass a background check, you can own a gun with no special training.

Right now, if you can own a gun, you can Open Carry without a permit or any special training. 

Right now, criminals and thugs illegally carry concealed weapons without a permit or any special training.”

Permitted Carry is similar to Senate Bill 214 that came extremely close to passage during the 2003 legislative session. Here are excerpts from the Legislative Reference Bureau’s analysis of that bill:

“This bill permits a person to go armed with a concealed and dangerous weapon in his or her own home or place of business or on land that he or she owns, leases, or legally occupies…

This bill also creates a procedure by which a person may apply to a county sheriff for a license to carry a concealed weapon more generally. The license authorizes a person to carry (defined in the bill to mean to go armed with) a concealed weapon (defined in the bill as a handgun, a stungun, a tear gas gun, a knife other than a switchblade, or a billy club) anywhere in this state except in particular places specified in the bill.

Included among the requirements that a person must satisfy are the following: he or she must be at least 21 years old; he or she must have successfully completed one of several specified firearms training or safety classes; he or she must not have been subject to a finding of incompetency, found not guilty of a crime by reason of mental disease or mental defect, or involuntarily committed for treatment of mental illness during the preceding five years; he or she must not have been convicted of one of a set of specified misdemeanors involving violence or serving a sentence for committing such a misdemeanor within the preceding three years; and he or she must be a Wisconsin resident.

In addition, the bill requires a sheriff to conduct a background check of a person who applies for a license to carry a concealed weapon to help determine the person’s eligibility for a license.”

After the state Senate (Five Democrats voting yes) and Assembly (Seven Democrats voting yes) approved Senate Bill 214, the bill was vetoed by Governor Jim Doyle. The state Senate voted to override the veto, but then the state Assembly failed to override by just one vote.

The training and background checks requirements made terrific common sense back then and they make terrific common sense today.

Village of Mukwonago Police Chief Kevin Schmidt told the Mukwonago Chief that if his officers must receive firearm training twice a year in order to carry a weapon, so should citizens.

Town of Mukwonago Police Chief Tom Czarnecki makes another solid argument. The Mukwonago Chief reports, “Czarnecki said that having a permit or some type of tracking system would alert police that a person has (a) concealed weapon before making contact with the person, such as during a traffic stop.”

A Milwaukee police officer over the weekend told me protecting oneself isn’t as simple as pointing a weapon and firing. A conceal-carry supporter, the officer said if you shoot a handgun and are off just a bit, even at close range, you just missed and are now in real trouble. To be honest, he suggests a shotgun for the ultimate protection, but you can’t conceal one of those very easily.

I’m all for law-abiding citizens carrying. But I want them schooled and I want them checked out.

There is no voter fraud - Part Seven

Critics of photo ID claim voter fraud is almost non-existent.

Oh really?

The Special Investigations Unit of the Milwaukee Police Department would probably disagree. It found all kinds of voter discrepancies in the 2004 City of Milwaukee elections, enough to fill a 67-page report.

On page 26 of the report, the unit offers its recommendations:

“It is the opinion of the Task Force investigators that more than any other recommendation we could make, our investigation has concluded that the one thing that could eliminate a large percentage of fraud or the appearance of fraudulent voting in any given Election is the elimination of the ON-Suite or Same Day voter registration system.

It is the opinion of the Task Force investigators that given the inability of Election Inspectors to check the eligibility of voters (e.g. felons) or in other cases the reluctance of Election Inspectors to check the eligibility of a voter (e.g. verification of information on cards), on the day of any election, there is no other way to ensure that only eligible voters are voting on Election Day.”


Many conservatives, myself included, have long berated the system that says, “Come to the polls on Election Day armed with nothing more than a utility bill and vote, vote, vote!”

You’re just begging for mischief.

I held this opinion for some time and was frankly frustrated this legislative session that there seemed to be no movement by the Republican-controlled state Senate and Assembly to do away with same-day registration.

Then one morning a few weeks ago, I caught a bit of my friend and colleague’s morning show on Newstalk 1130 WISN, Jay Weber. Jay made the argument that doing away with same-day registration was not so terrific.

I asked Jay since he had done some research on the issue to write a piece to contribute to this blog. Here are his thoughts:

Many conservatives in Wisconsin would love to do away with same-day registration for voting, but it turns out it is a bad idea for several reasons, not the least of which, is that it would require our state to then follow federal Motor-Voter laws that were passed by congress years ago as part of the National Voter Registration act and require that any state that wasn’t grandfathered into their same-day registration laws would have to abide by them. Wisconsin was one of those states that already had same-day registration in place, and therefore managed to avoid implementing Motor-Voter laws.  

There are several reasons that I would argue we want to avoid Motor-Voter laws. First, and most importantly, they just provide new ways to cheat. Motor-Voter rules were originally proposed by the far-left as a way to boost the voter rolls with welfare recipients, illegals, anyone who could be issued a driver’s license and might help out the Democrat party come election time.  They urge people to sign up  to vote at the same time they get  their driver’s license, and it is set up to be so quick and easy that virtually everyone does it, even though many of them then never vote, or only rarely vote.  So, Motor-Voter fills a database with real names and addresses of a bunch of people who can be verified as real people, and yet don’t vote.  The states using Motor-Voter have come to realize that they have bloated, inaccurate voter rolls that are difficult to purge of names, people who have moved, dead voters, etc.

States end up with a big, unmanageable, inaccurate, bloated, leviathan of a voter database. Think of how easy it would then be for the groups that are determined to cheat to check the voter rolls, see which of those people vote only seldom, or never, and then use those names to vote under.  A photo I-D requirement limits some potential to cheat that way, but why would we willingly create such an easy database to skim names and addresses off of?

Other problems with Motor-Voter include:

* The legislation passed by congress prohibits states from asking about citizenship when adding names to the voter lists.

*It is a new unfunded mandate for the states and costs millions of dollars every year to maintain and operate.

*It makes it very difficult for states to try to clean up their voter rolls by purging old names, old addresses, the names of the deceased, etc.  This becomes a very costly and time consuming process. Motor-Voter states (like Indiana) have found tens of thousands of  names appearing on the voter lists more than once, hundreds of dead people registered, dozens of convicted killers, child molesters and felons registered, all sorts of problems.  In 1998, Alaska had 502,968 registered voters, and only 437,000 people living in the entire state!

* Also, and this is huge, in my opinion:  Motor-Voter laws strip away the fundamental right of our state to set our own election process and turn the decisions over to congress, and liberals in congress have, over the years suggested changes to it such as forcing the states to automatically dump the name and address of anyone who gets a drivers license onto the voter rolls, giving ex-felons the right to vote, and even requiring same day registration!  Consider it, we could eliminate same-day registration here, which would force us to abide by Motor-Voter laws, only to, at some point down the road, have Congress force same-day registration back onto us!  Consider that just a year ago, with Congress being controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, with Obama in the White House, what sort of changes they could have forced on every single Motor-Voter state, and against our will or our better judgment.

So, rather than end same-day registration and just open up  new ways for people to cheat in our state elections, Republican leaders in Madison have decided to amend same-day registration a few ways to make cheating difficult, while keeping it.

I believe it’s the right move.
---Jay Weber, Newstalk 1130 WISN

Thanks so very much, Jay!

By the way, Jay might talk about this very issue that has not been addressed at all by the media during his program today, 6-10 a.m. Please tune in, or catch the podcast later on the Newstalk 1130 WISN web site.

I tip my hat to Jay for providing food for thought. Given that getting rid of same-day registration has its downside, let’s go back to the Milwaukee Police Department’s report, specifically page 26 and its recommendations. We left off with the suggestion that same-day registration be eliminated. If not abolishing same day-registration, then what?

“As an alternative, if On-Site registration is to continue in its present form, then the presentation of a government issued identification card that includes the voter’s name, address (including city) and date of birth should be presented before that person is allowed to register and vote. The inclusion of identification alternatives such as a credit card bill, library card, lease, etc., where no photo is provided does not ensure that the person presenting these types of documents is in fact the person they are asserting to be.”

There is no voter fraud - Part Six

There is no voter fraud - Part Five

There is no voter fraud - Part Four

There is no voter fraud - Part Three

There is no voter fraud - Part Two

There is no voter fraud - Part One

New Revenue Should Go to Pay Bills, Not New Spending

May 11, 2011

For Imediate Release – Contact: 262-225-3546

Brett Healy, President of the MacIver Institute released the following statement regarding the new revenue estimates that were revealed at the Capitol on Wednesday:

“While the new revenue estimates are a positive sign that Wisconsin may finally be turning the corner to a full economic recovery, this is not ‘found money’ that should now be doled out to ease the political burden lawmakers are facing. Lawmakers are tasked with putting together a responsible budget to get Wisconsin back on the path to prosperity.

“We are having a critical and fundamental debate right now in this state about the proper size and role of government. Legislators need to think about the real financial burdens facing Wisconsin families and job providers, not their own political futures. Rather than fuel new or unsustainable spending, Wisconsin lawmakers would be wise to use these funds to pay  down some of the significant outstanding debts we owe. Wisconsin owes the State of Minnesota nearly $60 million, the Patients’ Compensation Fund over $200 million and we should start to chip away at the $1.4 billion we owe the federal government for our unemployment compensation fund reserve loan.

“The worst thing that could be done would be to view this as a windfall and spend it to avoid making cuts that are necessary to our state’s long-term fiscal health. We hope lawmakers of both parties will resist the temptation to appease interest groups by adding hundreds of millions of tax dollars to Wisconsin’s already bloated budget. They have a chance to eliminate the structural deficit and right the ship of state. We hope they have the political courage to pay down the state credit card and resist the phalanx of interest groups already lining up with their hands out.”

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Dear Suzanna Gratia-Hupp, please...

Please come to Wisconsin Thursday to testify about conceal carry.



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Thank you, Senator Lazich for standing up for property owners' rights

Remember when the city of Greenfield toyed with the idea of seizing the land of long-time successful businesses to replace them with other developments?

I know at the time that state Senator Mary Lazich began working immediately on the case. Greenfield backed down, 
but the senator wants to make sure that in the future, property owners are protected.

Here’s the latest.

There is no voter fraud - Part Eight

I stumbled upon a blog post written by a very passionate individual that supports photo ID. The author writes:

Dispelling Voter ID Disenfranchisement Myth!

Some of my liberal friends would have you to believe that requiring Photo ID’s for voting would disenfranchise millions upon millions of voters and take away our right to vote. I disagree! Requiring Photo ID’s is a simple way to help ensure less fraud in elections. As we witnessed in 2004 and 2008 with the presidential elections, and even now with JoAnne Kloppenburg, voter fraud is a problem. Photo ID is at least one positive attempt to make sure the state of Wisconsin is actively working towards error free elections and fraud at the polls.

I admit I was back and forth on this issue until I went through a 30 day experimental trial of seeing exactly how many times I used my photo ID in any of my life dealings. Actually I was surprised at the times when I didn’t need it and then there were some times while shopping that I was upset it was not asked for. (I think when you spend over a certain amount the seller should ask to see your photo ID and should not settle for a swipe and even giving cash back all without asking to verify your identity, but that is for another day). Continuing on, I had to use ID at the bank obviously, for ALL government business, for my rental space contract renewal, for my car, the library, the doctor’s office, hospital visits-even the ER demands photo ID!! Seriously? Anyway, I also had to use my photo ID for WIC (Woman, Infants and Children program), registering for classes, for purchasing certain items at the gas station, and for a whole host of things that I thought were a bit silly, like a stop at local eatery (the bill was about $5 and I’ve spent more there in the past and was never asked for ID, so I guess it depends on who’s taking the debit card). None the less, there I was pulling out my ID over and over again. I even had to scan my ID and email and fax it to a couple of places for internet shopping or again with government business. It is a rather new ID but it looks worn already. I don’t consider myself some crazed shopper or an “on the go” type of person so I have to say in this society we are very dependent on photo ID’s. That being said why is it such an injustice to ask everyone to show up with a photo ID to vote?

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Time to play Final Jeopardy!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, yes it's that time.....time once again for another This Just In edition of:


Are you ready?

Well then, let’s play!

Today’s Final Jeopardy category is:


Now, you know how this works.

In a moment, I’ll give you the Final Jeopardy clue.

You will have 30 seconds (if you play fair, that will be when the music runs out) to come up with an answer and remember, players……… your answer must be in the form of a question.


Here’s your clue.


Good luck.

Alright players, time's up.

Again, today’s Final Jeopardy category is:


The Final Jeopardy answer was:


The correct question is:

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A great WI law that a lot of people don't know about

When it comes to spending, the state of Wisconsin is pretty wasteful. Just lock me in a room for a few hours and I will assuredly find you all kinds of examples.

They’re lurking inside the dozens of informational papers written by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau on all of Wisconsin’s programs. It’s God-awful, atrocious, the absolute worst writing. But I’ve read those papers, and buried inside are various nuggets of spending that would send readers running into the dark of night screaming, “What are we doing?”

If I could, I would cut some of the waste and insert as an alternative a media marketing campaign to create awareness about one of our best laws that nobody knows about. That would be our Safe Haven law.

From a blog I wrote in July of 2008:

Two women.

Two young mothers.

Each had a decision to make.

One made the right choice; the other made a deadly one.

Here are their stories.

