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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.



A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends will be a regular weekly feature of This Just In…


State Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) and state Representative Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) for expressing anger about a forum held at a Janesville YWCA at which a state DMV employee encouraged illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses before a new law takes effect. Wisconsin will require any applicant for a driver's license or state identification card to show proof of legal residency in the United States starting April 1. At the forum attended by Hispanics, many of whom could not speak English, a DMV official encouraged anyone without proof of citizenship or legal residency who didn't have a driver's license or ID to get one before the April 1 deadline.

Grothman said, “When local government officials go out of their way to assist illegal immigrants for being illegal, you're certainly sending a message to residents that you don't expect people to take your immigration laws seriously."

Suder said the Division of Motor Vehicles shouldn't use resources to get licenses for illegal immigrants when legal residents often wait months for driving tests.

The two lawmakers asked the Governor to put an immediate halt to future forums by the DMV.


The thugs who started a riot at the Bradley Tech-Bay View boys basketball game at Bradley Tech High School. The violence by these punks led to MPS severely limiting ticket sales to fans of the involved schools.


"I am so excited about coming back. We have a good nucleus of young players. We were 8-8 last year and that's encouraging. My offensive line looks good, the defense played good down the stretch. I'm excited about playing for a talented young football team.”
Green Bay QB Brett Favre, announcing he will return to the Packers next season.

“We must always stay true to a basic Wisconsin value: living within our means.”
Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle in the opening of his State of the State message. He then proceeded to unleash a long laundry list of one new spending initiative after another, never offering specifics on how to pay for the new programs at a time when Wisconsin has a $1.6 billion deficit.

"The governor used the 'state of the state' address to really launch a cradle to grave mentality, something that every program created here will not only take an infant all the way through college, but in a way that will put the burden on middle-class taxpayers"
Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) reacting to Governor Doyle’s proposed spending spree.

Black men and boys must begin making better lifestyle choices. For example, not impregnating females they have no intention of committing to, better parenting and child-rearing involvement, a fatherhood initiative that insists on men raising their children from inside the home, getting as much education as they can beyond high school and getting and staying married if for no other reason than the health and well-being of their children. These alone would reduce child abuse, sexual abuse and neglect, perpetrated by live-in boyfriends and the carousel of other men dropping in and out of the home.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke in a column last Sunday in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel. He made similar comments the next day when I interviewed him live on Newstalk 1130 WISN.

Barack Obama is “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”
U.S. Senator and Presidential hopeful Joe Biden. His comment created a national stir, but if the remark had come from a conservative Republican, the backlash would have been much louder. Biden as a Presidential candidate is toast.


A Chicago mother was charged with leaving her 1-year-old daughter unattended in a car in a parking lot in bitter cold temperatures. Police responding to a 911 call found the infant in the back seat of a locked car. The child was crying, and the officers were concerned about her safety. Officers had to break the car window to get the child out. The officers put the girl in their car to keep her warm, and she later was taken to Children's Memorial Hospital, where she was in good condition. The child’s mother was arrested when she returned to the vehicle about 10 minutes after the child was found. She had taken her 5-year-old son with her as they went into a Jewel grocery store. She has been charged with just a misdemeanor, endangering the life of a child. I find that to be a slap on the wrist, sending the wrong message to every other negligent parent. The poor baby could have died, and all this poor excuse for a mother gets hit with is a misdemeanor?


Governments in Wisconsin face about $17.4 billion in costs beyond what they have already set aside to pay for pensions and other benefits promised to retirees, according to a Wisconsin Policy Research Institute study. "The exact amount will not be known until 2009. But it is already clear that there are either tax hikes or program cuts in the future for Wisconsin taxpayers," said the author of the report, former Wisconsin Administration Secretary George Lightbourn.

Kewaskum Police Chief Richard Knoebel says he wasn't about to take the easy way out when he accidentally drove past a stopped school bus with its emergency lights flashing. For violating traffic laws, Knoebel wrote himself a ticket for $235, docked himself four points on his driving record and paid the fine the next day. It happened in September but didn't make news until after the fine appeared in court records and was reported by a West Bend newspaper.



A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…


Postal workers, delivery people, construction workers, the poor guy wearing a sandwich board walking outside on S. 76th Street announcing a closing sale for a furniture store…..anyone who had to do any work outdoors this frigid week.


ANGELIA CULBERSON - Accused of collecting thousands of dollars in donations while faking she had cancer, Culberson was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay about $7,000 in fines and restitution.

