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Perspectives in Progress

Tom is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, single father, and long time resident of Oak Creek, who writes regularly about human interaction and perception as it relates to social issues, value fulfillment, and introspection. Tom encourages and challenges the reader to engage new perspectives; believing that through open and honest evaluation of all sides of a debate, conflicting parties can communicate with greater efficacy and more productive outcomes.

Voting Information for Oak Creek Residents (*Some Changes*)

With Election Day growing near, below are a few important links to consider.

Voter registration information in Oak Creek.

Voting locations in Oak Creek. (Some have changed!!!)

Absentee voting in Oak Creek.

Link here to view  Federal Congressional voting records for any Wisconsin incumbents on the ballot.

Link here to search the voting records for any incumbents to the Wisconsin Legislature on the ballot.

Lastly, there are many websites that offer comparisons of the issues between presidential candidates. This particular one is less subjective than most and even includes all independent candidates running for the office of President of the United States. It is a side-by-side chart that provides simple Yes or No answers to 68 specific questions based on candidate positions on those issues, without the mundane commentary or rhetoric.

Be informed; and make your vote count!

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