Last August, 19 year-old Indra Book of La Crosse gave birth to a baby girl at her home. She began breastfeeding, but then stopped just two days later. Book did so knowing that without breastfeeding, the baby girl would perish.

When the baby died, Book took the tiny child and placed it in a cooler. Sometime this past spring, Book took the cooler and tossed it in the garbage.

Book was arrested last week on preliminary charges of first-degree intentional homicide. The baby’s remains have yet to be found. Authorities still don’t know where the baby’s body and the cooler were kept between August and this spring.

Also arrested last week was 21-year-old Adam O’Connor of La Crosse, described as a friend of Book’s. He’s accused of helping to hide the body.

Mother #1. A dead baby.

Next story. Chicago, 2 a.m. Monday morning of this week. A 16-year-old gives birth. Later the same day, the mother walks into a firehouse on S. Burley Avenue, carrying her baby in a blanket. She turned the baby over to workers at the firehouse, and then left freely. The baby was taken to a local hospital and is in good condition.

Mother #2. A live, healthy baby that will be put up for adoption.

Nothing happened to Mother #2 because she merely followed a law that is in place in Illinois, Wisconsin and 27 other states. Often referred to as the “Safe Havens Law,” the Illinois law allows the parent of an unharmed baby up to seven days to turn the baby over to a staff member at a police station, fire station, hospital or other designated safe haven. The parent is then free from prosecution.

Mother #2 made the right choice and as a result, her baby is alive today, hopefully with a bright future. For whatever reason, she didn’t want the baby and took it to a place where the infant could be properly taken care of immediately.

The Chicago Tribune reports that since the Illinois law took effect in 2001, 43 babies have been safely handed over at Illinois safe havens, and 49 were illegally abandoned. Twenty-four of the 49 died.

Wisconsin also has a similar safe havens law. If it had been followed, Indra Book’s little baby girl would be alive today. Book made a conscious and horrible decision to starve her baby and then dispose of it like yesterday’s trash. All she and her “friend” had to do was hop in a car and drive to the nearest police station, drop the baby off and go home, no questions asked.

More than 30 babies have been saved because of Wisconsin’s safe havens law since 2001.

And yet, there’s an atrocious trend happening all across the country. Even though most states have safe havens laws, many babies are still being abandoned illegally instead of being dropped off at safe places.

I submit the reason more babies aren’t being tenderly taken to safe havens is because many people, especially mixed up babies having babies don’t know these laws exist. There needs to be one of those “awareness” campaigns, a public education effort we always hear about. Amidst all the talk in public schools about safe sex and condoms, could we spend a few minutes on safe havens?

Innocent newborns don’t belong in the garbage. I’d much rather have unwanted babies dropped off at places where they’ll receive all the attention they truly deserve rather than having to place a call to the undertaker.

Fast forward to May 2011, Kimberly, Wisconsin.

The evening after Mother’s Day, a woman standing in her driveway hears a man screaming that someone needed to call 9-1-1.

The man had found a bloody baby on the ground between a dumpster
and the wall of a former shopping mall, now a church.

Why wasn’t the baby inside the dumpster? It was locked. There is speculation the intent was to abandon the baby in the garbage, but since the dumpster was locked, the baby was simply left on the ground.

The negligent act was so unecessary because of our Safe Haven law. Then again, one must be aware of the law in order to abide. A lock probably saved that baby’s life.

Authorities are still searching for the person who left the baby to die. Again, it was oh-so unnecessary.

No need to spend state money promoting our lottery (which I thought was not allowed) or on any number of other wasteful programs.

How about $100,000, $50,000, $25,000 on one of our best laws that nobody knows about. I’ll provide the narration on any ads for free.

You don’t want your baby? Get the baby to the proper authorities, no questions asked. Let someone love and care for that baby you carried. Let it live. Please, don’t just toss the baby in the trash.

Safe Haven Law:  ... publicize a confidential, and safe alternative to newborn abandonment

Safe Haven Law: Baby Safe Haven New England

Imagine...NO union due$

This is what it would look like.

InterCHANGE is back!

After weeks off for Easter and the Channel 10 Auction, InterCHANGE returns Friday night. Here are the topics the panel discusses on Milwaukee Public Television Friday night at 6:30 with a repeat Sunday morning at 11:00:


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Suh-weet Milwaukee County deal

When asked for his reaction about the story, former Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament said:

"Yeh, so. What's the big deal?"








The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
has the news:

“In the tightest limits yet seen in Wisconsin, property taxes would be essentially frozen for two years and then placed under tight permanent caps, under a budget proposal advanced by GOP lawmakers Thursday.

On a 12-4 party-line vote, the Joint Finance Committee largely stuck with Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal and approved freezing property taxes for counties and municipalities for two years with growth in the levy limited to the value of new construction. In the following years, taxes would be limited to either 1.5% a year or the value of new construction, whichever is higher.”


The news shook across Franklin like a powerful earthquake.

At tax and spend happy City Hall and Franklin Public School System HQ, the reaction was the same:


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Reminder: Leave something for your letter carrier Saturday

Help the USPS Stamp Out Hunger.

Kyla's Korner - Musings of a Mother (05/13/11)

Kyla's Korner

By Jennifer Fischer
Mother of little angel, Kyla Audrey Fischer

Admittedly I have not contributed many Kyla’s Korner blogs recently. However, May is a special month for mommies. This past Mother’s Day, I had a couple of thoughts on my mind:

#1, I can’t wait until Kyla is old enough to serve me a breakfast in bed of burnt toast, with a bouquet of fresh-picked dandelion flowers in a vase.

#2, I will never want anything for Mother’s Day other than something similar to #1.

I know Mother’s Day is meant to recognize your mom and other special women who have played a role in your life, particularly your formative years. I do certainly think of all the amazing women who have touched & enriched MY life, and try to acknowledge them appropriately. Yet when it comes to acknowledging myself as a mom, I realize that without precious Kyla, I couldn’t celebrate as I do.

It’s difficult to put in to words but I am sure many other moms would agree with me. It’s not about being praised for all we do, it’s about celebrating our spectacular role that we just couldn’t have if not for our children. It’s the pride of bringing special lives into this world, nurturing a tiny little seed into an incredible person. We don’t become moms for celebrity status, economic gain, or achievement awards. (Good thing since we don’t ever get any of those!) We become moms for so much more… And while it’s nice to have a nationally recognized day set aside for us, it is largely unnecessary.

I remember long ago, a dear friend & I had a conversation about her never wanting children. (She has not changed her mind to this day and is, ironically, a step mom.) She is not an unloving person, nor was she afraid of stretch marks. An eternal pessimist, her reasoning was why bring one more child into this crummy, rotten world. My answer as the eternal optimist was it is one more chance to bring a positive change to this (agreed) crummy, rotten world. Back then, I couldn’t imagine my life without children, and I certainly can’t imagine my life without Kyla now. She is truly my most treasured and greatest accomplishment, even at the tender age of two.

As I said, we become moms for "so much more." But the bottom line is we become moms because of one simple thing: Love. There are probably dozens of variations on this poem floating around but I think this says it all:

Mom’s Love

Love is putting peanut butter on anything as long as they'll eat it!

Love is knowing how to disguise vegetables 30 different ways.

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Goodnight everyone and have a weekend to write a song about!

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The weekend has finally arrived.

The sun has set.

The evening sky has erupted. 

We put controversy and provocative blogs aside for the rest of this work week and smooth our way into Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight, tremendous material from a prolific composer.

Have you ever in your life sat down and attempted to write a poem?

A sonnet?

How about an actual song with lyrics?

What about a composition that’s really good?

Not easy.

Then you have a gentleman who turned 83 Thursday. During the 1
960s and '70s, he wrote an amazing 52 Top 40 hits.

Know who he is?

We won’t tell you just yet. First, we’ll give you some examples of his incredible work.

Friday nights in the late 1960’s. A popular ABC-TV show featured Tom Jones who ended his program in front of a live admiring audience backed by a major orchestra.



In 1969, Elvis released "In the Ghetto." 

Big record. 

The flip side was "Any Day Now," recorded originally back in 1962 by Chuck Jackson.

Then in the early 80's, a monster re-make by blind artist Ronnie Milsap. Part of Milsap's online bio reads:

"I went to a Ray Charles show while I was in college and somehow they let us backstage,” he recalls. “I was introduced to Ray Charles and I said, “Mr. Ray Charles, you’re my hero. You’re the man I look up to. I emulate your music, but I’m faced with a dilemma. I’d love to be in the music business, but all my advisors tell me I have to have an academic life. So I’m going on to study law and become a lawyer.” And there was a piano in the dressing room, and Ray said, “Well, play me something.” So I played him three songs, and Charles said, “Well, son, you can be a lawyer if you want to, but there’s a lot of music in your heart. If I were you, I’d follow what my heart tells me to do.”

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The best political cartoons of the week

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino

Political Cartoons by Larry Wright

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino


The Barking Lot (05/14/11)

The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of this just in
Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then its DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  Good grief. Showers and a high of only 50.  "F"

SUNDAY:  Even worse. Rain and windy. A high of 47.  "F"

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog:

"This is my dog, Ginger."

"Does Ginger bite?"

"No, but Ginger snaps."

In all my experiences with dogs, I have never had even one incident with a bite, or even a snap for that matter. Perhaps I’ve lead a sheltered life, pardon the pun.

In all seriousness, The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) hosts this year's National Dog Bite Prevention Week®  to help stop the nearly 5 million dog bites that happen every year.

Humorous images of dogs chasing postal workers have been around forever but it’s no laughing matter, especially for letter carriers in Houston.

State Farm Insurance Co. has released its top 10 states for claims involving dog bites,  with California on top in number of claims and Florida recording the highest cost per claim. Perhaps West coast pooches don’t enjoy events like this!

Some statistics aren’t at all funny OR surprising, such as 1,552 pit bull attacks that caused bodily harm from 1982 to 2010, according to an Animal People study. Pit bulls were implicated in more attacks causing bodily harm, maimings, and death than any other breed. Rounding out the study's list of the five most dangerous breeds were the Rottweiler, Husky, wolf hybrid, and Bull mastiff.

There are tips on preventing dog bites that everyone should be aware of. There is that "Oh, not MY dog" mentality about biting, but the bottom line is ANY dog is capable of biting if provoked by a situation or circumstances. And letter carriers aren’t the only ones who need to be alert.
---Jennifer Fischer

Thanks, Jennifer. BTW, Milwaukee ranks #12 in the nation for dog bites.

Time now for DOGS IN THE NEWS, canines that made headlines the past week and we’ve got a bowl full.

Man who kicked dog to death gets work release jail.

Did a dog save an abandoned baby in Kimberly, WI?

Killing a police dog in NJ would result in more penalties under Madden-Norcross bill.

Dog causes suspension of mail delivery.

Stolen pooch returned to owner.

Thieves hit closer than home when dog is taken.

Disease can spread at dog parks.

After dark, the search goes on among tornado ruins for missing pets.

Photos: Dogs saved from tornadoes.

Volunteers help rescued dogs toward a new life.

Associated Humane Society wants "Miracle Dog" Patrick moved to Rescue Zoo.

At Old Dog House, loving them to the very end.

Special dog helps children fighting cancer.

Stem cell injection
for Abilene dog's arthritis is advanced veterinary medicine.

Contra Costa: Loose dogs may get snipped, chipped.

Expired license for your cat or dog? Expect a knock on the door.

Pet health insurance trend grows.

Michael Vick’s dog receives Key to the City.

Ivy Leaguer goes from pigskin to dogs

The dog got how much? A look at some of the most and least extravagant inheritances.

Phoenix call for 'Annie' dog goes unheeded.

Daring dog bursts out of vet’s office.

Little white dog adopts orphaned raccoon.


Senator Orrin Hatch (L) has an aide hold up a photo to illustrate a hearing this week as a dog and pony show as the top oil and gas industry executives testify during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on "Oil and Gas Tax Incentives and Rising Energy Prices" on Capitol Hill in Washington May 12, 2011. Also pictured are Republican Senators Chuck Grassley (C) and Olympia Snowe. Reuters photo

Just a minute!

That's a picture of a picture of a dog. That doesn't count.


One more.

A dog retrieves a sandal from the sea during the women's Billabong Rio Pro surfing championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, May 12, 2011.

A dog retrieves a sandal from the sea during the women's Billabong Rio Pro surfing championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, May 12, 2011.

We close with our closing video.

Thanks for stopping by and tell a fellow animal lover about The Barking Lot.

Now, the video.

Week-ends (05/14/11)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Michael Murphy

Julie Feingold

Naval Medical Center in San Diego and their patients

Jaydin Goldenstein

Tracy Delp

Evans Okoduwa


Keith Urban


Lee Holloway and Renee Booker


Massachusetts teacher

Nancy Pelosi

Connecticut headmaster

Chrystal Hinchliffe

"The destructive nature of teacher tenure"

Mary Lee Hargrove

The city of Dallas

The nanny state in Cuyahoga Falls

Joel Hardman


"The guy is dead. That is good.Osama's death is a great victory in the war on terror. He was held up as a leader. The intelligence services deserve a lot of credit. They built a mosaic of information, piece by piece. I met SEAL Team Six in Afghanistan. They are awesome, skilled, talented and brave. I said, 'I hope you have everything you need. One guy said, 'We need your permission to go into Pakistan and kick ass’.”
George W. Bush

And finally, now that bin Laden’s dead, at least that airport security agent won’t have any reason left to plunge his arm down your pants up to his shoulder.  Just kidding.  When humanity is extinct and all that’s left of us is hieroglyphics, we will be represented by an Islamist blowing something up, and a transportation security agent diving headlong into a pair of underwear.”
Rachel Marsden, international political and communications strategist

“A lot of people out there say ‘I want to see the pictures’ but I've already seen them. That was him. He's gone. He's history. They're gruesome, of course, because it was taken right after the incident. It wasn't a very pretty picture. The bullet either went in the ear and out the eyeball or in the eyeball and out the ear.”
James Inhofe, a Republican who has become the first politician to see photos of Osama bin Laden's bloodied corpse said they were 'gruesome' - but left him with no doubt the terror leader is dead. Inhofe, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, described the images in graphic detail after he viewed the pictures in a secure room.