“I’m so sorry, I wish I could take back what I did,” Culberson of Madison said at a hearing in Columbia County Circuit Court. She directed the apology to the dozen people who had donated to a cancer fund in her name.

Culberson admitted she lied when she told a co-worker she missed work because she was taking tests and that she might have had Hodgkin’s disease. Culberson wrote that the lie snowballed and she eventually shaved her head. Some people would drive Culberson to the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, supposedly for chemotherapy treatments. A dozen people and two businesses donated a total of $6,000 for Culberson’s cause.

SCOTT SCHERER and MELANIE HARDRATH- This mother-boyfriend duo from Greenfield will be punished for locking up her young son so she could watch Packers games.

The 7-year old boy told boy told investigators during every Packers game, his mother and her boyfriend locked him up for hours. The couple was charged with false imprisonment and neglect. Hardrath’s son is now in the custody of her sister, Michelle Hardrath. "I'm hoping they don't ever get custody of my nephew because they don't deserve him, and they don't even care," Michelle said.

The couple told police they would lock the boy in the room whenever they needed a babysitter, even though they knew it was wrong. Investigators say it happened during Packers games. They would leave the child with bread, peanut butter and jelly, and a bucket to use as a toilet. The boy told police he was scared to be alone.

Hardrath and Scherer have pleaded not guilty to the charges, and could face a maximum of six years in prison.

SHEBOYGAN WOMAN LEAVES KIDS IN CAR WHILE SHE TANS-Sheboygan police arrested Lori Yeager after she allegedly left her two children in a freezing car for 20 minutes while she went tanning. The 27-year-old woman was arrested after two people spotted the children, ages 23 months and 10 years, in the car. The vehicle was locked but not running.

The children were dressed warmly, but they had "goose bumps" from the cold. The temperature at the time was 12 degrees, with a wind chill index of minus 2 degrees. Yeager said she was going on vacation and felt that the tanning was a priority, according to police.

WISCONSIN GOVERNOR JIM DOYLE- We could nominate him every week. It’s hard to ignore his actions this week, going on a spending spree that the bankrupt state can’t afford. We may have learned one of the ways he’d pa for all his drunken sailor-like spending: a tax on hospitals.

I thought liberals were never cruel and mean-spirited. Doyle wants to tax hospitals. Remember, this is the same Governor who wanted to impose a tax on beds in nursing homes. What will hospitals do if they get taxed? Like any business, they’ll simply pass the tax on to their consumers, in this case, their patients.

So what we have is a Governor proposing a tax…..on people who are ill. I think the Governor is the one who’s sick.


"I just felt sorry for them. There are a lot of ignorant people in the world. There's something wrong in this (community) when people don't understand how to interact with each other."
A 20-year old white man, talking about the group of black teens that harassed and assaulted him on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus in Wauwatosa.


A 20-year old white man is harassed and assaulted on a Milwaukee County bus in Wauwatosa by some black teenage thugs. About 50 people were on the bus at the time. No one offered to help the man. No one came forward as a witness. Have we sunk this low as a community that we won’t assist a fellow man in desperate need of help?


The assault on the bus in Wauwatosa. Yes, it got media play. But I have to wonder if it had been a white on black attack instead of the reverse, if the news coverage wouldn’t have been more extensive. Daily page one stories in the paper, more race-baiting columns by Eugene Kane, press conferences from outraged politicians, protests, marches, and candlelight vigils. Is there a double standard? You bet there is.


Without a doubt, Anna Nicole Smith. She had blonde hair. She was built. She had no talent. The media goes wild.


It was too cold for the kiddies of Wuss-consin to get to school Monday and Tuesday, right? Then how do you imagine they got to the waterpark in Waukesha? Strange…..

My marriage is going to the dogs

Most husbands would kill to be in the situation I am about to describe.

Beginning tonight at 7:00, I won't be talking to or hearing much from my wife for the next 48 hours. We'll be in the same house, but I doubt she'll even notice me. I could light myself on fire and run through every room in the house screaming bloody murder and it wouldn't faze my wife. Her full attention will be focused on soft coated wheaten terriers, Chesapeake Bay retrievers, cocker spaniels, dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and schnauzers.

Over the next two nights, my wife owns the TV remote. I am persona non grata as this event takes center stage in the Fischer household. For several weeks, February 12th and 13th have been circled by a Sharpee on the 2007 Dog Do's calendar in our laundry room.

Nothing against man's best friend, you understand. I love dogs. My wife idolizes them. She covets getting one someday and I'm sure we will.

Once we do, my standing drops a notch. The house will be #1, my wife will be #2, the dog will be #3, my wife's car #4, the TV #5, the refrigerator #6, the microwave #7, have I mentioned the credit card? Let's move that up to #5 and put the TV at #8. We actually have two dog calendars in the house. That takes care of #9 and #10. You see what I mean. I don't even make the top 10 in my own doggone home (no pun intended).

So my wife does a Houdini over the next two days. Ahhh, not to worry. She'll be back, noticing me and wanting my attention in no time. After all, we do know what February 14th is, don't we?

Here's your excuse for Wednesday, guys!

Gee Sweetheart, I wanted to buy you flowers for Valentine's Day, but I didn't want to kill you.


"Hello, I'm Governor Doyle. Re-elect me in November and I'll increase your taxes by $1-billion!"

Imagine last fall if Jim Doyle had run a campaign ad like that, promising to increase taxes by $1- BILLION. What do you think his chances would have been?

Since being elected to a second term, the governor has proposed one tax or fee increase after another. Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) is keeping track and today, Fitzgerald announced the governor's bill to taxpayers just went over the $1-BILLION mark.


That is so breathtaking, Wisconsin taxpayers should be protesting with lanterns and pitchforks at the state Capitol Tuesday night when the governor gives his budget address. It should be quite easy to figure out how he's going to fund all the new programs he's so giddy about proposing. Doyle is going to give the bill to you, the taxpayers, at an astounding figure of $1-BILLION. And the governor isn't through yet.

When is this madness going to stop?

Even the editorial writers want to stop the Frankenstein veto

Last week when I filled in for Jay Weber on Newstalk 1130 WISN, I interviewed state Senator Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls), the author of the state constitutional amendment to do away with the so-called "Frankenstein Veto" authority of the governor.

The inspiration for Harsdorf's amendment was Governor Doyle's sweeping use of his veto pen in the 2005 budget process. Doyle scratched out hundreds of words from a portion of the state budget adopted by the Legislature to form a brand new 20-word sentence that raided $427-million from the state Transportation Fund to spend on schools. It was a breath-taking appropriation the Legislature never approved.

Since Harsdorf's proposal is a constitutional amendment, it must pass two consecutive sessions of the Legislature before it goes to the voters in a statewide referendum. The amendment passed both houses last session, passed the Assembly this session, and is now before the state Senate. Action must be taken by February 20 to allow voters a chance at a referendum in April.

There are enough votes in the Senate to approve the amendment, but Senate Democrat leaders say they will not allow the amendment to be taken up on the floor of the Senate in time for placement on the April ballot.

On my WISN radio show last week, Harsdorf expressed great doubt that Senate Democrat leaders would change their minds.

That's too bad, considering this is not a partisan issue. I mentioned on WISN that every newspaper editorial around the state on the issue favors not only the Senate taking quick action, but also an end to the Frankenstein veto. I don't think I can recall an issue that ever received such unanimous support from newspaper editorial writers across Wisconsin.

I encourage you to take the time to read these editorials.

The Wisconsin State Journal

The Wisconsin State Journal again

The Wisconsin State Journal a third time

The Wausau Daily Herald

The Racine Journal Times

The Appleton Post Crescent

The Janesville Gazette

These aren't exactly conservative publications. Maybe left-leaning editorial writers can sway, or even shame liberal Senate Leaders Judy Robson and Fred Risser. The state Senate is scheduled to be on the floor February 20, the deadline for a vote to ensure the amendment gets on the April 3 ballot.



A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


STATE REPRESENTATIVE BILL KRAMER (R-WAUKESHA) - During Governor Doyle's budget address Tuesday night, the freshman legislator began clapping loudly after Doyle mentioned that oil companies were gouging taxpayers and will earn $310 million in profits within the next 24 hours. The governor was describing his plan to tax every barrel of oil that comes into Wisconsin. Kramer told the Associated Press profits are the state's economic lifeblood. "Seems to me without profit, we don't have expansion. Without expansion, we don't have jobs," said Kramer.

Kramer's right. Companies are in business to make profits. Notice the Governor didn't go after big casinos or big trial lawyers who make a much higher percentage in profits than oil companies do.


JOSHUA DYESS- The Racine County district attorney's office filed charges of first-degree sexual assault of a child and child enticement Friday against Joshua M. Dyess, a 20-year-old Caledonia man suspected of assaulting a 6-year-old boy in a Racine elementary school bathroom.