“I don’t think it was necessary, no. It absolutely was not necessary. I think respect for the rule of law and world law and international law. What if he’d been in a hotel in London? We wanted to keep it secret, so would we have sent the airplane, you know the helicopters into London, because they were afraid the information would get out?”
Ron Paul objecting to the killing of Osama bin Laden. Paul announced he’s running for president.

“We have gone above and beyond what was requested by the very Republicans who said they supported broader reform as long as we got serious about enforcement. Maybe they'll need a moat. Maybe they'll want alligators in the moat."
President Obama chiding Republicans on the issue of immigration and border patrol.

“Five years ago, legislation was passed to build a 700-mile double-layer border fence along the southwest border. This is a promise that has not been kept. Today, according to staff at the Department of Homeland Security, just 5 percent of the double-layer fencing is complete, only 36.3 miles. The Government Accountability Office (GAO), Congress’s investigative arm, reported in early 2009 that only 32 miles of double-layer fencing had been built. That means under President Obama, only 4.3 miles of double layer fencing has been built. This is woefully inadequate.”
Jim DeMint

"You all are playing with black kids. You're playing. Knock it off. You all are full of (expletive)."
Democratic Rep. Jason Fields berated Republicans and members of his own party during debate of a GOP-backed measure that would eliminate an enrollment cap on the school voucher program. The program allows Milwaukee public school students to attend private and religious schools at taxpayers' expense.

“Dressing up in costumes and screaming down a bill for the Special Olympics on the Senate floor? That’s bizarre, even for Madison. At some point, enough is enough. If you disagree with something that’s happening in Madison, there are better ways to make your point than throwing a temper tantrum.”
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald after protesters briefly disrupted a state Senate floor session.

"I want to say this: Graceland is safe. And we would charge hell with a water pistol to keep it that way and I'd be willing to lead the charge.”
Bob Nations Jr., director of the Shelby County Emergency Management Agency. The Mississippi crept toward the highest level ever in the river city early in the week, flooding pockets of low-lying neighborhoods and forcing hundreds from their homes, though the water was not threatening the music heartland's most recognizable landmarks.

“The only thing I was waiting for was for Elvis to rise out of center court. Even that, I don’t think it would have surprised me at this point.”
Shane Battier of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies after his team lost an exasperating triple overtime playoff game to Oklahoma City in Memphis.


Government workers look on as boy drowns.

Rapper invited to White House.


Wisconsin's safe havens law.


Arnold and Maria Shriver are splitting up.


He should have played volleyball.

Penthouse pancakes

Homeless man dies...but there's more.

At this very moment, there are bacteria and fungi living in a forgotten part of your body.

Thanks for checking in. We close with NewsBusted:

A "B movie" in real life (or death)

Have any idea who this is?

Try this...

No idea?

We'll get back to her, promise.

But first...

When I was just a lad, still in my single digits, naturally my place on a late Saturday evening was my home.  Not so for my older teenage brother, Greg.

Greg was often working very late at some club, playing his guitar in a rock band.

Oh, that instrument was a thing of beauty, a candy apple red fender stratocaster guitar.

I never got to see my brother live except when he practiced in one of the band member's basement.I was too young to go to places called, "Ben's Den" where sexy girls in mini skirts and go-go girls danced in cages next to the band. Nope. I got to see it, and I did (plenty) on TV instead.

When my parents didn't go see Greg play, the Saturday night would go this way. We'd watch the TV news at 10:00. Dad would go to bed. Mom would switch the TV to Channel 18 and Shock Theater.

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A "B" movie in real life (or death)

Have any idea who this is?

Try this...

No idea?

We'll get back to her, promise.

But first...

When I was just a lad, still in my single digits, naturally my place on a late Saturday evening was my home.  Not so for my older teenage brother, Greg.

Greg was often working very late at some club, playing his guitar in a rock band.

Oh, that instrument was a thing of beauty, a candy apple red fender stratocaster guitar.

I never got to see my brother live except when he practiced in one of the band member's basement.I was too young to go to places called, "Ben's Den" where sexy girls in mini skirts and go-go girls danced in cages next to the band. Nope. I got to see it, and I did (plenty) on TV instead.

When my parents didn't go see Greg play, the Saturday night would go this way. We'd watch the TV news at 10:00. Dad would go to bed. Mom would switch the TV to Channel 18 and Shock Theater.

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Week in Review from the Wisconsin Reporter

Wisconsin not as broke, photo ID moves forward.

My Most Popular Blogs (05/15/11)

Most popular

As I post every Sunday, here are the five most read blog entries of mine from the previous week. NOTE: some entries may have been posted prior to the past week.


2) TIE

Photos of the Week (05/08/11) 

Conceal carry sell out?

3) TIE

Suh-weet Milwaukee County deal

    Imagine: NO union due$

4) There is no voter fraud – Part Eight

5) TIE

    UPDATE: Conceal carry sell out?

    Week-ends (05/14/11)

Photos of the Week (05/15/11)

Photos of the Week

1) A flooded residential area is seen in this aerial photograph Tuesday, May 10, 2011, in Memphis, Tenn. The Mississippi River crested in Memphis at nearly 48 feet on Tuesday, falling short of its all-time record but still soaking low-lying areas with enough water to require a massive cleanup. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) 

Ed Jordan works in his store May 13 in Carter, Mississippi. Most of the merchandise has been raised 4 feet or more above the floor because Jordan expects floodwater to reach 3 feet in the store. The store last flooded in 1927 when water reached more than 7 feet in the store. The Mississippi river at Vicksburg is expected to crest at a record 58.5 feet on May 19. Heavy rains have left the ground saturated, rivers swollen, and have caused widespread flooding in Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Scott Olson / Getty Images

A local policewoman tries to console the daughter of a victim at Galicia street in Lorca after an earthquake measuring 5.3 hit the town on May 11 causing houses to collapse, damaging historic churches and killing at least 8 people. Israel Sanchez / EPA 

4) A Palestinian boy looks at an Israeli border police officer pointing his weapon during brief clashes between Palestinian stone throwers and Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint, near the West Bank city of Ramallah May 14. Palestinians will mark "Nakba Day" (catastrophe) on May 15 to commemorate the expulsion or fleeing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in the war that led to the founding of Israel in 1948. Reuters photo.

Anna Mayhood of Moriah, N.Y., leaped to safety from her sports utility vehicle, shown here, after the Broad Street Bridge collapsed beneath it Wednesday morning, April 27, 2011, in Moriah, N.Y. Authorities said flooding closed nearly 60 roads across the Adirondacks, most of them in Essex County, scene of some of the worst damage. Credit: AP Photo/The Plattsburg Press Republican, Lohr McKinstry

A fan eludes a police officer by climbing onto the center field wall after running across the outfield and stopping play during the ninth inning of a baseball game between the Houston Astros and New York Mets Friday, May 13, 2011, in Houston. The Mets beat the Astros 6-4. David J. Phillip / AP

A sign is shown on the lawn of the home of Michael Heick, near the Jaffarya Center in Amherst, N.Y., Tuesday, May 10, 2011. Muslim leaders in the Buffalo, N.Y. suburb are upset over the sign insinuating that bombs are being made nearby at a newly opened mosque. (AP Photo/David Duprey)

Participants in a movement that is proselytizing that the world will end on May 21, Judgment Day, gather on a street corner, May 13, 2011, in New York City. The Christian based movement, which claims thousands of supporters around the world, was founded by the Oakland, Calif. It is lead by Harold Camping. He is president of Family Stations Inc., a religious broadcasting network that promotes the belief that May 21, 2011 is Judgment Day. Camping claims to have come to this date by a deep and complex study of religious texts. He was wrong on his prior end-of-the-world prediction in 1994. Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Glass windows are being installed on upper floors of One World Trade Center in New York on May 10. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey scrapped a plan to cover the concrete base of a World tower with 2,000 clear prismatic glass panels due to technical problems. Mark Lennihan / AP

10) Tourists walk past work underway to reconstruct the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on the National Mall in Washington, May 11. Although originally built in 1922 on swampy ground, crews have taken out the massive 618-by-51 meter pool to drive sturdy wood pilings to provide a better foundation and to install a modern water circulation system when they replace it, at a cost of $30.7 million. Work is scheduled to continue on the famous pool -- well known for such real events as Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech and such fictional ones as Forrest and Jenny reuniting in the movie Forrest Gump -- until 2012. Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

11) Pedestrians walk on the corner of Broome and Greene Streets next to a double-decker movie trailer parked in the Soho neighborhood in the Manhattan borough of New York, Wednesday, May 11. The trailer, for Will Smith's movie "Men in Black III," caused complaints from area residents. Columbia Pictures removed the trailer, "The Heat" Wednesday afternoon and apologized for any inconvenience. Mary Altaffer / AP 

12) Graffiti adorns the gates of Strawberry Field, immortalized by the Beatles song 'Strawberry Fields Forever', on January 4, 2008 in Liverpool, England. The 100-year-old wrought iron gates to Strawberry Field have, on May 10, 2011 been removed to prevent any "further damage" being caused to them. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

13) Neal Merry of Wales prepares to play on May 10, 2011 during the Nedbank SA Disabled Golf Open in Langebaan, Western Cape Province, about 100 kms north of Cape Town. The competition is one of the top disabled golf tournaments in the world with more than 60 competitors from South Africa, Ireland, Wales, and Sweden competing over the three-day event. . (RODGER BOSCH/AFP/Getty Images)

14) A participant takes a fall in the mud pit after exiting the pipes during the Myrtle Beach Mud Run, Saturday morning 051411 Photo By Charles Slate.

15) A Humboldt penguin swims in a pool at the zoo in the southern German city of Heidelberg on May 13, 2011. RONALD WITTEK/AFP/Getty Images

16) In a May, 9, 2011 photo, two-week-old baby robins wait to be fed in a nest that was on a window sill at a home near Danville, Ky. (AP Photo/The Advocate Messenger, Clay Jackson)

17) A duck moves in at right to battle with a score of thrashing rainbow trout for fish pellets tossed by tourists into the trout viewing pond at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery near Cascade Locks, Ore., Monday, May, 9, 2011.(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

18) One of the marchers at a Slutwalk in Toronto carries a sign denouncing the view that provocatively-clad women are “asking” to be assaulted. T
Trade Center
he first Slutwalk reportedly took place as a response to a Toronto policeman telling a group of law students that in order to avoid being raped "women should avoid dressing like sluts". News reports this past week were that a Slutwalk is being planned to be held soon in Milwaukee. Photo: Anton Bielousov.

There is no voter fraud - Part Nine

IL Tea Party Activists Expose Alleged Gift Cards-For-Votes School Scam

There is no voter fraud – Part Eight

There is no voter fraud - Part Seven

There is no voter fraud - Part Six

There is no voter fraud - Part Five

There is no voter fraud - Part Four

There is no voter fraud - Part Three

There is no voter fraud - Part Two

There is no voter fraud - Part One

Recommended Reading (05/15/11)

Recommended reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

Kohl departure is another setback for Democrats

"When Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., announced on Friday that he will not seek a fifth term, Democrats got exactly what they didn't need -- another open Senate seat to defend in a year in which they're already juggling a daunting number of targets."

Rooting for the anti-recall crowd

"Recalls should be reserved for actually doing something wrong — wife-beating or embezzlement or drunken driving, for example. (Wait, scratch that last one; I forgot what state I was in.) Having an alternative political philosophy and engaging in political brinksmanship are not recall-worthy."

High taxes cost states good jobs

"The legend of taxation as a social and financial cure-all is the most enduring of all class warrior folk tales. It says taking more money from businesses and rich people is the best way to help low-income citizens because someday the state with get enough money to redistribute in such a way that no one will be poor.

If this is true, states collecting the most taxes should be the most prosperous."

The Missing Fifth

"So Americans should be especially alert to signs that the country is becoming less vital and industrious.  One-fifth of all men in their prime working ages are not getting up and going to work.

According to figures from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United States has a smaller share of prime age men in the work force than any other G-7 nation. The number of Americans on the permanent disability rolls, meanwhile, has steadily increased."

Hotel California

The California hotel workers union is pushing a bill that requires all hotel mattresses to have flat sheets instead of fitted sheets. They argue that the heavy lifting required for fitted sheets is causing back injuries for workers. The problem is, the regulation comes with a price tag of $30-$50 million dollars charged to the taxpayers."

The burger flip

It’s remarkable to see the media and Democrats touting a flood of fast-food jobs as proof that President Obama’s economic policies are somehow working, or at least failing less spectacularly.  All through the Bush years, 'burger-flipping job' was a curse word, shorthand for a helpless lower class forced into paper-hatted slavery while the rich got richer.  The derogatory term 'McJob' got into the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary during those years, over the strong exceptions of McDonald’s, which resented the insult.

In truth, there is nothing wrong with McJobs, and there never was.

Twitter in a Wringer

"The thing that makes tweets most vulnerable is that the Twitter interface lends itself perfectly to expressing the anger of the busybodies who take umbrage at the simpliest statement. They can amplify the original comment via retweets and re-retweets to the point that they spark a technological lynching."

The Top Ten Most Obnoxious Hollywood Liberals

"What better way to draw attention to themselves than to testify before Congress about the latest threat to humanity, even if their cause is laughable.  It was hard to narrow it down to only 10..."

The importance of a legible autograph

Minnesota outfielder Michael Cuddyer has arguably the most legible autograph on the Twins, and he owes it to Harmon Killebrew.

Killebrew — the great Twins slugger who Friday announced his battle with esophageal cancer is coming to an end — instilled in young players the importance of having a signature that fans can read. Cuddyer learned that early in his career, and carries it with him to this day.”

School Choice Expansion Helps Middle Class

Back in the mid-90’s when I was working at WTMJ, I would produce a daily editorial for the morning drive radio news format. We called it a “radio column.”

That was back in the early days of school choice, the education innovation that evolved in Milwaukee. While I supported the idea, I commented on-air that it would create a backlash from hard-working middle- class (not affluent) parents who were struggling with multiple jobs so they could send their children to some of those same choice schools without any tuition breaks. It’s been a sticky point for years.

Along comes Governor Walker who wants to expand choice outside of Milwaukee. He also wants to do away with income limits. Here’s an enterprising piece you won’t see elsewhere in the mainstream media:

Middle Class Wins in School Choice Expansion
Press Release For Immediate Release
May 13, 2011, Milwaukee, WI - 

How important is it to keep middle class families in Milwaukee? That question is at the heart of Governor Scott Walker's proposal that all families be eligible for the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP).

Much of the media coverage has miscast Walker's idea as one that would let the "rich" or "millionaires" use taxpayer money to enroll their children in private schools. This misrepresents Walker's proposal by ignoring the reality of who actually lives in Milwaukee. It turns a blind eye to the steady exodus of middle class families from Milwaukee when their children approach school age. Finally, the coverage fails to explain that many wealthy families probably would be ineligible under Walker's plan.

Looking at U.S. census data provides a context that has been overlooked in the media coverage of this issue. The following table shows the distribution of Milwaukee family households by income level.

Read more

Culinary no-no #221

Culinary no-no's

I always feel like
Somebody's watchin' me
And I have no privacy
Oh, I always feel like
 Somebody's watchin' me

The pop group Rockwell, 1984

Let’s begin this week’s entry by hopping into….

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The Latest News You Can Use from WRTL

Wisconsin Right To Life News You Can Use Contribute

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The latest from Pro-Life Wisconsin

The Monday update for May 16, 2011.

Say goodbye to law requiring racial data collection at traffic stops

Tuesday, the state Assembly will consider Assembly Bill 18 that would repeal one of the many awful provisions in Jim Doyle’s 2009-11 state budget.

The budget created a new law that the Legislative Reference Bureau described in an analysis:

“Law enforcement officers must collect, at each motor vehicle traffic stop made after December 31, 2010, all information specified by rule promulgated by the Office of Justice Assistance (OJA) in the Department of Administration (DOA). This information must then be submitted by the law enforcement agency to OJA. OJA must analyze this information to determine whether the number of motor vehicle stops and searches involving racial minorities is disproportionate compared to non-minorities.”

The budget provision as approved by the then Democrat-controlled legislature and signed into law by Democrat Jim Doyle assumed that law enforcement is racist.

In April of 2009, the Franklin Common Council unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the record-keeping requirement for law enforcement. The data
collected by authorities has to go into a new software program that police departments must pay for. The provision was one of 80 in the budget designated by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau as non-fiscal. Therefore, it should have been debated as a separate piece of legislation outside the budget.

he Franklin Common Council and Franklin Police Chief Rick Oliva argued that the provision could violate the constitutional rights of citizens and would be impractical. At the time, Oliva gave a memo to the Franklin Common Council informing that Franklin officers conducted more than 6,000 motor vehicle stops during 2008 and that the new law would require an additional 2,000 work hours a year for department personnel. Oliva wrote, “The governor's proposed legislation is unduly burdensome to law enforcement agencies, subjects citizens to longer detainment at traffic stops, creates the perception that racial profiling exists and amounts to an unfunded mandate by the state."

Other departments around the state also expressed concern with the Racine County Sheriff going so far as to ignore it.

Assembly Bill 18, to be considered Tuesday by the Assembly, would repeal the data collection requirement. The chief sponsor of the bill in the state Senate is Senator Mary Lazich.

How low can Democrats go?

Pretty low.

Humility a lost art in politics

In the world of politics, all too often, personal ego takes control. The speaker imagined a moment of brilliance. Instead, the speaker came off sounding pompous and arrogant.

Take for example President Obama after bin Laden was killed. All I could think of listening to the president was that old saying that there is no “I” in team:

“Tonight, I can report . . . And so shortly after taking office, I directed Leon Panetta . . . I was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden . . . I met repeatedly with my national security team . . . I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action. . . . Today, at my direction . . . I’ve made clear . . . Over the years, I’ve repeatedly made clear . . . Tonight, I called President Zardari . . . and my team has also spoken. . .These efforts weigh on me every time I, as Commander-in-Chief . . . Finally, let me say to the families . . . I know that it has, at times, frayed. . . .”

I, I , I.

Me, me, me.

I, yi, yi.

This happens at all levels of government, from the White House and Congress down to local alderman.

Woe, they over-estimate their importance and knowledge.

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.
Albert Einsten

To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.
Charles de Montesquieu, French Politician and Philosopher

What makes humility so desirable is the marvelous thing it does to us; it creates in us a capacity for the closest possible intimacy with God."
Monica Baldwin

“Anything that keeps a politician humble is healthy for democracy.”
Michael Kinsley

Elections Board: 2011 will serve as test run for voter ID

The Assembly has already approved, and now it's the state Senate's turn to vote on photo ID.

Wisconsin Reporter has more details.

About those ballot bags in Waukesha...

Read more

The quickest demise of a presidential campaign in American history

The Wall Street Journal:

"The Republican Presidential campaign is off to a slow start, but judging by the last week not slow enough. First Mitt Romney defends his ObamaCare prototype in Massachusetts, and now Newt Gingrich has decided to run against House Republicans on Medicare. They must be loving this at the White House.

Asked on NBC's "'Meet the Press' on Sunday about Paul Ryan's reform plan, Mr. Gingrich chose to throw his former allies in the GOP House not so much under the bus as off the Grand Canyon rim.

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An Open Letter to the Wisconsin Secretary of State

From the MacIver Institute...
The MacIver Institute has graciously granted This Just In permission to post any and all of their releases and videos.

May 17, 2011
Wisconsin Secretary of State Doug LaFollette
30 W. Mifflin, 10th Floor
Madison, WI 53703

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Yoo hoo, Franklin elected officials...

1) Are you paying attention?

2) Do you care? poll question

Do you support the proposal to essentially freeze property taxes for two years?

Yes. Taxes are out of control and this needs to be done: 65%
No. It takes away control from local government: 26%
I'm not sure. I need to hear more about the proposal: 9%
Total Responses: 1078

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Did GOP shoot itself in the foot on photo ID?


I sure hope not.

As I write this blog, the state Senate is in the midst of debating 27 amendments to the photo ID bill. Don’t get me wrong. I’m an ardent supporter of photo ID.

However, one provision shoved into the measure by Assembly Republicans makes no sense because it could hurt Republicans.

Assembly Bill 7, the photo ID bill now before the state Senate as I write gets rid of straight party ticket voting. There is evidence that suggests straight party ticket voting helps Republicans.

Tonight, Senate Democrats put forth an amendment to remove the provision that eliminates straight party ticket voting. The amendment was voted down.

I understand that if the amendment was approved, the entire bill would have to be sent back to the Assembly for consideration and the intent is to get this bill to the governor’s desk. But the straight party ticket measure should never have been included in the first place.

Bad move by Assembly Republicans, especially if it turns out to be true and Senate Democrats tried to help the GOP out.

There is no voter fraud - Part Ten

I saved the best for now.

Here is the ultimate argument against photo ID opponents.

I have blogged about it in the past. I have discussed it on Newstalk 1130 WISN.

The Center for Democracy and Election Management at American University released a study in 2008 clearly showing photo IDs do not prevent people from casting ballots and are not obstacles to voting. The study randomly sampled registered voters in Indiana (that has the toughest photo ID law in the country), Mississippi and Maryland. Here are some of the significant findings:

Almost all registered voters have an acceptable form of photo ID available (e.g., driver’s license, passport, military ID or some combination of these documents).

About 1.2 percent of registered voters do not have a photo ID, but half of those have documents proving citizenship, and most of the states have provisional or absentee ballots or other exceptions that could permit people to vote.

Registered voters without photo IDs tended to be female, African-American, and Democrat. However, that number of registered voters in the survey was too small (24 of 2,000) to draw definitive conclusions about this group.

A much larger problem among poor and minorities is not registered voters without IDs, but those who are not registered.

More than 97 percent of all registered voters in the three states surveyed could produce proof of citizenship, either a birth certificate, a passport, or naturalization papers.

Nearly one-fifth of registered voters saw or heard of fraud at their own polling place, and an even larger number, 64 percent of all respondents - reported hearing of fraud elsewhere.

Nearly all, 96 percent of voters in this study said showing a photo ID would not make them less likely to vote.

Read the full report, Voter IDs Are Not the Problem: A Survey of Three States.

There is no voter fraud - Part Nine

There is no voter fraud – Part Eight

There is no voter fraud - Part Seven

There is no voter fraud - Part Six

There is no voter fraud - Part Five

There is no voter fraud - Part Four

There is no voter fraud - Part Three

There is no voter fraud - Part Two

There is no voter fraud - Part One

Tim Carpenter said WHAT?

We know that Democrats in the state Legislature insult certain individuals by asserting they’re somehow uneducated, incapable of obtaining a photo ID to vote. They just can’t do it. Too hard. Too tough.

Then during the ten-hour debate on the floor of the state Senate Tuesday, state Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) brought up a proposal to move Wisconsin’s September primary to August, meaning early ballots would have to be submitted sometime in July. According to Carpenter, yet another incredible hardship.

Why? Because in July and August, there are ozone action days. Can’t leave the house. Can’t vote.


An obstacle.

Back to photo ID. Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) even called the requirement “evil.”

Let’s not forget “racist.”

And the Democrats’ favorite word Tuesday? Say it with me everyone, over and over again: dis-en-fran-chise!

Iraqis Ink Their Votes

An elderly Iraqi woman sitting in a wheelchair shows her inked finger as she leaves a polling station, with an Iraqi flag seen in background, in Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, March 7, 2010. Iraqis voted Sunday in an election testing the mettle of the country's still-fragile democracy as insurgents killed 25 people across Iraq, unleashing a barrage of mortars intent on disrupting the historic day. Writing on flag in Arabic reads "God is Great". (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)

South African voters have their identity documents checked by an electoral commission officer before casting their ballots in local government elections in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa on May 18, 2011. Millions of voters head to the polls with the ruling party African National Congress (ANC) expected to loose ground on the official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA). Photo: Nic Bothma/EPA

A liberal ad so over the top that no one will buy it

When it rains, what happens? Watch

Read more

Green Bay columnist needs to "chill" about women, football, and underwear


Baltimore Charm

Cleveland Crush

Orlando Fantasy

Philadelphia Passion

Tampa Breeze

Toronto Triumph

Chicago Bliss

Las Vegas Sin

Los Angeles Temptation

Minnesota Valkrie

Seattle Mist

These are the teams of the Lingerie Football League. Yes, the Lingerie Football League. They play in big-time cities in big-time arenas.

This isn’t rocket science. The league features teams of women that play football in their unmentionables.

Meet the newest team in the league:

Their coach is the legendary Green Bay Packer defensive lineman, Gilbert Brown.

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You can forget that trip to the Bahamas...

You'll be paying for light bulbs instead.

Outrage of the Year?

It's in the running.


Welcome to the land of the freeloaders and the home of the depraved. No image captures America’s regressive ethos better than that of 30-year-old Stanley Thornton Jr., self-proclaimed “Adult Baby.”- Michelle Malkin

While the Democrats in Madison are having a hissy fit about photo ID...

A liberal in NY is actually advocating taking away the voting rights of the elderly.

And he admits it.

Those crazy, wacky state Senate Democrats

Heard today on the floor of the state Senate before photo ID was finally approved, hyperbole to the nth degree:

1) Lena Taylor used all kinds of historical references including Dred Scott and poll taxes to suggest photo ID proponents are racist. Taylor was on the verge of becoming totally unglued, ready to scream and cry and throw her microphone. But Gwen Moore-lite hasn’t perfected those theatrics just yet.

2) Spencer Coggs said having to show an ID at the polls would have “a chilling effect” on the majority of Wisconsin residents. Right, Spencer, because millions of Badgers don't have photo IDs and are virtually too stupid to be able to get one without a heavily subsidized government outreach/education program.