According to the criminal complaint, Dyess denied that he sexually assaulted the student, but police said fingerprints collected in one of the bathroom stalls where the assault occurred at Red Apple Elementary School were Dyess'.

The complaint says Dyess told police he was in the building to pick up a transcript for his sister, who is now in high school. Dyess said he entered a bathroom intending to clean up after a sexual encounter he had had before entering the school. Dyess said he found the victim whimpering and already injured in a stall and assisted him before walking the boy to the office area and leaving the building.
If convicted, Dyess faces a maximum sentence of 85 years in prison.


"We need to protect our kids from dangerous sex predators."
Governor Doyle delivering his budget address Tuesday night. In his budget, he guts the GPS law he signed last May. The La Crosse Tribune reported, "Doyle's budget, unveiled to lawmakers Tuesday night, would require child molesters and sexually violent offenders to wear global positioning bracelets only while they're on supervised release or parole. That's a significant step back from the law Doyle, a Democrat, signed in May to set up GPS tracking until the offender died or was too feeble to pose a threat."

"This, in essence, takes away most of our ability to track these monsters. I'm left with my jaw wide open. He signed the bill. He highlighted the bill throughout his campaign. Now he is nothing short of gutting the bill. I find it appalling."
State Representative Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford), one of the authors of the GPS bill, reacting to Governor Doyle's budget proposal to gut the GPS law he signed last May.

"The vilification of business by adding the prefix "Big" has become a parody of itself. Among Republicans, the only proper pejorative use of the word "Big" is in the context of government. Prosperity flows from ideas that originate at our kitchen tables, in our small businesses and our boardrooms - not from politicians' promises. At what point shall we expect Democrats to declare entrepreneurship illegal and to what extent should Wisconsin's firms like Milwaukee's Harley-Davidson(Big Hog), Kenosha's Snap-On Incorporated (Big Tool), Menomonee Falls' Kohl's (Big Apparel), or Journal Communications Corp (Big News) be concerned about the confiscatory tax policies of the Democrat Party?

During the Governor's budget address I stood up to support the American spirit, the entrepreneurial can-do spirit Wisconsin and this nation as a whole embraces. And, I will continue to do so in spite of the vitriolic barbs that may come my way."

State Representative Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) in a press release, responding to criticism of his lone applause when Governor Doyle in his budget address ripped the profits of oil companies.

"You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known. I don't like gay people and I don't like to be around gay people. I'm homophobic. I don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States."
Former NBA star Tim Hardaway. His incredibly bigoted remarks cost him major endorsements and a possible career in broadcasting.


From Governor Doyle's May 22, 2006 press release:

Governor Doyle Signs Legislation to Better Monitor State's Most Dangerous Sex Offenders

MILWAUKEE - Governor Jim Doyle today signed legislation making Wisconsin the national leader in protecting our kids from dangerous sex predators.

"I understand that everyday when parents send their kids off to school, they worry that something could happen to them before they return home," Governor Doyle said. "And that's why as a prosecutor, Attorney General, and now as Governor I am doing everything I can to keep sex predators locked away and to make sure that those released by courts get the strictest supervision."

As part of this larger effort to protect our kids against sexual predators, today Governor Doyle signed Assembly Bill 591, which extends lifetime GPS monitoring beyond just Chapter 980 offenders to serious and repeat child sex predators, and to those who were found not guilty in court due to mental disease.

"This expanded GPS will help law enforcement know exactly where these people are every minute of every day," Governor Doyle said. "And if they go someplace where they put kids in danger and violate their probation, we'll know immediately - and we'll put them back behind bars."

This is from Governor Doyle's own campaign website:

"Governor Doyle has enacted legislation extending lifetime GPS monitoring beyond just Chapter 980 offenders to serious and repeat child sex predators, and to those who were found not guilty in court due to mental disease. This expanded GPS will help law enforcement know exactly where these people are every minute of every day, and if they go someplace where they put kids in danger or violate their probation, we'll know immediately - and we'll put them back behind bars."

This is an ad Governor Doyle ran during his campaign boasting about how tough he was on the issue of sex predators.

And this is from the La Crosse Tribune newspaper this past Wednesday, February 14:

Doyle backtracks on sex-offender tracking
MADISON - Electronic tracking for Wisconsin's worst sex offenders - required under a law signed by Gov. Jim Doyle less than a year ago - would be dramatically scaled back under his two-year budget proposal.

Doyle's budget, unveiled to lawmakers Tuesday night, would require child molesters and sexually violent offenders to wear global positioning bracelets only while they're on supervised release or parole.