3) Chris Larson, proving that he’s not just a kleptomaniac, he’s also nuts, referred to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as “conservative.” That's news to the Pulitzer Prize winners.

4) Pompous windbag Bob Jauch said May 19, 2011 was “the day democracy died in Wisconsin.”

5) Another Jauch-ism: the process used to approve photo ID was “absolute tyranny.”

6) More pomposity from Jauch: He said there was a GOP pattern of “dictatorial madness.”

7) And finally, one more from the Goodyear blimp Jauch. There is “one good benefit in this tragedy. Citizens will return government in Wisconsin to the institution people are proud of.”

Hmmmm. How that can possibly be if so many people who would vote Democrat won’t be able to get their hands on a photo ID?

This is what union thuggery looks like...

And smells like.

Let's do the Hokey Pokey with the TSA!

Goodnight everyone, and have a weekend to die for!

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The weekend has finally arrived.

The sun has set.

The evening sky has erupted. 

Let's put controversy and provocative blogs aside for the rest of this work week and smooth our way into Saturday and Sunday IF there's going to be a Saturday and Sunday.

Julie Baker walks the streets proselytizing with other believers that the world will end this May 21, Judgment Day, on May 13, 2011 in New York City. The Christian based movement, which claims thousands of supporters around the country and world, was founded by the Oakland, Calif.-based Harold Camping. Camping is president of Family Stations Inc., a religious broadcasting network that promotes the belief that May 21, 2011 is Judgment Day. Camping claims to have come to this date by a deep and complex study of religious texts. BTW, Camping was wrong on his prior end-of-the-world prediction in 1994. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Tonight, music fit for our finale.

We must begin with the obvious selection. It was the biggest hit for Skeeter Davis and it was copied by many others in the mid-60's.

From the Midnight Special...

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The best political cartoons of the week

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler


The Barking Lot (05/21/11)

The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of this just in
Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then its DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  Thunder showers. Chance of rain: 70%. High of 69.  "C"

SUNDAY:  Isolated thunderstorms. High of 76. "B"

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog:

I guess Kevin is right, we should never get a dog.  There are many reasons why I should be glad we don’t have a dog.

·      Shedding

·      Incessant barking

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Week-ends (05/21/11)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Richard Cliff

Michelle Kreinbrook

Harmon Killebrew

Naomi in ABC's "Private Practice"

Door County roofers

Jim Hughes


Once again, the TSA.

Schools that arrange secret abortions.

Another of our wonderful, "they can do no wrong because they're perfect "teachers.

Stanley Thornton


"It would make no sense to leave where I am right now because I have such a bigger impact (in the House). It's my ability to impact policy. It would take me, you know, 12 to 16 years in the Senate to get where I am in the House. I don't want to be in Congress for the rest of my life. I don't want to take myself out of this fight, and leave the fight and a leadership role I have at the moment America is going to make up its mind about what kind of country it's going to become.”
Paul Ryan, announcing he will not run for the U.S. Senate.

"Too big a jump" and an effort at "imposing radical change.”
Newt Gingrich blasting Paul Ryan and Congressional Republicans’ budget.

"With allies like that, who needs the left?"
Paul Ryan’s response to Gingrich.

"Gingrich chose to throw his former allies in the GOP House not so much under the bus as off the Grand Canyon rim."
The Wall Street Journal suggested that Gingrich had told House Republicans to ‘drop dead’.”

"Why don't you get out [of the presidential race] before you make a bigger fool of yourself? What you just did to Paul Ryan is unforgivable."
An Iowa voter angrily confronted Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich in Dubuque, Iowa over his comments about Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget.

I "didn't do anything to Paul Ryan."
Newt Gingrich responds to the Iowa man.

"You're an embarrassment to our party."
The Iowa voter.

"I sent an email to President Obama saying, 'You are a f(expletive) traitor,' using those words... 'You're a traitor, you allowed foreign boots on our soil telling our military -- in this case the coastguard -- what they can and could not do, and telling us, the citizens of the United States, what we could or could not do'."
Peter Fonda launched a four-letter attack on US President Barack Obama at the Cannes film festival on Wednesday, calling him a traitor over the handling of the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill.  The star of the 1969 road movie ‘Easy Rider’ was in Cannes for the premiere of ‘The Big Fix’ by Rebecca and Josh Tickell, the only feature documentary in the official selection at the Cannes film festival this year. .Fonda -- a keen environmentalist and co-producer of the film which centers on the explosion of the BP oil rig Deepwater Horizon, the ensuing spill and its consequences -- accused Washington of trying to gag reporting on the issue.

Well, talk about racism – that was a racist-tinged question from David Gregory. He made it sound like if you’re on food stamps and the president is referring to you being on food stamps. I think that’s racist. And you know, enough is enough of this calling out, this racism, these false charges. Obviously, it is done to end the conversation, just to distract, divert attention from what the real substance is and stop the conversation. Here again, enough is enough. Why do we let the press, the media personalities get away with such? Let’s call him out on them and let’s start concentrating on what the real issue is. The real issue is we have 40-something million Americans on food stamps. You know why? Because we don’t have a robust economy allowing the private sector to grow and thrive and have jobs provided via the private sector because government has overreached, overtaxed and overspent and got us in debt and there isn’t enough private sector money out there creating jobs. That needs to be the focus, not allowing David Gregory to falsely charge Newt Gingrich as being a racist because he’s making a statement of fact about how many people are on food stamps.”
Sarah Palin

"I want to thank you all for inviting me to speak. It was especially gracious of you to host me, even though I'm a Packers fan and I assume most of you are Bears fans. But that doesn't mean we can't work together. As chairman of the House Budget Committee, I stand ready to do whatever it takes to help you re-sign Jay Cutler.

I'm here to talk about the economy today -- about the need to get four quarters of strong, consistent performance.

That wasn't another Jay Cutler joke, I swear. It could be, but it's not."

Paul Ryan speaking in Chicago about Chicago Bear QB Jay Cutler.


Schools arrange secret abortions.

Are America's wounded soldiers getting a square deal?


From the Iowa State Association of County Auditors (ISACA), reporting on the U.S. Supreme Court case examining the photo ID law in Indiana, the most restrictive in the nation.

“The day after the Indiana photo ID bill was signed into law, a lawsuit was filed challenging its constitutionality. Additional lawsuits followed, and cases were eventually decided by the Indiana Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. In each decision the justices were divided. Both courts found that the complainants provided theoretical situations, but failed to provide even one witness who had been disenfranchised by the photo ID law.”

The Indiana law was ruled to be constitutional.


Arnold had a love child. 


Unusual, but nice.

Wacky warning contest.

Thanks for checking in.

We close with the latest from NewsBusted:

Big Hearts & Big Bears

Gene Simmons on Obama's foreign policy expertise

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Holy Smoke! Look what's happening in Nevada

In November 2006, Nevada voters approved the Clean Indoor Act with 54% voting yes. The law bans smoking in restaurants and bars that serve food, in slot machine sections of grocery and convenience stores, and at video arcades, shopping malls, schools and day-care centers. Smoking is still permitted on gambling floors of casinos. The law went into effect one month later.

No Smoking Signage (Dark Blue)

Nearly five years later, guess what? Businesses are hurting. With two weeks left in the current Nevada legislative session, a bill has been proposed to lift the ban on smoking in bars that serve food.

The Las Vegas Review Journal in its reporting on the legislation spoke with, among others, Joe Wilcock, owner of the Brewery Bar and Grill and past president of the Nevada Tavern Association. The newspaper writes:

“No one can deny that smoking is unhealthy, Wilcock said. But people who don't want to breathe secondhand smoke should not work or hang out in places where smoking is allowed, he said. Wilcock noted that casinos are exempt from the smoking ban, calling it ‘hypocritical’."


Let’s hear from the other side. Yes, please. What does the other side (predictably) argue? People will die unless the nanny state prevails. Back to the Las Vegas paper:

"There's no safe level of secondhand smoke," said Allison Newlon Moser, the lung association's executive director.

It not only goes against the will of the public, Moser said, but it imperils the health of employees who must work in smoky settings. Working eight hours in a place with heavy secondhand smoke can be tantamount to puffing a pack of cigarettes, she said.

Sorry, but I’m not buying that last absurd scare tactic.

I do love this quote from a non-smoker who obviously understands the issue of property rights:

"If I wanted clean air and kids around I'd go to a bookstore," said Kenny Stevens, 36, who doesn't smoke but still was pleased by the news (of the proposed legislation).

I opposed the Wisconsin smoking ban. However, I’m not suggesting the Republican-controlled Legislature seek repeal. I think a lot of folks who originally balked at a smoking ban have now experienced smoke-free, establishments, have grown to like the atmosphere, and a smoking ban has suddenly become low on the priority list.

But what’s happening in Nevada is fascinating. If there is a repeal of certain portions of the Clean Indoor Act, the action could prompt other areas with bans to reconsider, especially if there’s clear evidence of a negative impact on business.

My Most Popular Blogs (05/22/11)

As I post every Sunday, here are the five most read blog entries of mine from the previous week. NOTE: some entries may have been posted prior to the past week.

1) Culinary no-no #221

2) Tim Carpenter said WHAT?

3) Green Bay columnist needs to chill about women, football and underwear

4) Photos of the Week (05/15/11)

5) Week-ends (05/21/11)

Photos of the Week (05/22/11)

Photos of the Week

1) The National Debt Clock, which displays the current United States gross national debt and each American family's share, hangs on a wall next to an office for the Internal Revenue Service near Times Square, in New York, May 16, 2011. The Treasury Department said the nation had hit its $14.294 trillion debt limit -- a milestone that has little practical impact beyond injecting a note of urgency into the debate over taxes and spending that has dominated Washington this year. Chip East / Reuters

2) Stefanie Gordon captured this remarkable picture on a flight from New York to Palm Beach, Fla., after the final liftoff of space shuttle Endeavour near Cape Canaveral on Monday, May 16. 

3) A 22-year-old woman in a wedding gown is grabbed by Guo Zhongfan, a local community officer, as she attempts to kill herself by jumping out of a seven-story residential building in Changchun, Jilin province, China on May 17. According to local media, the woman tried to commit suicide after her boyfriend of four years broke up with her, just as they were making plans to get married. The woman did not sustain any injuries during the incident. China Daily via Reuters

Marine Lance Cpl. Matt Ferreira reaches to shake hands with supporters as wounded soldiers from across the country arrive at George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Friday. David J. Phillip / AP

 Major Dale Patterson, who served in Iraq, wipes away tears while being welcomed by supporters in Houston.David J. Phillip / AP

6) Brenda Hynum, left, hugs her daughter Debra Emery as she watches floodwaters rise around her mobile home in Vicksburg, Miss., Monday, May 16, 2011. A sand berm they built around their trailer failed in the night and floodwaters from the rising Mississippi river rushed in. "We tried so hard to stop it. It goes from anger to utter disbelief that this could happen. I just want to go home." Emery said. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

A message is posted to residents of Baton Rouge by a homeowner May 15, 2011 in Butte LaRose, Louisiana. Most of the residents of the small town of Butte LaRose are packing their possessions or moving their entire homes because the town is expected to be severely flooded after the Army Corps of Engineers opened the Morganza spillway to divert floodwater down the Atchafalaya River and away from the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Heavy rains have left the ground saturated, rivers swollen, and have caused widespread flooding in Mississippi, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

8) A sign hanging from the third story of Roger Hedrick's flooded home warns looters May 18, 2011 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The Castle Law allows homeowners to use deadly force to defend their homes. The Mississippi river at Vicksburg is expected to crest May 19. Heavy rains have left the ground saturated, rivers swollen, and have caused widespread flooding along the Mississippi River from Illinois to Louisiana. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) 

A handout photograph provided by the Government of Chiapas shows an X-ray view of the inside of a truck where some of a group of 513 illegal immigrants were found in Tuxtla Gutierrez, northern Mexico, on May 17. Authorities detected two trucks with immigrants from at least nine countries when the vehicles crossed a checkpoint equipped with an X-ray. Government of Chiapas via EPA 

10) A group of illegal immigrants is found inside a truck in Tuxtla Gutierrez, northern Mexico, on May 17. PGJECH via EPA

Passengers on Cathay Pacific flight CX715 prepare to disembark from the aeroplane after it landed safely at Changi Airport in Singapore on May 16. The A330 flight, which was enroute to Jakarta, experienced engine trouble shortly after takeoff and had to return to Singapore. Its right engine was burnt, according to pilot Bradley Chic. Beawiharta / Reuters

In this May 15, 2011 photo, Afghan shepherd Asadullah Daad Mohammad, 12, right, talks to his father , Daad Mohammad Pir Mohammad, as he walks on his artificial legs for the first time using the parallel bars at the International Committee of the Red Cross Orthopedic Center in Kabul, Afghanistan, about ten days earlier. Asadullah lost his two legs, left eye and a finger most likely after he stepped on a land mine while he was out with his goats and sheep at Paktya province, south of Kabul about five months ago. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili) 

13) A tractor-trailer flipped onto its side on northbound I-75 in West Carrollton near Dayton, Ohio Tuesday, May 17, 2011 injuring the driver and spilling a load of Hunts tomato sauce all over the highway. The highway was closed for nearly two hours.  Jan Underwood / Dayton Daily News via AP

In this image made available by the Mission Internal Medical Group on Tuesday May, 17, 2011, Egyptologist Dr.Ibrahem Badr prepares a mummy from the Late Period (ca. 688 to 332 BC) for CT scanning in the Egyptian Museum Cairo May 11, 2010. An Egyptian princess who lived more than 3,500 years ago is the oldest known person to have had clogged arteries, dispelling the myth that heart disease is a symptom of modern society, a new study says. To determine how widespread heart disease was in ancient Egypt, international scientists performed computer scans on 52 mummies in Cairo and the U.S. About half of the mummies were those of people who held elite positions in the pharaoh's court. Among the mummies who still had heart tissue, 44 had chunks of calcium stuck to their arteries. Michael Miyamoto, MD / AP 

A man who would only be identified as 'Redeye' singing a rendition of Sublime's 'Two Joints' during karaoke night at the Cannabis Cafe in Portland, Ore., in a picture taken on May 5 and released last Tuesday. The cafe has farmer's markets of donated weed-laden goodies, a weekly comedy show and even an employees' night. On Thursdays, it's karaoke. An ill-lit stage catches an occasional cloud of puffy white smoke blown from a pipe or a bong or a vaporizer. Rick Bowmer / AP

Harmon Killebrew poses next to a statue of him - unveiled at Target Field prior to the game against the St. Louis Cardinals on April 3, 2010  Bruce Kluckhohn / Getty Images

Denzel Washington speaks during the 2011 University Of Pennsylvania Commencement on May 16, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images 

 Laborers work at the construction site of a commercial complex in the eastern Indian city of Bhubaneswar, India on Thursday, May 19. Reuters photo

19) Finished 'reborn babies', dolls which are made to look just like real babies, on sale at the reborn babies fair in Brentwood, England on February 27. Beatrice Debut / AFP - Getty Images

Twenty Estonian men yoked to the Tallink's cruise ship Baltic Queen move the 20.000-ton cruise ship, to set a new record, during the Tallinn's Maritime Days in Tallinn on May 20, 2011. The event was organized as one of the key events on Tallinn's Maritime Days by Tallink company. The Baltic Queen is one of the Baltic Sea's largest cruise ships, with a length of 212 meters, beam of 29 meters and weight of close to 20,000 tons. In 2010 the Estonian men hauled a 200-ton train and in 2009, one of the muscle men, Andrus Murumets, single-handedly pushed a 40-ton Estonian Air Boeing 737-500. Raigo Pajula/ AFP - Getty Images

An osprey chick too young even to sit up is weighed at the home of wildlife rehabilitator Donna Gee of Youngsville, La., on March 17. Gee and licensed rehabilitator CIndy Ransonet collected 13 chicks and three eggs March 13 and 17 from nests that they considered likely to be overtaken by floodwaters or to come within alligator reach when the nearby Atchafalaya River crests. Janet McConnaughey / AP

Eight month old baby sloth Camillo yawns at the zoo in Halle, eastern Germany, on Thursday, May 17. In the wild, sloths live mainly in tropical rainforests of Central and South America

 A man with a pony in the Elihu Yale pub in Wrexham, Wales. Wales News Service via NBC

24) The unidentified model of bodypainter Johannes Stoetter, not pictured, of Italy smiles during the Body-painting Trophy competition at the BEAUTY FORUM and trade fair in Leipzig, eastern Germany, on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Stoetter placed second with this creation. BEAUTY FORUM 2011 is widely considered the most important cosmetic trade fair in Germany. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

David Kirk, Carlos Munoz and Pete Erwin, with his Jesus figure, gather in front of the closed radio station offices of evangelist Harold Camping along with others, to celebrate irreverently, the non-destruction of the world predicted by Camping, Saturday, May 21, 2011 in Oakland, Calif.. (AP Photo/Dino Vournas)

BEST PHOTO OF THE WEEK. In this photo from May 15, 2011, Tiffany Goodwin, of Fredericksburg Va., robs her husband Allen, at right with glove, of a foul ball while holding 8-month-old son Jerry, during a minor league baseball game between the Richmond Flying Squirrels and Harrisburg Senators at The Diamond in Richmond Va. The Goodwin's have season tickets for the Squirrels games. Mark Gormus / Times-Dispatch via AP

Recommended Reading (05/22/11)

Recommended reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

Why Scott Walker drives liberals crazy

“One side effect of this nationally watched political drama was that Madison students can now easily identify Hosni Mubarak, because his photo appeared on a thousand placards declaring Gov. Walker to be his love child.”

Gov. Walker fights unions, Republicans in mission to expand school choice

“That leads me to wonder if some Republicans, once committed to the concept of public school reform, have lost their nerve in the face of obnoxious union rallies and recall efforts. I also wonder if Walker might have received a more positive response if he had targeted the entire state for voucher eligibility, in the same manner as Indiana.”

Top Ten Obama Foreign Policy Flubs

“Barack Obama brought to the presidency the foreign policy experience of a community organizer, that is to say, none.  And it shows.  If there is such a thing as an Obama Doctrine, it might be this:  React slowly to a foreign crisis and, in a conflict, pick a side hostile to U.S. interests.”

Obama off the deep end

“What are you afraid of, Mr. President?”

What Democrats believe

Democrats believe that immigration laws aren't laws at all; for, in fact, they are suing states for enforcing the very immigration laws that Congress passed!”

The tyranny of hurt feelings

“By tossing aside nearly all standards of sexual conduct 40-odd years ago, liberals abetted the free-for-all they are now so feverishly trying to check. That's condign retribution. But in the process, they are endangering freedom of speech and thought — and in some cases even inviting gross miscarriages of justice.”

The right way to get raped

"Like the distinguished public servant Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I am a friend to all women, even the ones who didn’t fully appreciate my American Spectator column on the scurrilous charges filed against the former IMF chief. I’d like to extend an olive branch to those misguided members of the fairer sex by sharing some advice on the proper way to go about getting raped if you expect public intellectuals to take your charges seriously."

Yet another true life example why conceal carry is a good thing

A pack of pit bulls.

Three to be exact.

A man playing catch with his own dog.

Suddenly the pit bulls attack.

Here are the details.

More from KOMO-TV…

Culinary no-no #222

Culinary no-no

Because I like McDonald’s, it’s no surprise that in recent weeks, I’ve patronized a few Golden Arches.

South 1st Street.

South 14th Street.

South 27th Street.

West Rawson Avenue.

At each location, gone was the old McDonald’s look…

Bright reds and yellows had been replaced by earthy tone browns and greens, even some gray.




The whole new marketing approach is to make McDonald's resemble Starbucks and lure you in for lattes and frappes and fruit yogurt and Asian salads.

And during my recent visits, not a sign of this guy...

What's going on?

In his classic song, “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim,” the late Jim Croce mentioned Superman and the Lone Ranger. He could have easily also referred to Ronald McDonald. The clown is true Americana.

But there’s intense pressure by the nanny state no good-doers to get rid of the burger spokesman. Ronald’s fate was the subject of Culinary no-no #210.

You see, your kid is fat and out of shape, not because you have made bad parenting decisions, but because McDonald's has a clown.

So, does the fast food giant want to comply or not?

Big brass says no, but you have to wonder if they'll cave. If they do, it would be might sad.

Al Lewis said it best today in the Wall Street Journal:

”To blame Ronald for lifetime addictions to high-fat, highly processed foods is to deny personal responsibility. And if they get Ronald, who is next? Chuck E. Cheese, the plastic-faced Burger King and that pigtailed brat, Wendy.

Read more

The latest from Pro-Life Wisconsin

The Monday update for May 23, 2011.

Making the case for voter ID

Outstanding column in today’s Wall Street Journal about Voter ID by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach who makes one great point after another:

·         The trend is that more states are adopting photo ID.

Read more

Another victory for gun rights supporters

It was like a scene out of “Psycho.”

Except this time, the would-be victim was able to fight back.

And how.

Milwaukee County (which includes Franklin) is a tax hell

How much did you pay in property taxes last year?

Yep, here’s another in a series of Kevin Fischer property tax blogs.

Whenever I bring up the issue of property taxes, specifically those in my fair city, the reaction from the mayor, five out of six aldermen, and most school board members is predictable if not insightful:

·         There he goes again.

Read more

Potential Abuses of Same Day Voter Registration Uncovered

MediaTrackers Press Release
Same Day Voter Registration Issues Uncovered
Milwaukee, WI, May 23, 2011 - 

Media Trackers conducted an open records request investigation of election day registrations in 15 Milwaukee and Dane County wards for the April 5 election. With just a small sampling of election-day registrations, Media Trackers uncovered significant potential abuses of the same-day registration system and numerous cases of incomplete voter registrations.

Read more

"A fringe element of the pro-gun movement is prepared to seize defeat from the jaws of legislative victory"

The words of WTMJ's Jeff Wagner about a conceal-carry bill that does not call for permits or training.

I concur with Wagner.

Wasteful Spending Continues in State's Most Troubled School District (that would be MPS)

 MacIver Institute 

Wasteful Spending Continues in State’s Most Troubled School District

If Wisconsin’s educational establishment want their demands for more funding to be taken seriously, they must stop wasteful spending of tax dollars intended to improve public schools, according to Brett Healy.

Read more

Janet Evans* and Mark Belling

* A member of the Franklin School Board

Early last month, Franklin blogger Fred Keller took a video camera into a meeting of the local Jesse James Gang, officially known as the Franklin School Board. Keller proceeded what amounted to a waste of School Board time and taxpayer money.

On his own blog, Keller posted videos of the discussion on the agenda item where the board members performed self-evaluation. Hey, forget about student performance, test scores, dropout rates, etc. Let’s chat about how we get along.

I saw enough of the lengthy videos to fond totally revealing material.

Not surprising was School Board Vice-President Jeff Traylor literally scoffing and chuckling at the very notion of being “fiscally responsible” with a completely "could care less" facial expression and body language.

The best line I saw was from member Janet Evans. As her colleagues wrestled with how to form better “relationships” as a board, Evans chimed in:

“I’m not here to have a relationship (with any of you). I’m here to do my job.”


She said what?

“I’m not here to have a relationship (with any of you). I’m here to do my job.”

The comment made so much common sense and because it did, Evans’ statement was stunning to the rest of the clueless robots on the Board.

You could almost sense the collective reaction from the others as they longed for a roll of TUMS:


When I watched Keller’s video, I must be honest, I did not leap from my seat…but I felt like it.

Which brings me to a segment on Mark Belling’s talk show Monday on Newstalk 1130 WISN

I’m pretty sure that Mark has never heard of Janet, and that’s no reflection on either of them, just a statement of fact. But I couldn’t help but think of Janet as I listened to a podcast of mark’s program from Monday.

Keep in mind Janet’s comments during that school board meeting last month:

“I’m not here to have a relationship (with any of you). I’m here to do my job.”

The problem is that there should be more school board members with that sentiment, but there aren’t.

I will paraphrase, and quite accurately, from Mark’s program.

He addressed a school board issue in Menomonee Falls (MF). By coincidence, MF has about the same population as Franklin and like Franklin is immensely conservative. In MF, the voting patterns are overwhelmingly Republican. As mark put it, the last place you’d expect victories by the teacher’s union with public officials thumbing their noses at the will of the people would be MF. I would add you could toss in Franklin, except that the Franklin School Board is beyond out of touch.

Mark mentioned that in some communities, especially smaller ones like MF (and I might add, Franklin) with 30-35,000 population, the teachers are often pals with the school board. They bump into one another and see each other in the community, at church, at youth school sports. They become buddies.


Read more

The latest from Rehorst


The Monthly Newsletter of Wisconsin's First & Finest Craft Distillery
In This Issue
Order Online
Absinthe Poster Signing
Celebrate the Danniversary
Spirit Paired Dinner
Cocktail of the Month

Read more

Gassing Up

Want to avoid a TSA patdown? Dress like an Arab

Read more

Before you click, guess who said taxpayers are NOT a money tree

If you're a wussy Democrat on LIVE cable TV with no facts, what do you do?

E-mails, I get e-mails: Death of the Good Samaritan

Last month, USA TODAY reported, “Americans depended more on government assistance in 2010 than at any other time in the nation's history, a USA TODAY analysis of federal data finds. The trend shows few signs of easing, even though the economic recovery is nearly 2 years old. A record 18.3% of the nation's total personal income was a payment from the government for Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, unemployment benefits and other programs in 2010. Wages accounted for the lowest share of income — 51.0% — since the government began keeping track in 1929.”

The entitlement mentality is alive and larger than ever.

I recently received a lengthy e-mail from a This Just in reader, a local woman who lives in the area, expressing her frustrations over government handouts. She has witnessed the abuse first-hand.

I found the e-mail to be so compelling that it was worth posting. I am not going to give her name or that of her husband. I have changed the names of the couple she refers to as Joe and Mary.

Death of the Good Samaritan

My husband and I are not the best people in the world, we would never tell anyone that we are holier than thou. But we have tried to help people when they were down and out, and every time we have done this, we have been totally screwed over and it ended ugly.

The following story is not the first time this has happened to us, but it is the last.

About 5 weeks ago we took in this dude who worked at my husband’s office. His name is Joe and he has worked there on and off for many years, as a salesman.

My husband has always helped Joe with the written part of his sales and tried to coach him to make sales. When Joe is sober, he has the gift of a good salesman, a quick wit and mouth, he is a bull*******. My husband has known Joe for the better part of 7 years.