That's a significant step back from the law Doyle, a Democrat, signed in May to set up GPS tracking until the offender died or was too feeble to pose a threat. The Republican-sponsored law is due to take effect in July.


The media did little reporting on the argument against Governor Doyle's attack on capitalism and the private sector, i.e., oil companies. The liberal press buys into Doyle's position that certain profit-making companies are evil. The media was pretty quiet on why Doyle didn't go after casinos, trial lawyers, or corn producers.


For the second week in a row, Anna Nicole Smith. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Watch for this story to get far more attention than it deserves, too.


I don't care how bad the Milwaukee Bucks are. They should have beaten the Boston Celtics this week. Coming into the game, the Celtics had suffered 18 straight losses. The abysmal Bucks got the miserable Celtics back on the winning track as Boston bombed the Bucks, 117-97. Bucks coach Terry Stotts is probably toast.

I leave you with this odd story.




A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


The young person who delivered my newspaper very early this morning and will do it again tomorrow. The snow plow drivers. The postal delivery people. Anyone who has to work outside so they can make things easier for us.

And former Summerfest Director Bo Black, valiantly fighting for her life. Black did so much for this community. Hang in there, Bo. We're all praying for you.


State Senate Democrats.

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats voted down a move by Senate Republicans to bring the constitutional amendment to ban the Frankenstein veto to the Senate floor for a vote. Tuesday was the last day for the Senate to take action to ensure the amendment to go to a statewide referendum April 3. Despite bipartisan support in the Legislature, strong support from the public, and numerous editorials statewide in favor of the amendment, Senate Democrats (some of who voted for the amendment last session) voted unanimously not to bring the measure to the Senate floor for consideration. That means Governor Doyle can use the Frankenstein veto in the next budget to play all kinds of games with your tax money.

Senate Democrats also say they will refuse to take up legislation to do away with the extremely generous sick leave perk enjoyed by lawmakers.

Over in the Assembly, State Representative Marlin Schneider (D-Wisconsin Rapids) objected just before the Assembly was to take a final vote on the sick leave measure, delaying action until the Assembly meets again on March 1. Schneider, who is usually quite the windbag (they call him Snarlin' Marlin at the capitol) wouldn't say why he had objected to a final vote, although he has been a vocal opponent of efforts to end the sick leave benefit. Could this be why Marlin wasn't Snarlin' this time: Schneider has more than $110,000 worth of sick leave accumulated.


The crowd at Michigan State as the Spartans upset the #1-ranked Wisconsin Badgers.

I never said that. I am for a full ban in the state.
Governor Jim Doyle, flip-flopping on an earlier statement that he would consider exempting taverns from his proposed statewide ban on smoking.

I don't understand money. I really don't like money.
Wisconsin Public Radio talk show host and my co-panelist on Milwaukee public Television's INTERchange and ultra-liberal Kathleen Dunn, defending Jim Doyle's avalanche of tax and fee increases in his budget, including the tax on oil companies. Even though she's been a friend for years, I can't defend Kathleen's open mouth-insert foot episode on our weekly TV show. When Kathleen uttered her phrase, you can hear yours truly in the background replying, "That's obvious."

"It's all in Spanish and I don't understand a word of it. I only bought it for the hot chicks."
Oconomowoc's Bret Stieghorst, who was watching an adult DVD in Spanish called "Casa de Culo" in his apartment when a neighbor broke down his door, carrying a sword, claiming he did so because thought a woman was being raped.

"No way, I'm a man and I'm a normal person. But I think I will get some good headphones, maybe some wireless ones.
The above-mentioned Stieghorst, when asked if this entire debacle would change his video viewing habits.


It's a tie between this and this.


The decision by Senate Democrats on Tuesday to remove from the calendar a bill authored by Senate President Fred Risser (D-Madison) to allow certain 17-year olds to vote.

How embarrassing! The party in power (in this case, the Senate Democrats) only schedules bills that are assured to have the desired outcome (in this case, approval). The Democrats who have the majority refused to take action on Risser's bill and sent it back to a Senate Committee.

It was the first major bill proposed by a Senate Democrat to be considered by the Senate this session, and the Senate Democrats had to scratch it from the calendar because they didn't have enough Democrat votes to support one of their own members.

Why no press coverage? Would the Capitol press corps pick on grandfatherly Fred Risser? No chance.


1) Anna Nicole Smith
2) Bald Britney
3) The Oscars

Take your pick.


That's easy.


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