Joe is 35 years old, he has been with the same woman for a long time and they have 5 kids together. The kids range in age from 15 to 2 years old. Both are functionally illiterate, I imagine their parents are and their children will be too.

These two have been together for many years, but they also have split up for long times too, and they both f***** all sorts of folks while separated. The only thing that has kept them together is welfare money, drugs and their kids; I put the kids last, because they do too. (I do not know if they are actually legally married, I doubt it.)

Both Joe and his wife have many drug issues and they basically grew up themselves on welfare and they live now on welfare.

I want to add at this point, welfare only leads to more poverty, which only leads to more welfare, it’s a never ending is the reason why.

When a child grows up in a welfare family, the child has no appreciation as to where the money for rent, food, clothes comes from, they only know they get it, and they feel like they should get it, that somehow it is owed to them and that’s called an entitlement mentality.

As long as the parent shows no real effort to get off of welfare, because they are comfortable, the child will show no incentive to do better. They begin to feel they too are owed this. Thus they themselves end up on welfare. They think the money comes from magic, from Obama's stash.

Back to Joe.

Mary, that’s Joe’s wife,  gets government rent assistance and electric assistance, which basically means that the government pays her rent and electric bill and she gets over $1500 a month in food stamps, plus a monthly welfare check. Not to mention all the free healthcare.

Joe, Mary, and those 5 kids get free school breakfast and lunch, waived school fees, I could go on, you get it. These people are living a 50K a year lifestyle before they honestly earn one penny.

Also, Mary has got a hustle, every inner city low life has some sort of hustle, her hustle is to go around to area churches and cry "Woe is me" and get whatever free stuff she can get, she usually just wants cash.

I doubt that Mary has ever worked a legit job in her life, and why should she? She has got it made.

They both have this entitlement mentality, it’s not good enough just to get by on government money, everything they buy has to be name brand and top dollar.

Last year Joe, who pays nothing in taxes to start with, got over $5000 in federal tax money due to his child credits. You might not like to hear this, but child credits are just another form of welfare, same as mortgage credits. Both need to be done away with, if they were your taxes would go down, so long as government controls it's spending accordingly.

Did Joe invest that money in his kid’s future?

No, he went and bought a 40 something inch TV and the newest Sony video game and the whole family got new Nike shoes. I haven't bought a name brand pair of shoes in at least 10 years and our TV is an old timey tube 20 inch, we don't have any video games. Joe has a top of the line Android smart phone, My husband and I have the free ones you get with a 2 year contract.

Also, while he was slinging around the free money, he bought Mary a new $600 washing machine. Four months later they moved and just left the washing machine behind, they didn't care. Why would they care, it was free, it had no worth to them.

At least twice a week I walk to the laundromat (carrying the laundry) and do laundry, because we can't afford a washing machine.(My husband and I try to use our bath towels multiple days in order to save on laundry, Joe refused to use his bath towel after one use, he needed a clean fresh towel every day. He also complained about our Wal-Mart store brand toilet paper and our Dollar Tree bath soap, even though he was an invited guest in our house.)

Well, Joe got to smoking the crack real bad and Mary threw him out. He got into a methadone program (which is just more "free" government money for him),but not to get better, just so he could get free dope and something to get him by when he had no crack money.

We let him move in for a while, under the promise he was really going to try to stop using drugs and he needed a clean place to live, away from drugs. My husband left 30 minutes early each day for work to take him by his methadone clinic. My husband already is gone before 7 AM and never gets home before 7 PM, plus he works half days on Saturday.

When Joe first came here, Mary bought him $200 worth of groceries with food stamps. I was ashamed to have that welfare food in my house, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

He bought nice, big porterhouse steaks, beef roasts, chicken breasts and all sorts of name brand stuff. But it really wasn't even enough food to last a week.

My husband and I live on less than $60 worth of groceries per week; we eat a lot of chicken leg quarters, not much steak.

We cooked BBQ chicken leg quarters on the grill and Joe wouldn't eat them because he doesn't eat dark meat. Can you say "entitlement mentality"???

After getting to know him over some time, I started telling him that he needed to understand that it was other people, who worked hard and pay taxes, who give him and Mary all their “free money He didn't want to hear it and it made him mad that I even said it.

My husband said later that when they were going to work, Joe said to my husband he didn't like what I had said. My husband said that we are poor and eating chicken leg quarters while he is living high and eating steak, that can make an honest person just a little upset.

Joe actually said that he "deserved" those food stamps, though he could not give any reason why he deserved them.

I could go on and give you a million examples of Joe refusing to eat generic brand food or consider wearing clothes without some fancy label on them. He would only eat Skippy peanut butter, that was one the especially pissed me off.

Don't say that Joe is a bad example of someone on welfare. Every time I go to the grocery store I see someone buying food with food stamps and every single time it's all top shelf, name brand stuff, best cuts of meat, etc. I mean if someone was buying your food and you had no personal responsibility for it wouldn’t you get only the best?

Joe is also a chronic shoplifter, he literally stole stuff everyday out of stores, I told him several times he needed to stop this.(See Mary’s hustle is to use her kids to pray on the kindness of churches and rip them off, Joe’s hustle is to steal anything that isn't nailed down and pad locked.)It got to the point we could not take him to the stores with us. You never knew when he stole, only after the fact would we find out.

Last Saturday, I told him 3 times not to shoplift, he promised me he would not, then he went to the grocery store with my husband, the security was watching him and he got arrested for shoplifting some deodorant. He nearly got my husband into his mess, the police actually searched my husband’s truck. Of course we had to go get him out of jail and he just thought it was funny, no guilt or remorse at all.

The very next day he went and stole some hair gel from Walgreens and a cigarette lighter from a convenience store. He even stole like 20 wash cloths from the Dollar Tree. He also stole money from my husband,  it was only like 6 dollars, but it was the fact that he would steal it, and then when confronted, lie about it.

While he knew he was doing wrong, at least in a legal sense but not a moral one, he didn't care because he felt like these things were owed to him. I tried to explain to him that other people had to pay, money wise, for his stealing, he didn't care, but I think he didn't really understand what I was saying anyway.

To end the Joe part, he is a liar and a thief. He never even tried to stop smoking crack. Every Friday he would run off and spend his whole paycheck, minus our $75 a week rent, on crack, sometimes upwards of $400 in one night.

Every Saturday he would be totally broke and all crying he needed money for more dope. So after 5 weeks we threw him out. Well, I threw him out. It was rather ugly when I threw him out, but I had all I was going to take of him. He was all crying and hurting for dope asking me what he was going to do, I told him I felt no sympathy for his crying and to suck it up and be a man.

That started a fight that ended with me throwing his few worldly possessions, mostly clothes, off of our second floor balcony into our courtyard and putting his penniless ass out on the street at 10PM on a Tuesday night. I was very, very, angry. My husband and I both worked very hard to avoid any sort of violence with him, but he had to be removed from our house. We left him unhurt and not without any of his shit, but he had to be out of our house.

He called the crack whore, who runs the crack house he goes to, to come get him. He was living at this crack house before he moved in with us, so it was like he was just going home anyways.

He promptly quit his job with my husband or at least quit going to work, I would say that’s quitting, and moved into the crack house. Good riddance. Two days later he showed up at my husband’s work, all sweating and geeked out of his mind on crack demanding his paycheck, they told him to come back Friday at 4 PM.

I hope he burns in hell or at least rots a long time in prison. (Mary will at some point take him back; she always does, probably when she wants to get high.)

I do want to add this, not once in 5 weeks, not one time did I ever hear Joe say that he missed his kids or wanted to know anything that was going on with them. He never even said he loved them. Those kids were merely a tool, a tool to be used to get free money. Just like the welfare had no worth to Joe and Mary, the kids had no worth to them either.

This is now the third time I have been burned when trying to help somebody who was down and out, two of which were living on government money.

The second one, also a drug addict using the system, soon after we got rid of him went on long term unemployment, got a crack whore pregnant and I am sure by now she is a full time welfare queen and neither will ever benefit society, much less pay their own way.

I'll never help out anybody again, if I see somebody in a pool of blood lying on the sidewalk, I’m stepping around that person and walking on.

I told my husband, the next time a stray dog comes up to our back door begging for food, kick him  and throw rocks at it...because I am tired of being the one.

This is the death of me being a Good Samaritan.

But I am not the only good Samaritan who is ready to give up. There are millions and millions of good Samaritan tax payers out their who see all the money they have worked hard to earn just being flushed down the toilet of government entitlements.

Right now 47% of Americans either pay nothing in taxes or take more out of the tax system than they pay in. This can not go on forever.

Did you know that 42 cents of every dollar the government spends is borrowed money? You are laying that debt on your children and their children. How long do you think you could live if .42 cents of every dollar you spent you put on a credit card?

America is so in debt right now that it is lowering the value of the dollar which creates inflation that only makes the problem worse and Obama can't stop printing more and more money to fund his out of control government which only adds more to the problem.

We are so in debt that all we are paying is the interest on the debt, not even touching the principal. It’s like America is a sub prime mortgage and remember what happened to all those? Most defaulted into foreclosure. And we still continue to borrow like there is no end, but there will be an end and it will probably be ugly.

So with all the talk in Washington about debt and deficits it's all just lip service. In order to balance the federal budget it would have to be cut by, yes 42%, not a few billion here or there, that's chump change. We are talking about somewhere around 800 billion dollars in cuts, and that’s just for one year.

The vast majority of government spending, over 60%, is on entitlements and that’s the only place to make the necessary cuts.

Don't get me wrong, I think we should have a social safety net for folks who say lose their job and need some help for a few months or maybe even a year, but this cradle to grave entitlement class has to be done away with and some of these folks are going to be hurt in the short term, but they need the tough love and a dose of reality. Many of them may appreciate it in the end and their children most certainly will.

All entitlements lead to be more poverty and thus more entitlements, this cycle must be broken. If we do not end this entitlement class with their entitlement mentality there will be no long term.

A lot of the good Samaritans are beginning to feel like we are being punished for working hard and playing by the rules, while the dregs and loafs of society are being rewarded for doing nothing.

There will come a time when all the good Samaritans out there are not going to be good any more.

Goodnight everyone, and have a top of the charts weekend!

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The weekend has finally arrived.

The sun has set.

The evening sky has erupted. 

We put controversy and provocative blogs aside for the rest of this work week and smooth our way into Saturday and Sunday and this week, Monday.

Tonight, some newer music. While we love to get nostalgic, we occasionally examine what's new, what's hot, what's really selling on the smooth charts.

Let’s begin with a cover of a great 70’s tune.

When you think of great guitarists, who comes to mind?

Eric Clapton?

Carlos Santana?

Jeff Beck?

Steve Cropper?

James Burton?

How about Larry Carlton? writes:

During the ’70s and early ’80s, Larry Carlton appeared on up to 500 recordings a year, his distinctive style gracing seminal albums by Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell and Michael Jackson, among others. His catalog of work also includes an array of film soundtracks and television themes, including the theme for Hill Street Blues, for which he received a GRAMMY award.”

In 1988, Carlton was the victim of a random act of violence, shot in the throat outside his private studio in Southern California. The bullet shattered his vocal cord and brought on considerable nerve trauma. Carlton recovered quickly and is still going strong today.


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The best political cartoons of the week

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by Mike Lester


The Barking Lot (05/28/11)

The Barking Lot

The Barking Lot is a regular weekly feature of this just in
Written by my lovely wife, Jennifer and me.  It opens with the weekend dog walking forecast followed by the main blog from dog lover, Jennifer. Then it
s DOGS IN THE NEWS and our close. Enjoy!

THE WEEKEND DOG-WALKING FORECAST: We grade the weather outlook for taking your pet outdoors. 

TODAY:  Cloudy. High of 65.  "C"

SUNDAY:  Thundershowers. High of 64. "C"
MONDAY:   Partly cloudy. High of 81.  "A"

Here’s my lovely wife, Jennifer with this week’s main blog:

If I favored every politically correct term, I would call myself “vertically challenged.”  Quite simply, I refer to myself as “short.”  At 5 feet, 3-and-one-half inches tall, I don’t consider myself anything else.  (By the way, I take that half inch not for the same reason a six-and-a-half-year-old takes the half.  Even a half inch helps when calculating BMI!!!)


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If you missed me Friday on WISN...

Here's the podcast.

Week-ends (05/28/11)


A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


Don Lansaw...

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My Most Popular Blogs (05/29/11)

Most popular

As I post every Sunday, here are the five most read blog entries of mine from the previous week. NOTE: some entries may have been posted prior to the past week.

1) E-mails, I get e-mails: Death of the Good Samaritan

2) Culinary no-no #222

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Photos of the Week (05/29/11)

Photos of the Week

1) Boy Scout Hunter Penaz, 10, rests his hand on a headstone at Ft. Bliss National Cemetery after placing a flag Saturday, May, 28, 2011, in preparation for Memorial Day. After placing the flag, Penaz then told his father "Let's go honor more soldiers, dad." Volunteers decorated the cemetery with over 41,000 flags. AP Photo/The El Paso Times, Mark Lambie

2) Sandra Pommert reacts to finding a photograph of her parents' farm among the rubble of her sister's tornado-demolished house on May 25, 2011, in Joplin, Mo. Her sister, Judy Flenner, is recovering after having a mild heart attack following Sunday's storm. Mark Humphrey / AP

3) Tim Bartow looks in the window of his bathroom as he gathers possessions three days after a killer tornado ravaged neighborhoods in Joplin, Mo. Officials have begun restricting access to the areas affected and are enforcing a nighttime curfew. Tannen Maury / EPA

4) Beth Parrett, center, after finding her son Corey's high school class ring on May 25, 2011 in the debris of her house that was struck by a tornado in Piedmont, Okla. Corey was killed two years ago in an auto accident. Brett Deering / Getty Images

5) Anita Stokes salvages meat from a freezer at her home that was destroyed by a tornado in Joplin, Mo., Monday, May 23, 2011. A large tornado moved through much of the city Sunday, damaging a hospital and hundreds of homes and businesses and killing at least 89 people. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

6) A sign is seen in front of a destroyed house indicating that it is for sale and that it includes a large sunroom after the home was destroyed when a massive tornado passed through the town killing at least 125 people on May 26, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri. The town continues the process of recovering from the storm. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The remains of a destroyed tree are seen five days after a massive tornado passed through the town killing at least 132 people on May 27, in Joplin, Missouri. Mario Tama / Getty Images

The Duke of Edinburgh laughs as the Queen signs the visitor's book, and Michelle Obama is unfortunately positioned in front of a large plant.

9) President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama drink Guinness beer as they meet with local residents at Ollie Hayes pub in Moneygall, Ireland, the ancestral homeland of his great-great-great grandfather, Monday, May 23. Charles Dharapak / AP

10) A sign at the entrance to Bryant Park notifies visitors of a new smoking ban May 23 in New York City. A new smoking law took effect in New York City Monday, prohibiting smokers from lighting up in certain public places including parks and beaches. Daniel Barry / Getty Images

A newborn baby rests in a box, listening to music played through earphones in Saca Hospital in Kosice, east Slovakia, on Wednsday, May 25. Petr Josek / Reuters

12) Forestry School graduate Christopher Kieran, of Philadelphia, wears a decorated mortarboard during commencement at Yale University in New Haven, Conn., Monday, May 23. Jessica Hill / AP

Annapolis Naval Academy freshmen make a human wall to climb the Herndon Monument which is covered with lard, on May 23, 2011 in Annapolis, Maryland. Each year the freshman class, known as 'Plebes,' climb the monument at the Naval to retrieve the Plebian Sailor's hat and replace it with an officer's hat. The tradition is one step in marking the end of wearing freshman headgear and moving up to headgear more like a U.S. Naval officer. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

14) A white peacock looks on from a cage on a warm spring day in a park in Bucharest, Tuesday, May 24, 2011. Romania is experiencing higher than temperatures than the usual averages for this time of year.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda), Romania

A young swan cuddles with his mother at the Alster lake in Hamburg, Germany, May 27, 2011. Bodo Marks / EPA

From “If your problems with (bike) helmets is that they clash with your outfit and ruin your hair, then we hope you've been putting vanity aside for safe riding regardless of the look.. But there's also good news for you: The Hövding helmet, which looks like a collar until your crash causes it to inflate around your head. The company created the collar to know the difference between regular movement and an unexpected fall, and claims that it inflates in .1 seconds. Of course, style costs: The $500 helmet can't be reused after it expands.”

Recommended Reading (05/29/11)

Recommended reading

Here are, in my view, interesting, noteworthy columns and articles from the past week that I highly recommend (You will note that on occasion, I do not endorse the opinions of the author and may point that out. Despite my disagreements, I still feel the piece is worth a read).

The words they leave to us

"I want to spend my few minutes tonight with you giving voice to those who cannot be with us. I want to share with you the voices of the fallen and their families.

I want to give voice to the men and women who have given their lives for this nation.

Together, across the years of our nation’s history, they answered the call.

They stood the watch.

They looked neither left nor right.

They did not search for an exit.

They walked steadily and unafraid into mortal danger, knowing all the risks and all the costs."

Top 10 military actions

As we pause this Memorial Day to honor those who fought and died for our country, let’s remember some of the key moments in U.S. military history—battles awash in patriots’ blood to secure liberty and freedom for America. Here, among many deserving, are the Top 10 U.S. Military Actions.”

Here’s your hope and change

t is a real eye-opener to factually discover how things have 'changed' since Obama became President.”

Mr. President, here’s how you create jobs

“I came to America at the age of 12 with very little and have since been blessed to employ thousands of Americans at my hundreds of restaurants and stores across the United States.  I, like thousands of other CEOs and business owners, know how to create jobs.

So, on behalf of the millions of small-, medium- and large-business owners out there—the job creators—here are three ways we can spark millions of jobs in America.”

The Republican Lifetime Achievement Award

"In short, Democrats reward talent; Republicans reward hard work. And talent wins elections."

Run, Paul Ryan, Run

So the question many are asking is, should Ryan ride to the rescue? If the election is going to be a referendum on his plan, maybe the one guy who can sell it should do just that."

Can’t blame Walker for UW bolt

Two highly regarded Madison professors — soil scientist Teri Balser and historian Jeremi Suri — just made news for accepting positions at the universities of Florida and Texas, respectively.

Why are they leaving?”

Voter ID good for Wisconsin

“Democrat Senator Tim Cullen offered the first of 29 Democrat amendments during the floor debate. The Cullen amendment would have allowed only three groups of people to vote. Those three were people between the ages of 40 and 60 earning $60,000 per year or more, own property and lived at the same address for 528 consecutive days; college graduates at least 23 years of age employed full-time for at least two years; and people 65 years old or older living ‘at least two months per winter in the southern half of the United States.’

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Before tonight's Culinary no-no, a Culinary yes-yes


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Culinary no-no #223

The knee-jerk on-line reactions were quite predictable.

Now that's what I call important state business. The economy is in the tank, gas prices are out of this world, joblessness is running rampant and Wisconsin Legislators are introducing bills to name a state dessert. Wow!

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Memorial Day 2011


State Senator Mary Lazich's E-Newsletter

Monday, I attended a meeting of the Wisconsin Rustic Roads Board.
  As a new member of the board, I look forward to learning more about Wisconsin’s scenic country roads.  The Board considers requests for designation of a Wisconsin Road as a Rustic Road. Here is a link to information about the Program .

Tuesday, the Assembly Transportation Committee held a hearing about a bill I authored, Senate Bill (SB) 41. SB 41 and the companion bill, Assembly Bill 50, make things fairer for small trucking companies that contract with large shipping companies.   

The Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee met Tuesday to debate portions of the state budget including the Higher Educational Aids Board, the Educational Communications Board, the Department of Administration, the Department of Employee Trust Funds, the Government Accountability Board, the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Health Services – Medical Assistance budgets.

Mrs. Coley’s, Mukwonago Clarendon Avenue School, fourth grade students testified before the Senate Committee on Education Wednesday in support of Senate Bill 100 Wednesday.  Senate Bill 100 would make the cream puff the official state dessert.

Earlier this year, Mrs. Coley’s class invited me for a visit. The students presented me with copious amounts of research about the reason the cream puff should be the official state dessert. Their research and arguments are immensely persuasive.

The students did an excellent job testifying before the committee and answering senators’ questions at the committee hearing Wednesday. After hearing the students’ testimony, the committee voted 6-1 to approve the bill. The bill is now available for Senate floor action.

Wednesday Governor Walker signed voter ID legislation into law. Voters can now be confident their vote is not cancelled out by an illegitimate vote.

Part of my role as Chair of the Senate Transportation and Elections Committee is serving as a member of the Transportation Projects Commission. Wednesday I met with Governor Walker and the other members of the Transportation Projects Commission. The Transportation Projects Commission plans and approves major transportation projects. The Department of Transportation provided Commission members with a briefing of active major projects and projects recommended within the 2011-13 budget.

Two Muskego High School students, Gabriel Le Gros and Jon Scott shadowed me Wednesday. The students received an up-close look at a day as a Wisconsin State Senator.

The Joint Finance Committee met Thursday and debated the Department of Workforce Development budget.

Thursday evening, I was a guest on CNN’s In the Arena to discuss the judicial overreach of Dane County Judge Sumi.

Friday morning, I was with Governor Walker as he signed two bills into law. Assembly Bill 35 modifies law about culling during fishing tournaments. Senate Bill 59 extends the deadline for registering piers and wharves with the Department of Natural Resources until next April. 

After the bill signing, I accompanied the governor to Banting Elementary School, Waukesha. We met with Superintendent Todd Gray and Banting Elementary School Principal Mrs. Cynthia Gannon. We learned about some excellent education taking place at Waukesha School District.  The District addresses education challenges and is very fortunate to have the leadership of Superintendent Gray and the guidance of Principal Gannon. The Governor read to students and met with teachers and district leadership.

The Joint Finance Committee meets again today, Friday, to debate portions of the state budget including the Department of Public Instruction, the Wisconsin Technical College System and the Department of Transportation. You can watch the Joint Finance Committee proceedings at this link:


 State Senator Mary Lazich
State Capitol - Room 8 South- Post Office Box 7882 - Madison, Wisconsin 53707
Phone: 1-800-334-1442

A "loud" Palin rally

Coming in November...

To help...

"It's too darn hot"



This May 11, 2011 photo provided by Trail Gazette shows snow falling as the Roaring River flows towards Fall River inside Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo. Melting snow pouring out of the mountains is combining with record rains to cause flooding that officials worry could be the worst in decades. (AP Photo/Trail Gazette, Walt Hester)

A front loader removes snow from Independence Pass near Aspen, Colo., Thursday May 26, 2011. The snowpack statewide was 135 percent of average on May 1, the highest since 1995. (AP Photo/Aspen Times, Andre Salvail)

Katlyn Wilkins (in tree) and Andrea Wilkins Morelli work on securing an American flag in a tree as they deal with the destruction caused by a massive tornado that passed through the town killing at least 139 people on May 29, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri. President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the town as it continues the process of recovering from the storm. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A motorcade carrying President Obama passes through a devastated Joplin, Mo., neighborhood Sunday, May 29, 2011. An EF-5 tornado tore through much of the city a week ago damaging a hospital and hundreds of homes and businesses and killing at least 139 people. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Shandie Spencer recovers her wedding dress from the basement of her destroyed home, where she was trapped after riding out the tornado, after a massive tornado passed through the town killing at least 125 people on May 26, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri. Spencer said, "I thought I was gonna die in there. I was saying my goodbyes that's for sure. I felt the angels I tell you that." The town continues the process of recovering from the storm which damaged or destroyed an estimated 8,000 structures. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

A child's room is seen in a destroyed home after a massive tornado passed through the town killing at least 125 people on May 26, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri. The town continues the process of recovering from the storm which damaged or destroyed an estimated 8,000 structures. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

In case you missed them over the holiday weekend...

Here are:

The Barking Lot (05/28/11)

Week-ends (05/28/11)

Photos of the Week (05/29/11)

Recommended Reading (05/29/11)

Culinary no-no #223

It took her 8 weeks!

Is that classy or what?

Check out the MacIver Institute.

The latest from Pro-Life Wisconsin

Here's the update for May 31, 2011.

The Latest News You Can Use from WRTL

Wisconsin Right To Life News You Can Use Contribute

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Franklin, Franklin, Franklin...

Franklinites are an interesting bunch.

Hard-working, dedicated, civic-minded, unpretentious, carefree.

They are carefree in the sense that they are quiet, humble, unassuming, anything but rebel rousers.

Put a group of them in a room and most will tell you the #1 issue in town of most concern is taxes. However, other than for a few weeks come December when they grouse and grumble a bit, they will do little, if anything about this troubling matter. Some might call that apathetic. I would add programmed. They’ve become so accustomed to an outlandish bill that when it comes they just shake their heads, stammer and sputter, and then crudely bend over and take it, year after year.

Because they exhibit no action towards taxes except the minimum amount of lip service, why would they pay any attention to city newsletters or any information contained therein?

Like that note everyone gets about their garbage and recycling collection. It specifically states that when a holiday falls on a Monday, collection is delayed one day. For those of you who attended public schools, that means that if your garbage is normally picked up on a Tuesday, the week of Memorial Day and Labor Day it would be picked up on Wednesday instead.

One by one in my neighborhood Monday night or early Tuesday morning, conscientious Franklinites hauled their trash and recycle bins to the curb. I’d say the percentage was nine out of 10 households.

Did I call them conscientious? Well, when it comes to trash, maybe not that conscientious. Some garbage containers look like a Kopp’s frozen custard cone with refuse forming a huge pyramid over the top.  Ditto for the recycle bins that are overflowing.

One must take into account that in Franklin, there’s death, taxes, and huge gusts of wind on trash collection days. I woke up Tuesday morning to cardboard boxes and other trash that wasn’t nailed down in my yard.

For the most part, Franklinites are good souls so they don’t mean any sloppiness. But their reaction, again, like high taxes, if any, upon arriving home will be brief.


Guess I forgot.

Huh huh.

And they’ll do the exact same thing come Labor Day.

This is the perfect opportunity to mention that the last of the forgotten Yellow Pages left on a neighbor’s lawn since last fall was finally removed. I’m not sure how or by whom, but it happened over the weekend.

Over seven months.

Did I mention that some Franklinites are incredibly slow?

UPDATE: An astute reader reminds that July 4 falls on a Monday this year.


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